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Ik heb een paar vragen:

- Kan de slideshow uitgezet worden? - Als ik de live preview bekijk, zijn bij opening van een pagina alle foto’s zichtbaar die in de slideshow zitten. Is dat te voorkomen? - Kunnen de engelstalige menu items in het tabblad MenuCard gewijzigd worden in het Nederlands?

Alvast bedankt

Ik antwoord even in het engels zodat de rest er ook wat aan heeft ;)

You could turn off the slider, but it requires a bit of javascript/php knowledge. I’ll help you with that if you want. I’m collecting feedback from the early buyers for the next update. So this option will be in the theme settings soon enough ;) Sometimes you see the slider images before its activated, but only if you have a lot of images and if the images are big in size. I’m looking into it to prevent this from happening :)

All categories on the menucard are content categories, and the menucard items are just normal posts. So its all fully adjustable! :D

Hope this helps!

Oranje boven!

Very nice theme, well done.

A question: Is it possible to have two Menu Cards in top navigation? One for food and one for drinks. It would be much easier customers to navigate when restaurant has a vast selection of drinks as well.

Nope, for now you can only use one menucard. However I’ve been thinking about this option too ;) Let’s see if I can get this in the next update!


perfect theme! good luck!


Just purchased this – you’re No.1 customer – looking forward to working on this one today!!

You’re a life saver ;o) xx

Perfect! You guys never disappoint! The menu slider looks awesome! Can’t wait to get a project that need this. The only thing i would like to see is some different color scheme screen shots.

Good point! Will upload the different color schemes in a moment :)

Really Nice! Like the menu section… A steal at $30… should get them to bump that up ;)

I have a problem already.

Cannot get the home page to show the Text widgets.

Have filled in the text – draft only to see it in situ and not showing at all.

Have deleted the home page that was on the theme previously – not replaced it and ticked the show home page in nav button.

Urgent please – hope you are around.

Because you have pre set home page admin – what happens to the home page I had before…I’ve lost it!

Not an ideal start, but hoping for some prompt help as am on a deadline here.

Email your skype or google-talk adres to info at redfactory dot nl and we’ll get right on it!

Thanks Lars for your prompt assistance and sorting me out!! ;o) xx

I’m a bit taken aback at having to add a post for every single menu item – that’s just absurd. That could mean 200 posts – what’s that gonna do to the band-width or quota on web server??

Getting the menu to show took a bit but got there….should have been easier….has been trial and error as instructions very basic.

Added to which the item heading if you set it to post just reads – POST !? Why not read the TITLE of the post!? Post looks SO BAD !

I’m very disappointed in this now to be honest. I’ve bought a lot of themes and this is taking too long to get head round.

With god knows how many wine items alone I have added to an extensive menu – I’ll be here all month getting this together.

For a wordpress theme the work involved adding the menu items alone should put any designers fees up 10 fold. Very off-putting.

Having a footer widget area and just the ONE sidebar is disappointing bearing in mind the extensive multi page sidebar configurations with other themes on here.

Wish I’d not bothered now. Just wasted $32!

Sorry – you’ve been helpful but…...your heads in the right place but theme just not set up right for ease for the user.

Hi Shirley,

I’m a bit taken back by your reaction :s Like I said in our mail conversation, I would very much appreciate your feedback. But instead you’re publicly burning us for the things you don’t like about our theme. To go into your points here:

- We choose for using posts because we wanted to use as much default wordpress options as possible. Since adding a title, price and description to a post, and saving it is a 10 second job, we didn’t see any problems with this. However it can be a hassle if you have to insert 200 items. I can see your point there. This is something we need to look into.

- The post heading ‘post’ is an indication that this is a specific post page. The post title is placed right below it. The post title can become quite big, and it would mess up the design. We choose not to allow this to happen, and this was the solution. Adding an option to change the ‘post’ heading in the theme settings could be a solution here, and is already on our list for the next update.

- About the footer widget, you don’t have to insert a email adres. If you leave it blank it will simply not show up. And the whole widget can be deactivated if you want in the theme settings.

Again, I would very much have appriciated if you just came to me in person. I would’ve been happy to help you adjusting the heading, contact widget or whatever it was you needed help with (within reason).

I’m sorry if this theme doesn’t fit your needs.



Also re contact widget – displaying an email address in the contact widget is not not cool – just encourages spam. Contact form should be priority over email address so sorry won’t be using this that is if I decide to stick with this theme….which sadly for your first purchase is not looking that likely right now! Sorry! ;o(

As time matters on this, I’ll use the theme for now and see how it goes because I’m not wasting another $32 but missing out the wee bits I’m not content with but sadly I can’t make use of the menu capacity as it’s built in – it’s just madness to create a post for each and every menu item – will stick to the pages I drafted earlier just as pages and adaprt them!

Sory not meaning to publicly burn anyone here.

I like the gist of the theme and the ideas behind it – it is original unlike some copy cats and same old same old themes….so 10/10 there guys!!

I’m doing a site for a small local italian restaurant and between menu and wines,champagnes there must be at least 200 items. Not quite sure it’s 10 seconds a post but I’m not here to argue.

I’ll continue to use theme but use pages for menu breakdowns for ie starters, pasta, pizza etc.

I’ll try adding some posts tomorrow and see how long it takes me as the menu card slider is a nice touch and it would be a shame not to use. Hell I may have to take a hit on the cost if I’m to add 200 posts. If the end results looks better then I guess it’s worth it. Just came as a shock at first is all.

The restaurant will be updating the theme too so trying to make it as easy to manage for them too. That’s my other consideration.

I wish you well. It is a good theme, just lacks in some areas but I’m sure you’ll rectify things in updates.

One sidebar is just not my ideal. It’s nice to have wider choice, just like the choice from a restaurant menu.

From a mobile browser option having the menus in posts is an awsome way to look at it, as the mobile theme I also have works better for now in posts, so again 10/10.

Sorry for being abrupt….like I say a bit taken aback…will see how it goes. You know the url so you can check on progress.


redfactory estimated,

I speak little English, I looked over your theme and looks great, I need something for a client, it is possible to help me see, I could buy this theme for a fruit importer, the structure of the theme I liked, can adapt to the importer of fruit?.

I wonder which of the following options may be possible:

Is it possible to create a theme just like this with images of fruit? Is it possible to help me with some pictures if I buy this theme? Is it possible to have a contact form? Is it possible that you can improve the shortcomings spoken at previous comments? You might take a theme you like this aimed at fruit and not food?

Thank you very much, have any suggestions?

to the above I forgot to congratulate you, your great work. Congratulations!


How do I link the post images used in the slider to say the “About Us” page as opposed to the not needed post used to get the image in the slider.

I’ve tried “link” in the custom fields but it don’t work!

Hi Shirley,

Right now only posts can be included in the slider. However, when there are no posts a default image is shown to fill up the slider. I was thinkig about being able to change the caption, imagesource and link of this default image in the theme settings. This way you would be able to link it to a whatever you want (like the about page).

Would this be a solution for you? Otherwise I can can give you the bit of code to directly effect all the content of the slider. Downside is that it would be hardcoded into the theme.



I’ve used another theme before and the post for the slider image simply had “link” in the custom fields and corresponding value being “” as the place the click on the image would take the post.

I’m not needing the posts as such, but they are needed for the slider.

Either need code to set the click on the slider to go nowhere or better still click takes the person to the about us page.

Is this possible?

I can change it in the code if you want. Since I allready have acces to you website it should be done in no time. Do you want the slider to link nowhere, or to the about page? Also, what’s the url of the about page? (just to be sure)

Allright, let me know!


Can they all go “nowhere” actually. I’m designing on a sub address till it goes live so best in long run.

Might add some more to slider today so if you could ensure all posts in slider go nowhere including new ones I add – that would be so good!

I also sent you an email direct re getting the patern.png file the exact colour to the green theme….are you able to help me to get that right. I’ve only managed to get it a darker mustard not green.

Otherwise got other cosmetics to do but should be able to handle myself.

Thanks again. Sx

Hi Shirley,

I commented out the links in the slider, so all images are now non-clickable. You can change this back if you want in the header.php file. The code for the slider is at the bottom.

Also, the headerbackground has a background color with the pattern on top of it. The pattern is transparent so the background color shines trough. To change this color, go into the style.css file. You can get there via Appearance->Editor in the wordpress admin panel. Search the style.css file for ’#header’. There you can change the header background color, which I’ve set to #ccc for the moment.

Hope this helps!

Great Theme,

It will be very good if you add an option to have thump images for each item inside the menucard.

Also, adding the ability to add as much menucards as you need.

Awesome template and excellent friendly, fast supporting and help to setup the template correctly. Awesome work and not the last item I will purchase from redfactory.