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Hi guys, nice theme, in fact wanted to use it for a company website and not for an ecommerce site. Hence:

1) Can the shopping thingy be disabled? e.g if I use the theme for a non-shopping site how easy is it to disable the shopping bag at the top. 2) menu – how many menu can the theme support? Can the sub-menu (e.g. FAQs, contact us) can be removed or placed elsewhere like the footer? 3) how easy is it to move the logo above the menu? I have a long list of menu items that will stretch across the width of the page

thanks in advance.

Hey there,

1) Sure, the theme works well without WooCommerce intalled. There is also the option to install it if you need to but use the site in “Catalog Mode”. Turning the Catalog Mode option of, will hide the shopping bag and the rest of the shop functionalities.

2) There are 4 menu location defined in the theme. You can read more about in our documentation here: It will help you quickly understand how you can organize the menu.

3) There is no built-in option to have the logo displayed above the navigation, but probably it can be done with a bit of custom code, in case you have a developer that can help you with that.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. I’ll be around.


Just purchased it, hope it helps you to make this theme even better. Good luck with the sales, but I have to say the product sells itselve being this nicely designed.

It sure does. Thank you!

Glad to see you decided to use our theme!

Revolution slider dummy content pleaaaaaasse! ;)

Open a ticket on the on our Support Forum pleaaaaaasse! :)

Nice work! I started to purchase, but saw the product images on the homepage and catalog search pages are different sized when viewing on ipad. Is this a bug or something due to the update?

Oh, I see what you mean. That’s the case, right?

As mentioned in my first comment, not all the images in our demo are set for retina display. So it this happens only if you don’t update the correct size (like we did.)

For example you have an 500×500px image, if you want that image to be cropped correctly for retina displays, the image you upload must be at 1000×1000 to be cropped correctly. If you upload a 750×750px images, will result in the case we’re discussing here.

The reason: The retina plugin will crop the image at half its size for the non-retina display.

To sum up. If you upload the images at the correct size, you won’t have this problem.

Anyways, you should know that if you run into any problems, we would be glad to help you via our Support Forum.

Hope it’s more clear now.


Yep, that was it. Thanks for the super great support. Will buy now.

Anytime. Thank you for supporting us by deciding to use our product!


I absolutely love this theme and will possibly use it for a future webshop. Question I have is: 1. Does this theme support child theming? I love your design, but I always make custom designs based on excellent organized themes. 2. Is there a userfriendly way to customize the images sizes (eg the details page, in case I want landscape there, and not all portraits) 3. kinda repeating 1, but exactly how far can the stylesheets be altered through the admin? It’s my main worry how flexible the design can be altered. I’m good with HTML/CSS, bad in JS :) I wouldn’t want to hack too much into the core of the theme for future updates.

Edit: Would you, in case needed, also be available for custom work?

Thanks in advance!



Gland you’re planning to use the theme for your project. I’ll answer you questions in the next lines:

1. Yes, it come with a Child Theme. 2. The theme looks good with landscape images as well, as look as you keep the image sizes uniform across all site, of course. WooCommerce has image options in its setting, so yes, it is user friendly as well. 3. In the theme options panel, you can add your custom css or js code. As long as you backup you theme options before making updates, there will be no problem in keeping the extra styles you made.

About custom work, currently we’re not available but we can always answer your questions through our support forum.

Let me know if there is anything else you’d like to know.

Cheers, Adrian.

Hi, I have just purchased this theme. I have huge problem. I have custom made plugin for local payment gateway, which stopped working after woocommerce updated to 2.0.

Is there anyway you could send me v1.0 of your theme so I can use it with woocommerce lower than v1.8?

Really hoping that is not the case for you, but here is the WooCommerce warning when they updated to 2.0: “Once you run the updater wizard to convert your data to WooCommerce 2.0, there is no undo. The data will be changed in such a way that there is no way back. The only way you can get the ‘old’ data back is by restoring a backup. This stresses the importance of having a backup strategy and testing everything on a test environment before touching your live website. It is not that we don’t want to restore the data, it is because we can’t.”. You can read more about it here:

I have backup, thanks for the warning. I just need to try use your theme with older Woocommerce, because my client wants you theme and that local payment gateway.

It’s good to always backup. It’s great that you do it for yourself. In case there is anything else I can help with, feel free to always come back to the support forum.


I LOVE THE WAY THIS THEME LOOKS!!!! I’m looking at purchasing this theme however.. I want to know if the products flip is included in the theme purchase and not an additional plugin?

Actually is everything on the demo included in the theme and not an extra purchase plugin or extension?

All of the hover colors and bar colors are easily changed?

You can easily define a Main Theme Color (Accent Color) for the site, and that one is used globally, so yes, I can say it’s really easy since you just have to do it one.

I’m not sure what bar colors are you refering to, but to make sure, I am sending you here a screenshot of the Theme Options Panel and here you can see all the options you have defining you style for the theme:

Note: I have updated the documentation link from my previous comment:

PERFECT!!! Gotta talk to some of my business partners but pretty sure you got a customer!

Nice theme! I’d like to buy it but first I want to make sure I’ll be able to translate everything in french. ?


Yes, you can translate the files. The theme comes with .mp and .po files and it’s also WPML ready.

Thank you for choosing our theme!

Ok. Thank you for answering this fast!

Masonry style portfolio and blog would be amazing. Even an gallery option like this would be grand for look books – >

Looking forward for new updates, i have your theme bookedmarked for when the full width browser capabilities exists.


Thank you for your feedback. We note every suggestion and prioritise by popular demand.

Hi. Very nice theme. Is it possible to change the “Portfolio Options” titles to any custom word from admin panel? I need not standard titles. Thanks.

Hello. Yes. you can change the Portfolio Option if you need to, by updating its name in one of the theme files: functions.php.

We can guide you further via our Support Forum.

Hi there, very interested in this theme. I have never used WooCommerce before. Are there any additional fees for WooCommerce or any of the other plugins used or is everything ready to go out the box? Also, I know you are working on some updates based on peoples feedback. If I purchase this theme tonight, how easy would it be to then update the theme with these fixes you will be implementing over time? Thanks for all the hard work!


Everything is ready out of the box, you don’t have to pay anything to get you site going.

I totally recommend you to watch the video on their homepage It’s really great for new users like you. It tells you a lot about its features and I think it will help you decide if you should go for WooCommerce or not.

About the updates, when a theme update is available, you will see that in the WP admin panel and it takes only a click or two.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, feel free to get back. Adrian.

Thanks for the quick reply! I will check out that video and more than likely purchase in the next couple days if it meets all the requirements. I will also need to double check with GoDaddy to make sure there will be no hosting issues. Chat soon! :D

Sure, We’ll be around.

Still tinkering – Quick question – How do i keep my catalog images as crisp as the ones on demo. My resolution suffers (significantly) after upload even after I have adjusted the dimensions to exactly fit the resolution and aspect ratio. The design is as good as the product images and I cannot seem to find a solution.

Hope this explains the issue. please help.

Have you setup the WooCommerce Image Options correctly. Please check with this part of the documentation:

You may need to regenerate you thumbnails in WP. You don’t need to do it manually, Regenerate Thumbnails WP plugin, can automatically handle this job for you.

If the documentation doesn’t help you, please open a ticket on the Support Forum.


I have homepage 8 set up, but it only shows 3 products. I have set /settings/reading show blog posts 6. But it still only shows 3 products. How can i change this?

Homepage 8 displays the featured products, not the latest products. This way to can control which products to show.

Here’s how you set a product as featured in WooCommerce:

A feature that would be helpful is to have the option to remove either the black footer or the light footer. In my case i won’t need the light footer.

Also to set the font color in the copyright bar.

You can choose not to display the light footer footer by selecting a different page template. There is a Single Footer Version for all the page templates. You can read more about the available page templates here:

You also have the options to remove it from the blog.

About having the option to choose a font color for the copyright text, we have built this functionality and it will be available with the next theme update. We will submit the next version today.

If you have any other questions or need help with anything, please feel free to open a ticket on our Support Forum.

Cheers, Adrian.

The featured images of my products loose their quality once they are published. Why is that? Is it something about the retina display thing? I only have a set of them whit the exact resolution. What can I do?

Have you checked the WooCommerce Image Options? You need to setup the image sizes in WooCommerce, and if there was existing content on your WP, you must regenerate the thumbnails.

You can find out exactly what you need to do from this part of the theme documentation:

If this doesn’t work for you, or if you have any other questions, please open a ticket on the Support Forum.


I found the problem. The image size must be changed in the catalog tab of the WooCommerce options, then apply the Regenerate Thumbnails plug-in.

Nice theme!

Oh, I guess I haven’t seen this other comment before answering. Glad you figured it out.

Cheers, Adrian.

Again, nice theme. Wish I were running an ecommerce store just to make use of this. But I am trying to apply this to an event site…so will see how it goes.

A couple of things/suggestions:

1) I am not sure if it’s just me, but the support/forum doesn’t seems to have any discussions going on. Is it because it is still very new? I did not find any discussions. Sometimes many issues can be solved searching/browsing what others asked instead of raising another ticket.

2) Breadcrumbs – I tried using external plugins but they don’t appear. Any ideas? Maybe this can be sorted

3) Can the footer widgets be made into three columns, not four? How easy is the process?

4) Is there a page template creator? Besides the default pages, it will be great to create a new one and save for future use.

Thanks so much.


I’ll answer your questions in the next few lines.

1) The support forum is active actually, is just that people prefer to open private tickets. Some of our customers send sensitive information over the forums, such as their admin user name and password.

2) Probably the plugin you’re trying to use isn’t compatible with the theme.

3) You can only use the 4 column footers for now. We are currently discussing a 3 column option for a future update but I cannot tell you how soon will that be available. For the moment, only making custom changes to your them can help you achieve this result.

4) We haven’t used a page builder for flexibility reasons. Actually, your options are unlimited to create new pages, the pre-built layouts we provide are just a starting point, you can build you own pages using the shortcodes.

Feel free to open a ticket on our Support Forum if you need help with anything.


How do you feature a product so it displays on the v8 homepage?

Here’s a quick way to set a product as featured in WooCommerce:

If there’s anything else you need help with, please feel free to open a ticket on our Support Forum

Hi, this is a nice theme I’ve been always looking for.

I have a simple request, can we have the model no. show on the thumbnail , and add to cart button.



Thank you using our theme. Glad you finally found it. :)

Sorry, but the behaviour you describe isn’t a feature included in the theme. To achieve that, you would need to make some custom changes to the theme.

If there’s anything else you need help with, please feel free to open a ticket on our Support Forum


I know the author has a lot on his plate from all the requests being made but that has to do with how appreciated this theme is. I hope you take this as a complement as I have seen other authors get overwhelmed and they abandon ship.

Here is one for consideration – a popup quick view on the shop items and a clean, cookie controlled email subscription/Member only access login. These are features common in tier one designs on other platforms but I’m yet to see them in a woo-commerce release.

Thanks again for a great file.

Hey Dennis,

Thank you for your appreciation. As I already told other customers who had the same concern, we don’t plan to leave the marketplace or stop providing support. Actually, the feedback we receive from our customers it’s really valuable. It helps us improve our items while we help customers improving theirs.

I wanted to let you know that we are considering your proposed features for future updates.

Thank you! Adrian.

Thanks Adrian. This could be the ultimate WC theme! Somebody get Adrian a dang cape! :-)

Ha ha! Thanks mate.