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Thank you, its our first attempt, hopefully it will do well :)

Very cool! Good luck :)

Thanks, glad you like it ;)

Great job ivarrafn , welcome to Themeforest !

Thank you, it’s nice to get such a warm welcome :)

Great theme but I’m missing tabs. Would you please add tabs to your theme?

We’ll get right on that! Thank you for your input :)

Tabs are on the way! just waiting for the review team to accept the new update.

Nice theme, just a little problem with sparkline’s label

On it! Thank you for letting us know! :)

this is fixed in the new update that is currently in review.

Can you please add tabs within widgets like this:

Coming in a bit :) thanks for your input!

The new update is in review and we have added tabs inside widgets, thanks for the feedback :)

Great, it’s perfect. Thanks for the quick response.

the extracted download doesnt work, like the graphs and some of the widget-body doesnt load.

Hi, if you open the theme locally the browsers fails to load the jQuery library. That is because it is embedded from a Google server. If you look at the code you will see somewhere near the bottom of the page that jQuery and jQuery UI scripts have a href attribute starting with ”//…”, you can just add a “http:” in from of that link to make it work locally, if the files were hosted somewhere on a server this would not be an issue. Let me know if this helps.

Love the template, great design. One small issue I found is when I select the item “Features” it expands and the menu icon changes to point below. If I click “Components” next the menu retracts but the icon doesn’t go back to its original picture it still shows it pointing down. I have to open it and close it again to get it to its original icon.

Thanks for the feedback, we will take a look at this as soon as possible.

This is fixed in the new update that is currently in review. Thanks for pointing this out to us.

Hey. I’m interested in your product, but I can’t understand how to plug it to website or where should I put it…

Hi, Thanks for the interest.

This is a html template which is basically just the looks, feel and style of your admin panel. You or your associates will need to integrate this template to your system. By integrate I mean program the back-end and apply this theme. You can not install this with an installer of some sort.

Let me know if you need more help.

Hi there,

Nice template. Good luck with sales! I have two questions before I buy..

1) Is there a fixed width version? 2) Can I talk to someone about using this in an Open Source project?


Hi, Thanks you

1. No, this theme is only available in a responsive layout. 2. I advise you to contact Themeforest support and ask if that is allowed, I’m not exactly sure if they allow it or what license you need for such a project. If they accept it you have my permission.


Can you add some form validation plugin? It would be really nice.

Thank you.

Wow! Even more than I expected. Great job.

Is there a way to add loadable content in the further updates? For example, div id=... (content) /div

So that the content will be loaded automaticaly and display in that div. I know that jquery includes this feature (ajax load), but maybe you can add something more easy.


Hi, I’ll look in to that, Thanks.

I’m previewing the theme, and it doesn’t seem to have any form validation. I’d love to see as many options as “It’s Brain” (here on ThemeForest at If extensive form validation options are added, I will be a frequent purchaser.

We will have that ready in the update tomorrow, I will keep you posted. Thanks for the input :)

Validation has been added and the new update is now in review and should be available shortly. You can check out the validation feature at the Forms page on the live preview. Thanks

Hi ivarrafn. About the license of the template, it should be used just as the base for the final composition of my website, requiring specific customizations, correct? Thanks! :)

Hi, I’m not sure I understand your question. If you have trouble understanding licenses I recommend reading this page.

Ok, thanks man. :D

Nice work. Will it have pie charts?

Hi, thanks for the feedback. We currently have line, bar and donut charts available but we will add pie charts as well in the next update.

Does this work on Wordpress? If so, how do you install?

Also, does anyopne know how to backup a listserve email list on the Recent Support Tickets sections?

Thanks, Mike

Agree with rdindustries that it would be nice to see a few more features added… but I love the look and feel and have purchased it. Looking forward to seeing it evolve a little bit more.


Thanks, we have a few features scheduled for this template so it will definitely get better with time :)

Does this comes with less or sass files?

I’m afraid not, I have never used a CSS preprocessing language before but I have always wanted to start using sass after reading many good things about it.

Looks good, might have to look into integrating this in my current system. I do notice some little bug that i’d like to see fixed before purchasing.

De tooltips seem to be a tad buggy in chrome on mac. Hovering over the icons on the right side in the box headers cuts the tooltips off, i’m thinking an overflow hidden issue?

The dropdown button in the form doesn’t prevent default actions on click, so it jumps to the top of the form.

The analytics plugin looks really powerful, is this completely js driven or would it require some backend api calls?

Thanks for your time.


Thanks for letting us know about these issues. I’m not sure why the overflow property was set to hidden for the widget but I fixed it. The collapse function now prevents defaults so the scroll to top won’t happen anymore. These changes will be in the next update.

The analytics are all jQuery powered and won’t need any api calls unless you would like to fetch some data from external sources like Google analytics, salesforce or Zendesk. The charts plugin we are using is called morris.js and is very easy to use. You can look at the documentation and examples on their website


I like the basic design of this theme a lot. I didn’t see a rich text editor or modal support. Does the theme have either of those?

Hi, thanks for the feedback.

Yes there is a modal plugin included from bootstrap framework that is really easy to use.

Here is the documentation for that:

I’ve added an WYSIWYG editor to the To-do list for the next update. Thanks for bringing it up :)

Hey ivarrafn, good job! Good luck with sales! I have two questions before I buy. Can I use this theme as admin template in a simple html website? And where can I find more help, how to add this theme to my website? Thanks in advance! GLWS


You can always ask me for help using the comments here or send me an email through my profile. You can use this template on any website, this is not a template for a specific CMS or anything.