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Very cool and unique – will be a big seller. Good luck

Thanks! Haha we sure hope so ;)

Looks awesome! Good luck ;)

Thanks so much :)

Hi, why I cannot access the demo page?


Our server seems to be down. We’re working to get it running asap! Please check back in a few minutes :)

In the meantime, you can view the screenshots to get an idea of how the theme looks :)


Ok it’s back up again :) Let me know if you have any questions!

Looks great, best of luck with sales :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks mate :)

Classy work!

Thank you! :)

Excellent Job man !! I Like it !!

Thanks for the compliment! :D

YES! Well done. Would love to see an HTML version.


Just out of curiousity, why don’t you want to work with WordPress? Is there a specific reason for it?

That being said, if there’s enough demand, we might just create a html version of this theme :)


Several reasons. 1) I like to tweak my sites. It feels so cramped to work in WordPress. 2) I can put the whole site on a CD or DVD for people to see it directly on their desktop. I hope your sales are satisfactory, nice work you produce. I am NOT in the restaurant business, but I love beautiful design.

Hi !

isthere a way to separate wine list / menu from the rest ? I intend to propose this theme for a client but he has a tremendous huge amount of wines. Need a separate wine menu. Possible ? ;)


Yes, you can create as many seperate menucards as you want :) Just select different product categories for each menucard and you’re done.

Let me know if you have further questions!

Cheers :)

mmmm timthumb free, separated menus… loving it ;) will include it in my proposal.

All colors/BG modifiables ?

Haha oh yes it’s timpthumb free as well ;)

You can change the colors using the Live Style Changer. Like everything red that you see in the theme, font colors, patterns, header and footer backgrounds etc. A lot :)

If you have any other questions, let me know!


Excellent theme!

Thank you :)

Hi, I’m going to purchase your cool theme but I have some question:

1) is it compatible with wpml plugin? 2) is it compatible with woocommerce ?

Thanks a lot


Thanks! Glad you like it :)

1) Yes, everything in the theme is translatable. We’ve taken special care to make everything compatable.

2) We haven’t included styling for the WooCommerce plugin so you’d have to do that yourself I’m afraid. But the plugin itself will work just fine.

If you have further questions, let me know :)


To nikvinyl, since it’s not coded for Woocommerce, you should be able to use Cart 66. I’m pretty sure it works with any theme. I’m not involved with Cart 66 by any means, just wanted to let you know about it because I ran into the same question…


Yes we use the cart66 plugin in our other restaurant theme as well, and it works pretty well. You only need to include some styling for it and you’re done :)


Hi there,

Can’t seem to change the logo. I’ve removed the default one and replaced with my own png file but nothing’s happening once I select the file on my computer. I’ve also tried dropping the file on top of the upload new section but nothing changes. Using Chrome on mac.

Thanks, James


We’ve set up a dedicated support forum to handle any support questions you may have: We’d be happy to help you there :)


hi, i would like to ask you why i cannot see the product when i push the ‘view product’ button and also why even though i have completed all the product details and i have published it, writes that there is no post fot this product.

(plus: the map on demo site doesn’t work….)

thank you for your kind lelp…


I see your question has already been answered on our support forum :) If you have further questions you know where to find us!


Is there anyway to adjust the block images are the homepage so they’re not so symmetrical? For instance, some images would be longer or wider, for more of an organic look?

Thanks in advance


The images will all be squared in size. You can choose to have 4, 8 or 12 tiles visible, but not in different sizes I’m afraid. I hope this is not a problem for you ;)


I registered for the forum support page but have not received the confirmation/password email from you guys. Can you check this so I can get the above question answered?



You can only register on our support forum if you’ve bought a theme with us ;) But I’m here to answer any presale questions you may have! I’ve answered your previous question as well. Let me know if you want to know more :)


Good morning!

Amazing theme, truly!

Excepting showing my respect for the work you’ve put in this theme, I would have also a question: after I create a product, I try to view it in the user mode and I continuously get this error: “No Posts Found Perhaps you want to go to the home page.”

The URL is: – in the context in which the title of the product post is “My products 1.” Nevertheless, I tried to force it, by manually editing the permalink. I tried /my-products-1 or /my-productszzz etc. Tried to copy manually the link and hit enter…

The same error. Not even preview, or the menucard I created with this product doesn’t make it appear.

Your quick reply would be highly appreciated, since your theme was so great that I set a tight deadline for myself and now… all that ruins the plan is this trick. :)

Thanks in advance and have a great day, Y.

Ah, and one more thing: – this shows all the items from the galleries!

Am I too tired or miss something, or there’s something happening between the products and gallery items?

Thanks again, Y.

Hi again!

Any ideas, from others maybe, not only the developers of the theme? :)

Thanks in advance, Y.

Planning to purchase theme for a restaurant website. Is it mobile friendly?


Yes this theme is fully mobile ready! We’ve taken special care to make it look just perfect on your mobile :)