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ExobiT Purchased

Demo download is not working, Header image upload is not working either in the newest version.


Please i have a problem, i cant install the Plugin “WP Rocket” on my Wordpress every time give me an error.

I try search it at “WordPress Repository” but dont find it.

That plugin its necessary?



jamieb23 Author Team

Hi there, I’ve spoken to the Dev team – this plugin is a premium plugin they were using and not meant to be included in the package. They’ve taken this out for the next update, you can ignore this plugin, it’s not essential to the theme.


i have a problem with importing file when i try to install the therestaurant.dummy.content.xml but it’s giving a black page error in install page

can you give me a private email address to give login details to access to admin panel and fix the importing problem



jamieb23 Author Team

Hi there, please post a thread on the forum and use the “set as private reply” option so only the moderators can see the login details and will then be able to assist you. The forum is at


This is a pre-purchase question.

Does your theme have any SMS plugin / functionality for sending notifications to users when they order online?


jamieb23 Author Team

Hi there, no unfortunately. I’ll suggest it as an idea to the Dev team – currently it just sends an email notification. There might be some plugins which you could add to provide this function though, maybe something like

Is there any way to have the image thumbnails on the menu clickable, so that it opens a fancybox or a lightbox so that people could see the full image of the dish when clicked? Also if this can be added on mobile as well.

Thank you in advance!

To be honest I already tried like 6 of them, is there any way you could recommend a plugin which can do this?

none of them worked, and I need this specifically for the menu thumbnails. I tried modifying the code in the menucard php template, but couldn’t get it fixed. Also one more issue which I came across, when I activated the thumbnail on mobile as well, the dotted line which is below the price goes all the way and over the thumbnail.


jamieb23 Author Team

Hi there, open up a thread on the support forum at and include a screenshot of the mobile issue so one of the moderators can look into it. Regarding the thumbnail it would depend on how the menucard is reading it, if you add that to the thread on the forum they’ll take a look to see if it’s something simple they can assist with.

I am getting below error, any idea about this?

Warning: explode() expects parameter 2 to be string, array given in /home3/niranga/public_html/ on line 45

Warning: array_filter() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home3/niranga/public_html/ on line 45

Warning: array_diff(): Argument #1 is not an array in /home3/niranga/public_html/ on line 48

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home3/niranga/public_html/ on line 54


jamieb23 Author Team

Hi there, no not off the top my head – I’ve not seen that before. Have you installed and activated all the required plugins? Please pop a thread on the support forum at with link and login details (use the set as private reply option when you post, that way only we can see the login details) and I’ll have a look and talk to the dev team about it.

Hi, I login to dashboard admin, unable able to amend because all layout design is out Please advice

Hi support team, How come I post simple question more 23 days no body reply, so disappointed

Bad service

Hi there, it didn’t appear in our list to be answered, it was only flagged up when it appeared on the managers list of questions to be answered. I’m not sure what happened there, but as you can see all the other issues have been responded too, so something strange has gone awry there. Please accept our apologies, any issues you are experiencing and need help with, can be addressed on our support forum. Unfortunately, we’re unable to deal with support topics via the comments tab here, but any issues you do have can be addressed here – where a moderator will be able to assist you directly.

Hello. I’m trying to register my purchase code on your support page for the first time, but it says that the key is already registered in the database. I purchased the theme a week ago so there’s no chance I could use it before now.

I wanted to ask how can I do a footer with the information you have on your demo page of the theme (map, contact info, etc.). Thanks!

Hi there, I’ve jsut checked the inbox and there’s no email from you showing. I’ve just emailed you from there to the gmail account listed in your user profile. Please respond to that email and I’ll reset everything from the details you’ve provided.

Did you get my email? There’s still nothing showing from you in the inbox. Let me know.

Hello. I replied your email the same day you sent it. I checked and I wrote the address right the first time. So it seems that your server may be blocking my address (is a normal Gmail address). Can you check it out?

Hi James, I have sent you in forums, i am waiting for your reply. The demo xml content is not uploading and its redirects to page not found page, when importing xml from admin > Tools > Import > Wordpress Importer

This thread has been addressed on the support forum.

Hi guys, for some reason the theme isn’t working in the back end. The theme settings won’t show at all and I am noticing a few other bugs related to the theme that weren’t there a few months ago. Any ideas?


jamieb23 Author Team

Also sometimes browser extensions and plugins can conflict with the themes core scripts, so make sure to disable plugins to test and try in another browser if you have browser extensions active, to rule that out.


bgardel Purchased

Jamie, thanks for the response. I am able to access the support forum now and have started a new thread.


jamieb23 Author Team

Excellent, I’ve just responded to your forum thread.