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Wonderful first file. Congrats for such an elegant design. ;)

Thanks mate!

Fantastic debut, congrats ! Welcome to the Forest.

Thank you!

Truly a great piece – Good luck in sales! I may use this very soon :)

Thanks! The theme is here to stay, feel free to get back to it at any time. :)


Is it possible to use left sidebar column on the homepage?


The left sidebar is available as an option for the Shop pages only, but there is a page template available with a sidebar on the right instead, in case that would work for you:

Cheers, Adrian.

I have bought it, love it ;-) Is it possible become the xml data for the revolution slider? Thanks!!!

Hey Johannes,

Glad to hear you love it already. The xml data for the revolution slider is not available with the current version, but we plan to include a few blank templates in one of the upcoming updates.

Thanks, Adrian.

Would be realy great if the xml also will aviable! Thanks!

Great design, good luck! :)


Hi, I’ve browsed thousands of themes and I bought this one at first sight…I had a question about if I can make a landing page where users needed to sign up using their email to get through to the main page and shop page. Similar to jackthreads or gilt. Any idea on how to do that?? HUGE THANKS! Nick

Hey Nick,

It’s good to hear the theme had that effect on you. Thank you for your purchase.

I see what you’re talking about. It’s a login gateway. The theme doesn’t come with such feature, but I am pretty sure there are plugins out there that could help you achieve this result, using the existing theme assets.

Cheers, Adrian.

Nice shop :) good luck with sales


Beautiful !

Is it easy to install it ?

All the best

Hey Alex,

Yes, the theme is easy to install and it’s also well documented. The documentation file includes a full video tutorial that will help you get started:

We also offer super human-friendly support through our support forum: in case you run into any trouble with the installation.

Hope this helps. Adrian.

Elegant first file on tf! Good luck with sales ;)

Thanks mate!

clean work on this item.. good luck!

Thank you!

Is there an option to upload background image or texture? Great looking theme.

Hello Peter,

Yes, you can upload a background image, checkout a demo here:

This feature is available in the theme options panel. The background will be available in case you are going to use the boxed layout style.

WP Preview for this option:

Hope this helps, Adrian.

Brilliant work! Good luck with sales! Welcome to our community ;)

Thank you for the warm welcoming. It is great to see so much great feedback coming from other authors in the community, especially the Elite ones.

Hello…great theme. Was wondering if it was compatible with Gravity Forms??


Yes, the theme is compatible with Gravity Forms. I have put together a quick demo for you here:

Cheers, Adrian.


I have writen something in the suppor forum, i get some troubles with the product thumbnails and titel on my mobile phone.


Hey again,

Just updated your tickets.

Cheers, Adi.

Hi, I need to see “Catalog Mode Option” no shopping, as a preview or screenshots. Can you help?



Sure. You can checkout this (blank) demo here: with ‘Catalog Mode’ Option turned on.

The layout doesn’t change much. Only the Shopping Cart and All the ‘Add to Cart’ button as hidden. The prices are still shown in Catalog Mode, but you can choose not associate a price with the product in case you don’t want it on the product page.

WP Admin preview for the ‘Catalog Mode’ option:

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

Cheers, Adrian.

Best ecommerce site I’ve seen since Maya.

If the Shopping cart is disabled using Woo Visibility extension, what fills the shopping bag space?

That’s great feedback. If you choose to turn off the shopping functionality, the main navigation is just realigned to the right, leaving more space for navigation items to be added. You can see it live in this blank demo here:

Fabulous! Now, two more things:

1. Can you have the menu underneath and insert an image top left (see link) as most small stores like you to contact them too!

Also, for your next version can you add a widget banner at top and bottom on a product / cat page as it’s great to add a deal.

We may be looking at a serious Maya contender here so jolly ell done my friend. I will purchase this week for sure :)

Hey again,

Thank you for your interest in our theme. I’ll answer your questions in the next few lines:

1. I see what you mean. You can’t add a image instead of the Shopping Bag without making some custom changes to the theme. It wasn’t built to do that.

You have the option to add the phone number you’re mentioning in the black top bar, sure, it that solution fits your needs.

2. We might consider having a widgetized area at the top and bottom or the product for future updates. For now you can up-sell and cross-sell other products and have those displayed at the bottom of the page, in a carousel.

Cheers, Adi.

Veeery nice theme! Congrats and gool luck with sales!

Thanks buddy!

Thinking of using the theme for other purpose than e-commerce. Is the shopping bag in the right, upper corner possible to remove?


Yes, you can turn on the ‘Catalog Mode’ from the Theme Options Panel and the Shopping Bag in the upper right corner won’t be displayed.

You can see here how the main navigation looks like without the Shopping Bag:

WP Admin Preview:

Hope this will help you.

Cheers, Adrian.