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Very nice… a little learning curve at the beginning to figure things out, but not a very steep one. A little more documentation in the code would be helpful (e.g., starting and ending content areas), but it’s not a huge hindrance in customizing. Good work.

Thanks for purchasing, don’t hesitate to ask if you have any assistance with the template, we’re here to help :)

hey have you created a jQuery Uploader Plugin Interface?

Hi, Sorry for the late reply.

No we haven’t used this plugin in the design but I will look into it, maybe we can add some upload function in the next update.

For wysiwyg editor I suggest this

Cool, looks great! Thanks :)

Very nice work! :)

I have encountered some issues in IE9 (Yeah…), in the top bar, I’ve made some hacks to make it work :

.navbar-inner {
    filter: none;

.top-menu li a[data-notification]:after {
      background-color: rgb(199,24,33);

I don’t know if ii’s the best way to correct that, so if you can incorporate some corrections in the next release that can be great!

There is also another issue, still in IE9, the accordion effect in the side bar doesn’t work.

Anyway, thanks for great template!

Thanks for letting us know, we will take a look at this first thing in the morning.

Cool, thank you for great work!

Dude, continue to make templates:)

5/5 very good!

Thanks for the feedback :) We are a team of two who made this template and after this good start here on TF we have decided to continue and make many more.

PLEASE continue :) There is a lack for search based themes like indeed, jobber, google and/or yandex.

Why not make some search based theme that is easy to customize?

Thank you :)

Hi ivarrafn,

first great work for this template ! I wanted to report a small bug : on page, the Employee Task Status does not fit the many elements it contains. I have this bug on both FF and Chromium latest version on Linux.

By the way, a WYSIWYG or WYSIWYM editor out of box would be great :-)

Thanks and keept it up !

Hi maydy06! Thanks for the report, we hadn’t noticed this. This is because of the overflow issue we recently fixed, this will of course be fixed in the next update, a WYSIWYG editor is on it’s way as well.

Thank you for your kind words :)


Love it, thanks! Perfect for what I want :).

Though I couldn’t figure out how to remove a couple things:

1. The “Welcome” popup menu on index.html? (Welcome to the Realm Admin Template This icon represents an external link to the documentation for that specific part of the template where you see it. So click if you need more info.)

2. The search box on the tables page


Hi, sorry for the late reply.

1. check line 116 in realm.js 2. the search field is added by the datatable plugin, you can remove it with a simple css rule

.dataTables_filter { display: none; }

Thanks for purchasing let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.

Hi, can we use you to make some small customisations to the Analytics page? we need to use that page for a presentation and would rather pay you to make some adjustments for us.

Great template.

How do you remove the whole ‘welcome pop-up’ I checked line 116 in the realm.js but no luck!

Hi, sorry for the late reply.

If you look for a line starting with ”$.gritter.add({” you will find the code responsible for the notification on the dashboard page.

I too have same query: How do you remove the whole ‘welcome pop-up’ I checked line 116 in the realm.js but no luck!

Hi, if you look for a line starting with ”$.gritter.add({” you will find the code responsible for the notification on the dashboard page.


When I have lots of menu items (left menu) those items that do not fit simply do not display in the browser. Can you do something to fix it?

Hi, in theme.css line 1548 add overflow-y: auto !important;

like this .nav-collapse.collapse{ overflow-y: auto !important; }


Can advice how do I use my data from the mysql to fill into the table with the option to list the number of entries required?


I’m not sure what you are asking for. If you need help with server side coding I suggest you check out stackoverflow or hire a freelancer to do the job. I can’t help you with that, sorry.

first excellent work! now the questions.. 1. – I’m working with tables.php (dynamic datatable) and the edit buttons (for example) the modal window lift, always with the same data (the first you have opened). 2. – The INSERT, DELETE or UPDATE is performed on a separate page in the modal window? or all done in the same file? (tables.php) I’d appreciate me a hand to guide me in this operation. Thank you. Greetings.

Hi, have a question for you. I can see that when i open both date-picker and time-picker they don’t close eachother.

I want the time-picker to close date-picker if its open and the other way around. Any suggestions?

Good theme by the way!

Yeah that’s easy.

If you look at the datepicker docs (link at bottom) you can see that you can attach a function that fires when dates are changed.

Example: var yourDatePicker = $(’#idForDatepicker’).datepicker() .on(‘changeDate’, function(){ yourDatePicker.hide(); });

The example above closes itself on select, you can of course do whatever you want when that event fires including closing/opening datepickers or timepickers.


Let me know if you need more info, I’ll reply as soon as I can.

Hi, i will contact you here since you don’t reply on my mail contact. This theme doesnt support IE 9 and down, (haven’t checked the last version thou). My question is if you will solve this issue ? And if yes can you help me along the way?

Hi, Sorry for late reply. I’m fixing these issues right now, will send the update to envato later today.

Sweet, looking forward to it! Thanks

Great job! I just want to know if you are jet improving it. Want to know if you are going to add wysiwyg editor and a file uploader to the theme, would be great and I wiil be the definitive reason to buy it.

Congratulations again.


I’m going to add a wysiwyg editor today and the update will most likely be accepted and available here tomorrow. I’m not sure about the file uploader but I’ll check and see if I find anything suitable.

I have purchased the template. Now I use IE9 to view the Realm page and it is not displaying correctly. The navigation menu shows up on the top and takes up the space across the whole page. Can you address that?

Hi, I’m using IE10 in IE9 browser mode and it work well like that. However when I change the mode to IE8 I see the menu up on top with 100% width as you described. Can you confirm that you are using IE9 and not IE8?

It could also be that the development tool in IE10 doesn’t render the page exactly as IE9 would and I am looking in to that now.

You can send me an email through my profile and we can continue to resolve this issue there.


Hello, im having a small problem.

Im using Bonfire/codeigniter, php framework, after setting everything correctly to load the view, one DIV is being created dynamicaly with the class=”container body narrow-body” and making a big mess :s

<div class="sidebar-nav nav-collapse collapse"> <div class="main_container"> <div class="container body narrow-body"> ( this one) </div></div></div>

Do you know what might be hapenning?

That made me more trouble. I had to change Bootstrap line 5645, separate container and set it to width:100%, after that i had to change theme.css and create a new line .container > .row-fluid with margin-bottom:25px;

Heya, i got one more question:

How do i work with the topbar messages/notifications dynamically? There was nothing on Documentation about it. I found out that the html is made trough realm.js, but dunno how i can set it using php.

The messages and notification widget is made using a plugin from bootstrap called Popover.

If you look at realm.js you will see near line 32 where I initialize the plugin. You can change that code to fetch dynamic content very easily.

$(’.top-menu #messages’).popover({ html:true, placement: ‘bottom’, title: ‘Messages’, // instead of using content: ‘html code here’, you can make a function to do an ajax request and fetch the notification html. content: function(){ $.post(“get_messages_url”, function(output) { return output; }); } });

I have not tested the above code but this should work.

If anyone needs: The first parameter is the url of your php page or controller/method in case of mvc codeigniter.

.popover-content is the class of the div where the items will show.

content: function(){ $.get("your_url.php",function(data) { $('.popover-content').html(data); });

I could solve the div problem, was my mistake.

There is a bug in forms.html on ur demo and on the files that you gave me. The bad layout is caused by tynieditor.css Body styles. I removed the complete line to solve.