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Absolutely love your theme and would like to purchase it.

I currently have a blog I want to sell wedding invitations on, and was wondering if the blog section of The Retailer can show the full posts instead of just the preview (like on my site: Looking forward to hearing from you :-) Thank you, Camelia

Hello Camelia,

By default, all posts are automatically trimmed and have the ‘Continue Reading’ button. We are planning to add more options for the blog in future updates, but the main priority was the shopping experience for this theme.

If you really like the theme, you can buy it and open a ticket after on our support forum. We would be glad to help you with your blog updated if you need us to.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with at the moment.

Cheers, Adrian.

Thank you so much Adrian! I just purchased the theme. It is such a great looking theme – exactly what I needed. I would really appreciate your help with the blog setup so I will open a ticket on the support forum :-)

No worries. Glad you like it so much.

Feel free to open a ticket whenever you’re ready and we will get back to you in a timely fashion.

Here is the link to the support forum in case you haven’t found it already:

Talk to you soon, Adi.

Excellent theme, how easy is this theme to be converted from boxed (fixed) width to wide with, in that product listing pages and homepage where featured products listing is 100, with full responsive width similar to ?


The theme has a boxed and a full width layout option, but you’ll need some extra development resources to display the products on a grid similar to the one seen on the site you’re mentioning.

Thank you for your interest in our theme.

Cheers, Adi.

Niceeeee design, welcome to the forest! :)

Just a note, looks like your retina carousel button background-size isn’t being applied –

Best of luck with this!

- Ed

Hi Adrian,

Using a Retina MacBook Pro + Chrome.

- Ed

Thanks mate.

No worries :)

- Ed

from a fellow WooCommerce theme developer – take a bow – seriously excellent work!

Thanks mate, that’s even greater coming from a developer. :)

I rarely look at all pages of a theme, but I had to do it with yours. Awesome work man. Attention to details is just fantastic, this theme should cost $200 minimum.

You submitted your theme just in time for the new week so you are sure to make the popular list and I think you will stay there for a while.

Happy sales ;)

You will be happy April 15th, and Really really happy May 15th :D

Ha ha! We all just had a good laugh in the office over your comment. It was like reading the Envato version of some horoscope. :)

Haha, keep on the good job guys.

Great looking theme.. Had a couple of issues. None of the theme options actually seem to work :(

I’ve tried setting the header text and footer text (top bar text and copyright text) but these don’t work. I’ve also tried changing the fonts but, same again, no luck. The theme is working otherwise, but on testing, it appears nothing at all works on the theme options.

Not sure if it’s a bug, just thought I should let you know.


Are you still experiencing the issues you were mentioning? There should be no problem with any of the Theme Options. Other people have started using the theme with no problem.

Please just make sure you’re saving the options before previewing the theme.

If the problem persists, feel free to open a ticket on our support forum. We will investigate the problem and help you get through it.

Looking forward to hear from you. Adrian.

Problem solved – sorry about that! I’d made some edits to the styles.css file. I didn’t think these would effect the Theme Options but, on restoring the original file, the Theme Options worked ok. Thanks for the quick response.

On a side note – how do you edit the text ‘Shopping Bag’ – I tried editing header.php but I assume this is overwritten by some javascript? And I don’t think this can be changed in theme options.


Hey again. Glad you solved your issue with the Theme Options Panel.

About the ‘Shopping Bag’ text, you need to change it in the header.php file as well as functions.php.

header.php preview: functions.php preview:

Please just keep in mind to clear the cache before testing you changes.

Hope this will help you. If you encounter any issues, please post a ticket on our super-human-friendly Support Forum:

Cheers, Adi.

Thank you for creating this very nice WP design!

Quick question: In the SHOP or PRODUCTS page how to change the number of items shown in the page when the sidebar is activated? For example, currently the options for showing items are 5, 25, 50, 75, and 100. I would like the number options to be 3, 6, 9, 12, etc.

I can send you the link, if you’d like.

Thanks again.

You’re welcome! Glad you’re enjoying it.

I’m not sure what you mean? Are you referring to the carousel at the bottom of the product pages? Yes, you can send us a link, but please open a ticket on our support forum and we will get back to you in a timely fashion.

Cheers, Adrian.

By far one of the cleanest themes! Excellent job.

Pretty upset with myself i just bought another theme yesterday and if only i waited overnight. Still will prob purchase this theme also, its just so fitting what i’ve been looking for.

Glad you like it. Maybe you’ll find it useful in your next project. The theme is here to stay :)

Hi, Great work! Is the theme translatable? Does it come with .po .mo files?


Hi Pedro,

Yes, the theme is translatable, WMPL-ready. Some people already stated working on their websites, using our themes, and they translated it other languages.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. I’ll be around, Adrian.

Thanks. Sure will buy it.

Love this theme! About to buy. Does it come with a child theme to make CSS changes to? Or does it at least support the use of a child theme?

Also, I see that this is your first Themeforest theme. Are you planning to release updates and bug fixes as necessary? I’ve dealt with a couple theme designers recently who released their first theme and then, when support became too time-consuming, they shut down their account and left customers hanging with a buggy theme. Please don’t do that! Thanks.


Really glad to hear some many people love the theme, including you. Yes, the theme comes with a Child Theme included.

About the second thing, yes, we’re here to stay :) We are currently working on our second theme and updates for The Retailer as well. If you decide to buy the theme, you join our human-friendly support forum. We will do our best to help you with any problem you might encounter with the installation or configuration of the theme.

So, no worries in seeing us leaving any time soon.

Have a nice day! Adrian.

Thank you! Buying now. Continue to provide great support, and I’ll continue to support you and your amazing designs!

Thank you! We will sure continue.

This theme is my favorite of all the WooCommerce themes. I don’t know what most developers have against doing an online shop elegantly, but usually the WC details are neglected… certainly not in this case! Fantastic work!

I’m doing a project for a client and it’s very important to them to have a vertical side navigation instead of a horizontal one. That’s basically not available at all on any theme I’ve found. Do you think there’s any chance that you’ll develop a vertical side nav display option for this theme? Or know of a way that’s not too messy to modify this as is? I’d very much appreciate any help you can provide.

I look forward to using this and many more of your themes in the future : ) Awesome work!


About the vertical navigation, you can build one using our theme, as a navigation widget used with a page with sidebar, like the one you see on the shop page for example: but I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for. You would still have to have the main navigation on top as the main navigation.

We are glad you have notice that we did not neglected the WooCommerce pages. Actually, we wanted to fully focus on the shopping experience for this theme, rather than just adding WP features to the theme.

Feel free to contact us again in case you have any other questions.

Cheers, Adrian.

Hi there, First of all, great freaking theme!

I have some questions:

1. How can I hide/remove one the the 2 footer areas?

2. How can I hide/remove the secondary navigation?

3. Is it possible to translate this theme in another language?

Thanks for your precious time!


Glad you love it! I’ll answer your questions in the next few line:

1. For each page template you have two options, the secondary one is the one with the single footer. Here’s how to change it:

You can also find more info about the page templates in the documentation file:

2. This option isn’t available in the current version, but we will consider adding it in the Theme Options Panel with one of our future releases.

3. Yes, you can translate the theme, some people already started using the theme in other languages. We recommend the WPML plugin.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

Cheers, Adi.

Can’t seem to find the option where i can change/replace the header logo?

Edit: never mind i found it, strange i couldn’t see the styling panels in theme options before but none the less its there now

Glad you found it. Don’t hesitate to contact us in case you run into any problem. Cheers, Adi.

CTRL + D .

Great Woocommerce Theme. Just wait for some reviews from other.

Awesome Theme :) Good luck


Hey there – this is VERY NICE indeed

just a few queries before purchase

1. Mega Menu plans? – Very important in my view for good useability – See ASOS and many other top e-comm sites – good enough for them – good enough for me ;)

2. Single product view on iphone – problem with image slider being too big and not responding well – is this a known issue?

3. Can we mix and match sliders on page by page basis? Rev on one, thumb slider on another and so on?

4. More and more themes and sites are pushing the boundaries with wider displays e.g. 1400ish px wide, 1200 and so on – now this would really be cool if this could break away from the 960 grid type

5. Background images for Page, Footer, Header, etc – can these be altered on a page by page basis either by images or colour picker?



Four WOWs means a lot. Thank you for your interest. I’ll reply your questions in the next few lines.

1. We plan to add Mega Menus support in a future update. People are asking for it, so it’s on our list.

2. The Rev Slider Issue you’re mentioning it’s not actually an issue. Rev Slider gives you the option to fully hide the slider on mobiles, or create a substitute one. It’s the flexibility of the plugin to give you the option to decide what’s best for each specific situation / site.

3. Yes. All pages are conveniently created with shortcodes, so you can combine the elements as you with, on any page.

4. In this first version, we wanted to make it safe for everyone, but we are sure considering wider versions as well.

5. You can change the the color of the header and footer in the Theme Options Panel using a color picker. If you’d like to have images added as a background, that can be done by adding a few line of custom CSS code and we can help you with that through our support forum.

Hope my answers will help you. Let me know if there is anything else you’d like to know. I’ll be around.

Cheers, Adrian.

Hey Adrian – thanks so much for the fast response. EXCELLENT! Here are a few added thoughts.

1. Mega Manu (UberMenu) works great and has so many options – perhaps just setting up the theme to play nice with this – could make life easier for you. Customers can then buy that plugin if they want it and direct any useability issues to its Author – Less headache for you perhaps ;)

4. Wide version plan possibly on the horizon – well I am loving that!

5. Background image control on a per page basis would be lovely. If a headache then I wonder if there is a 3rd party solution that could cater for that? If not then is this a likely contender to make the added features shortlist?

Thanks again – Here’s another WOW!

:) No worries.

1. Uber Menu is what we had in mind. It seems that most people are familiar with that one. The plan is to include it in the theme in case we decide to go for it. This way users won’t have to buy it for themselves. Just like we do with the Revolution Slider plugin.

4. Got it.

5. It’s not a headache, it’s just a few lines of custom css code that can be pasted in the custom CSS field of the Theme Option Panel.

If I can WOW you with anything else, just let me know.


Hi! it is possible to move the subject into Russian?

Unfortunately I don’t know which one is the Russian user. We have seen referrals from analytics from a Russian site, but we cannot identify the user.

You can use the WPML plugin to get started with the translation. The theme is WMPL-ready and I am assuming most of the users will use that plugin for translations.

with it I can not move the subject into Russian? where can I download it?thanks

The WPML plugin is available for download at: Please note that it is a premium plugin. Wish I could help you more, but I’m afraid I am finding it hard to understand your english.

If you need further help, please open a ticket on our support forum:

If it helps you, we also offer support in French.

Hi, great theme!

Is it possible to translate it in other languages using the free plugin qTranslate, instead of WPML?

Can you tell me which type of widget have the theme (Flickr, twitter, ...)?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Daniele,

We haven’t tested the theme with qTranslate, we made it WPML ready cause that seems to be the popular demand. Anyhow, there is no reason not to work. You must just keep in mind that we haven’t envisioned that in the current version, so there will be no styles for the output of the qTranslate (example: language switcher).

About the Widgets, here is the WP Admin view for the Widgets section. It will give you an idea of what’s to be found there:

Please let me know if you have any other questions, or if you’d like to see any of the widgets in action.

Cheers, Adrian.

Wow, definitely raised the bar for how a woocommerce theme should look with this one. Easily the nicest one i’ve seen. Will hopefully get to use it in the future and look forward to seeing what other themes you release.

Thank you for such a great feedback. We should feature you comment here :)