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Hia please can you help me i am wanting to buy the them,e but my client has asked a few questions thaty i need to answer be4fore i go ahead!

1. can we have a different slider on each page 2. can each page have a different background 3. ipad / mobile optimised?

many thanks, chris

Hi Chris,

1. There’s only one slider in this theme. You can unfold it on wach page if you want, but it will contain the same slides.

2. You mean an image as background for each page? This theme has a static background patern so you can’t use a background image out of the box. You’ll need to do some custom coding for that.

3. This theme is responsive and will scale down nicely for tablets and other mobile devices. You can check this yourself by navigating to the demo with your phone :)

Let me know if you have any more questions!


Hi i see your theme is impossible to translate the home page in this theme ? and also the widgets from the footer ? any idea thanks

and also the are not .po file on the theme for translate the read more from some parts from the web site


Do you want to translate the whole site to one language, or do you want to set up several languages? We added support for the WPML plugin, which will also allow you to set up different languages and translate the widgets per language. What parts on the frontpage aren’t translatable for you? If you only want to translate the ‘read more’ bits I can point you in the right direction to quickly translate them all :)


Hi thanks for your respond i will like to translate some parts like read more, and also is one part of the web site say home, and some widgets thanks

Is this theme tested and ready for de WP 3.6 update? The specs still say it is only compatible with WP 3.4 and 3.5…


Yes I’ve just changed it to be compatible with WordPress 3.6 as well :) Thanks for the feedback!


Hi here i have some screen shot for show u what i want to translate.

1 / this one is the widget in the home page if possible to be put in English

2/ Is the Read more and also where say Home is possible to have poetic file in this theme

I need to add and email marketing system to this site for my client.

Can you recommend a plugin that would offer the best integration? I will need a custom subscription form that would allow for custom colors and images for a monthly special to be emailed once a month. Also would need customization on the newsletter deal as well.


Normally we’d use Mailchimp for this. It’s not integrated into the theme, but you can easily add some style to it to make it fit right in there.

We’ve launched a new site yesterday that will allow you to get theme customizations done by hand-picked developers. If you want you can post your request there. It might help you with the customization of the newsletter as well. You can check it out here:

Cheers :)

Hi There -

I updated my WordPress version and the slider + menu pages stopped working. I then downloaded your new theme version and updated the JavaScript files but still no-go. I’ve customized the theme and can’t exactly start from scratch (which I will have to do if I install the new version of the theme, right), any ideas of how I am to have this working as it should?

Ah, please ignore this question, I resolved the issue haha.

Glad to hear you resolved it! :)

Hi, moving along ok with this new purchase, website: Can you tell me a few things:

How do i get the text on pages to center justify. For example ive written bullet points and then some text below that, i want the text to display in the center of the page but keep the bullets left aligned, and i also want my images to display to the right of the text.. Would i be better of downloading specific pages from ftp and customizing them to my liking

Hello Very nice theme!! I entered the code corresponding to 3 columns, but these are not horizontally.

How I can fix this?


This is because WordPess automaticly inserts paragraphs after an enter. You can prevent this by starting the next column shortcode right after ending the previous one. Like this:

Hope this helps :)


Thank you!!

You’re welcome :)

Hey redfactory,

I intend to buy this theme right after this reply if it is a yes.. Is it possible to translate the whole theme?

And I don’t intend to use WPML, it’s going to be an one language website.

Also, if it is a yes. If I’m not wrong, as it doesn’t come with a .mo file, I will have to translate some stuff directly in the .php files, right?

Thank you!


There actually aren’t that many things that you need to translate in the code. It will be limited to the ‘read more’ buttons and maybe the post meta. That’s pretty much it. If you want I can even guide you to the right places to make the translations.

Let me know if this is what you’re looking for :)



You are totally right, the theme is awesome, very easy to use. Just point me where I can translate the ‘read more’ and I couldn’t be more satisfied. :)

Thank you, and have a nice day!

Hi redfactory!

I love this theme but for some reason after adding the slider images on the frontpage, they do not appear. I checked it with firebug and it’s in the code, but it does not appear. Can you help me with this please?



I just viewed your website but the slider seems to work fine for me. Is it still not working for you? Nice work on the theme btw :)


sidebar is not present in blog articles, but only in pages
looking at your example
in “Home / Events / Jazz musicians dinner”
your sidebar appears
How ?

Ah yes I see, there’s indeed no sidebar setting on posts. A work around would be to also put the widgets of your custom sidebar in the default sidebar since that sidebar is loaded on posts. I’ll put this option in the next update! Thanks for the feedback :)


OK, I put my custom sidebar widget in the standard sidebar


How can I change the header color? And yes, I know that in Appearance>Theme Settings>Design>Header Background Color, there is this option, but it actually only changes the color of the background behind the slideshow, not the header (which keeps black). So what should I do to change the color of it?

And also where to translate the read more button please.

Thank you ;)


You can change the top color by opening the style.css file in the theme folder and search for ”#top”. Then change the background color to anything you’d like :)



Thank you to point out! Now I’m still wondering where I need to go to translate the “read more” button, could you point me out please?

Thank you :)

Hi! I’m really having trouble figuring out how to get the picture up on the first page the way it is in the theme preview? I thought it was through slider but I can’t figure out how to input the images into the slider section. Any help would be great, thanks!



I see you have it working now :) For anyone who’s interested, we have a short tutorial to set up the slider:


subject: menu card post
title of post is formatted with span style color
see this
Description of item card is normal
see my website on mobile
when change portrait to landscape (horiz) the item’s title remain the same and description growth size
rotate it again in vertical, but description remains bigger, unless reload

hi lately we could not see any slider, no menu, no images that are clickable? should we update it by downloading the wp theme again as latest version? or could we do it direct from wp dashboard as update?

Do you have any easy way to turn the theme into an app using phonegap? thanks.


You can indeed simply download the new version from Themeforest. We’ve updated the theme to work with the latest WordPress version :)

I’m not quite sure if you can use this theme with phonegab since it’s a WordPress installation. You should ask the guys from phonegap :)


hay red factory i been having problems with my gallery page i cant get READ MORE button removed and i want to know if we can do any changes to the mobil menu


You can remove the read more buttons in the gallery.php file in the theme folder.

Do you want to make changes to the contents of the mobile menu or to the css?

Cheers :)

redirection to mobile:
I made App that allows to redirect when navigate on my website through mobile device.
try open my site with smartphone
but to allows this, I add a script string before /head tag
so far I changed header.php
wishlist: possibility to set something like this in your theme, unless already possible, that I am non aware of

furthermore, the script should be only on index page, to avoid any annoying popup on each page. How can I modify index.php ?

Hei, nobody is there ? thanks


The theme is already responsive for mobile devices :) However, you can use a plugin to redirect users to a mobile theme. This plugin for example:

Hope this helps :)

Just 2 questions …

1. is this theme responsive please? 2. can we push down the tab so we have the whole slider image—atm it looks as thou its been cut off near the bottom?


1. Yes this theme is responsive :)

2. You can easily change the slider height in the theme settings

Hope this helps!

ty3media Thanks!

Hi Admin Theme looks nice. I am about to buy this. Just have an query. Can we have category list under “Take Away” like “Menu Card”. All products added in Menu card from admin will go to “Take Away” option?



All the submenu items under the menucard are actually added in the WordPress menu page. So you can choose to have them there, or in a different order :)