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Hi there, do you have a module to add the product to a wishlist ? I want to buy this theme, but ‘add to wishlist’ feature is a must for me. Please advice.


The theme does not include this feature. I know there are plugin out there for that feature and we might consider including it in the theme soon.


Also, do you have an option to ‘Gift it’ so products can be purchased to be gifted to others ? Very interested in this feature also. Thanks.

It has a built-in ‘Coupon Codes’ for discounts, which you can share with your users. Hope this helps.

Awesome theme :)


great theme! I’m ready to purchase if you implement full browser width capability for all page types. if this is scheduled for the next update do you have a ballpark estimate on when this will be available?

thanks again

Hey mate,

We don’t use ballpark and we cannot know for sure when this update will be available. We have many requests and we need to prioritize. But I can get back to you one we update the theme and let you know.

Thank you for your interest in our theme. Adrian.

I’m agree with Najaboi and some other, “full browser width capability” would be WOW for this theme, also the slider for every page ;-)

Really love this theme, great design! I will surely purchase it, has everything I need or want for a shopping site. Good job!

Thanks! Looking forward to have you as a customer.


I would like to ask, if the theme supports size variations for products (S,M,L…). I can’t see it in demo version. How can I choose the size of product? Is it possible?


Hey there. Yes, you can do that. The user @lastpost answered this question for you already. :)

@bonabo: Woocommerce is usable with variations. In the shop sidebar you can even choose the size, colour or price range. :) Sidebar in action:

Size variations:

Thanks mate!

Bro, your theme is sick! – I’ve been waiting for a serious clean, mute woocommerce skin and this is it. Keep it fresh with updates ans support and you’ll have sales from some designers up in herrr who haven’t updated their stuff since Craigslist was a startup! (My 2 cents…)

Cheers and you don’t need luck with sales. The design takes care of that.

We seriously need to place your comment on our profile page or theme page. :) We all had a good laugh reading your comment, here in our office.

Thanks man! We truly appreciate your kind (and funny) words. It’s great to have you as a customer.


Well I have been watching the buzz develop about this with some interest. You seem to be really attentive which is really important – so you really are on a winner here.

Can’t wait to see what extra awesomeness follows.

I am looking forward to 3 things mainly 1. Uber Menu 2. Wider layout option to take advantage of wider screens. 3. Background image/colour control page by page.

I have a question about the top left drop down trigger – is this a feature of the theme also which allows us to place content up there – e.g. a contact form, map, widgets?

thanks again.

Hey mate,

Glad to see you’re still around.

About the left drop down trigger you’re mentioning, no, that’s not part of the theme, we are using that feature just help users test different styles for our demo.

I know there are plugins out there that can do what you’re describing.

Cheers, Adrian.

Yep – watching with great interest until I’m ready ;P As for the drop down feature – yeah there are plugins but if this is something that you have already created would it be easy to include as a feature? I guess the less plugins added the better – your code is so squeaky clean with just 6 teeny weeny errors!

...also, put the language selection on the top bar – good UX for international facing sellers…

Yes, that’s a good idea, since many people are translating the theme. For now, there is only the widget language switcher.

It is on our list for one of the future updates.

Thanks, Adrian.

Great Theme. In my opinion is one of the best woocommerce themes. Congratulations for your job!

Pfff… Many thanks man!

Hi getbowtied, I found a little bug in content-single-product.php line 134. The permalink is harcoded with /product-category/ and with woocommerce you can change it in the settings page ->permalink. Just to take care.

Thanks again for this theme!

We are aware of that one.

I’m not sure if we should call it a bug since we want to keep it that way for a little while. Before WooCommerce 2, there was no option to set custom permalinks in the WP admin panel and the reason we’re doing that is to still support users who haven’t updated yet from 1.6+

Anyhow, thank you for letting us know. Best of luck with you site!


Yes, sorry. The reason is that i am using an spanish wordpress and the permalink is categoría-producto instead of product-category. Wordpress change the permalink automatically and if you harcoded product-category it does not work.

I’ve been searching for a clean and upmarket woocommerce theme for ages and this is perfect!! Just purchased, keep up the good work!


This is the type of comment we want to add to our profile page :) Thank you for choosing our theme. Adrian.

Nice theme!! I have a question before buying. The theme is available to sell digital content by downloading right?

Hey. Yes, sure, it’s a built-in WooCommerce feature.

If you’d like, you could test this functionality, feel free to start a user account on our demo, or just login with ‘demo’ for both username and password.

This product here is an example of a digital download product:

Add it to cart, place an order so you can test the whole user flow.

If you’d like to read more about how WooCommerce handles the Digital/Downloadable products, check this out:

Client loves this design so much, he’s just ordered another website for another clothing line. He wants it to look exactly like the one I’m working on now. Guess I’ll be purchasing this one again.

Thank you for making me look good!

On our profile page, we’re describing ourselves as an entity who’s mission is to ‘empower WordPress Developers and Entrepreneurs with design-driven themes their clients will just fall in love with’.

It seems that it worked out perfectly for you and your client.

Glad to have you as a customer. I guess I’ll see you around. Best of luck with your projects!

Cheers, Adrian.

Is it possible to have the shop page with sidebar without having the added querystring at the end I.E ( so when users visit it automatically includes the sidebar?

Yes, sure. Actually this is how it works after you install it. You can find the option in the Theme Options Panel.

The longer url you see, is for our demo only, we wanted to show both options in the demo and that was the way to go.

If there is anything else we can help you with, please feel free to open a ticket on our Support Forum.

Cheers, Adrian.

Awesome theme! I was just wondering if your theme allows us to add custom registration fields when someone is registering for an account? E.g., City, State, Zip Address, Company Name, etc. See here:

Hey there! As far as I know WooCommerce doesn’t come with this feature, to add more fields to the registration form. If you really need to do it, you might need some help from a developer or use a 3rd party plugins.

If you’re talking about Addresses, Company names, etc, those are built into WooCommerce, but those forms are available after the users are registered. The idea is to make the registration process as quick as possible.

Here’s how it looks like:

You can test this functionality live on our demo, start an account or just login with “demo” for both usename and password.

Hope this helps. Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

Cheers, Adrian.

Love this theme! The amount of diversity and features is really incredible!

There is one thing I can’t figure out though, when adding a new product how do I add product options for customers to select before adding an item to their cart? Example clothing size or color options?

WooCommerce calls those Product Variations: “Variable products are a great feature of WooCommerce for offering variations of a product with different prices, stock and more. They can be used for offering variations of a product e.g. a large t-shirt vs a small t-shirt. Each variation can have different properties and prices.

You can read everything you need to know about variable products here:

In case you still need any help after reading the tutorial, feel free to open a ticket on our Support Forum and I’d be glad to help.

Cheers, Adrian.

Thank You that helped a lot and now I finally have that part working!

No worries. Glad I could help.

Hello and great theme! Quick pre-purchase questions: 1- Can you make the Portfolio filterable? Or could you include it in the future? 2- Blog and portfolio with Masonry jQuery powered grid system..? Please ^^?

/ Many thanks.

We are seriously considering Masonry style portfolio and blog layout but I can’t give you an accurate estimate on when this will be available. Once we make that update, portfolio filters will be available too.

Thank you for your interest in our theme!