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You´ll earn with that. Best design on shop topics right now!

Is it possible to use it without WooCommerce, too?

Hello and thank you for your appreciation. Yes, WooCommerce isn’t required for the theme.

Great theme! One of the best I’ve seen out there.

Just a couple of things: 1. Integration of the mega-menu would be a most appreciated plus. 2. The extra option of “add to wishlist” would be great as well. 3. The price filter seems to not work on the retina ipad. You might want to look into that. 4. The integration of a subscribe to newsletter field would tie in nicely.

Amazing theme nonetheless. Definitely on my “must have” list :-))) Thank you!

Hello Anne,

Glad you like it. 1. and 2. are already on our list for of updates. 3. Great catch. I’ll check that out. Thanks for pointing it out. 4. We are using a MailChimp widget for newsletter, you can see it in the footer of our demo here:

Thank you for your valuable feedback! Adrian.

Thank you so much for your answers! Yes, I did see the newsletter sign-up, which is great. Looking forward to the mega-men and wishlist!!

Hey, Good start on TF. I really like your theme and will probably use it for my shop. Is it possible to have the option to add 3 square images under the Slider, which can be used to link to the blog or maybe a product or category? Do you know what I mean?

Great Work.

Regards, Anil

Hey there,

Sure. You can actually see this in action in one of the demo homepages here:

Those boxes are conveniently built using shortcodes and are fully flexible. We use those shortcodes to build responsive banners that can be used anywhere on the theme. You can view more examples and get more info about this boxes here:

Hope this helps. Adrian.

Ah okay, couldn’t find that. Actually another tip for you, to increase sales. People actually like it to try what they can edit. Like in this theme, you can see there is a small control button on the left: You know, so they can see, what layouts they can choose, colors, fonts or somethings else.


Thank for the tip. We are using something similar at the top of the screen, displaying a few different styles that can be achieved using the Theme Options Panel:

looks like an amazing theme, I am considering buying it, but have noticed a few small issues

1) when using safari 5.0.6 some of the prices do not show up on front page or at item level

2) breadcrumbs would be great addition if possible

3) the ratings lines would it be possible to change these to stars ?

4) lightbox or similar for images in blog if possible



I’ll answer your questions in the next few lines:

1) We need to investigate this. We haven’t received any complains so far.

2) Breadcrumbs are not a built-in feature for this theme. We only have links back to the main categories in the product page. We might consider adding breadcrumbs as an options if more people ask for it.

3) The ratings can only be display as you see in the demo in the current version.

4) We might consider updating the blog as well in one of our future releases, but we wanted to focus on the shopping experience for this theme.

Thank you for your interest in our product. Adrian.

Can i have two languages on this theme? Swedish and English? :)

Sure. The theme is WMPL ready and it comes with .po and .mo files.

Really like it but is it posible to translate it? are there .po .mo files? or .pot files?

I guess I just answered in the other comment. Please let me know if you have any other questions. I’d be glad to help. Adrian.

More than perfect!

Thanks man. That’s more than perfect feedback! :)

I installed ubermenu. I love love love the ubermenu shortcode feature in the editor. You’re genius.

I cant wait to see more themes from you!

Can you set The Blog as the first page ? In the admin… If yes, then is there a demo for that ? I hope there is one :)

Yes, sure. Here is a demo with the blog being set as the front page.

WOW Great looking Shop/Store layout and Style!! really very impressed and even Amazing looking on iphone/mobile! One thing, would there be anyway to have a smooth Drop Down menu on mobile and not the ‘pop out bar’ style (even the best ecommerce themes all have, but all my other themes for clients I only buy smooth mobile menus as compliments fluidity of site and doesn’t ‘take away’ from great style of all else in design… would purchase if it did) Either way GRT JOB!!

We decided to go with that menu only for the current version of the theme, mostly for usability reasons. Custom mobile navigation system may get buggy on some devices while they work on some and we wanted to leave the option open for those who want something that works on all devices, using the custom operating system UI. Mobile users seem to be more comfortable with the UI they know over a custom navigation system they see for the first time.

Thank you for your appreciation and stay tuned for future releases. Adrian.

Incredible theme!!,

Why is black above and below the slider?



You have pasted the slider shortcode inside the demo shortcode, instead of fully deleting the sample one.

It should be just [rev_slider yourslider] not [column_demo bgcolor="#555"][rev_slider yourslider][/column_demo]

I am pretty sure this will fix your problem.

If you feel like you need help with anything else, please open a support ticket on our forum:

Thank you for using our theme! Adrian.

Great work! Love it.. Like others stated.. please add Ubermenu/Megamenu, that makes the theme even more perfect.

Did you already include it?

Not yet. It’s still on the list.

Ok, thanks for the update!

Hello, I love this theme and I am about to purchase it, I would like to know a fee I can pay you to tweak the theme for my store, I am still exploring the theme and all its possibilities but I know I would like certain functionality. Please :) Please :) Email Me

Hello. Glad to hear you love it. For the moment, we are not available for theme customization work. Is’t that feature something a plugin, or another developer could do?

Hi. Do you already give xml code for importing the demo slider? If you have that I will definetely buy the theme!

Great theme!

Wkr Chris,

Hi. Thank you for your appreciation. The slider xml doesn’t come with the the current version of the theme, but we are putting together an update and it will be available in the next few days.

I love this design. Is this theme compatible with a secondary log-in (password protected) feature for Wholesale Accounts? (ex: I know Woo has a plug-in for it. Curious if you think there would be any foreseeable conflicts?

Hello, I am not aware of such a plugin, so we haven’t tested. If there is a specific plugin you have in mind, we can make a test.

Awesome theme, just bought it and setting it up right now. A quick question. How do you setup the ‘Track Your Order’ page, like you have it in the demo?

Ok cool. That worked. Sorry I am new, and that info wasn’t in the instructions, and if it was and I missed it. Then my bad. Thanks.

Last question, how do you put product sizes?

I just replied to your question on the Support Forum.

Is there an option to change (reduce) the number of column in the shop page in order to make the product image larger and yet still with the full width or with sidebar template? If no, does this require a lot of modifications?


There is not an extra option to reduce the number of columns per page. You can either use the shop page with or without sidebar. Other people asked to provider them with more options regarding the way shop displays the product, so we might consider adding a few more in one of our upcoming theme updates.

I will get back to you in case we add more options. Cheers, Adrian.

Absolutely amazing. I have been waiting for a theme like this for a long time. I will be happy in supporting you as you continue to make great themes like this one.

:D Thanks man!

Question, is it that the Revolution Slide isn’t’ available? I am very interested in using the Style you have on the first Slide on homepage. Can you possible email or provide – Very happy with the theme

The Revolution Slider xml files from the demo aren’t available with the current version. We are planning to include sample sliders in our next update, which will be available in the next few day.

Until then, if you need only the first slide, please open a ticket on our Support Forum and I’ll help you put it together.

Cheers, Adrian.

Hello, For some reason, every time I try to upload your theme into my wordpress it causes the server to crash. Any help? I don’t understand this at all. When I delete it via FTP, my site works fine again.


Do you still have this issue at the moment? I can’t figure out your current setup.

Please follow the documentation file that will guide you through installation and if you still need help, feel free to open a ticket on our Support Forum

Thank you for using our theme. Adrian.

I am sorry. I asked too soon. Turns out it was a plugin from a previous theme that caused the issue.


No worries. Glad you figured it out.