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Let me start by saying, AMAZING theme. Very elegant and feature-rich. Thank you and keep up the good work!

I made the mistake of updated to the latest version of WooCommerce (2.1.1) believing that The Retailer v1.8.5 was ready for the update (since it was recently updated). Unfortunately, it was not and I received from WooCommerce upon a install of 2.1.1 a list of incompatible template overrides that needed updating. I’m included a copy of the list of “out of date” files for your convenience and to ensure that these will be addressed in the updated version of The Retailer:

Template Overrides (WooCommerce):
archive-product.php version – is out of date. The core version is 2.0.0,
cart.php version 1.6.4 is out of date. The core version is 2.1.0,
mini-cart.php version 1.6.4 is out of date. The core version is 2.1.0,
content-single-product.php version – is out of date. The core version is 1.6.4,
order-details.php version 2.0.3 is out of date. The core version is 2.1.0,
product-image.php version – is out of date. The core version is 2.0.14,
review.php version 1.6.4 is out of date. The core version is 2.1.0,
single-product.php version – is out of date. The core version is 1.6.4

Second, can you provide a status of when we can expect to see the updated version?

Thanks in advance for your response and continued support of this excellent theme!

Hello and thank you for your feedback. WooCommerce 2.1.1 was just released yesterday and we’ve already started working on the new update, it should be available by tomorrow most probably.

Cheers, Adrian.

Hi, great theme! Planning to get this theme. Btw just wondering, any plan to extend the login functionality? Like allowing users to login via facebook, twitter, etc.


Glad to hear you’re considering The Retailer for your site. No, social media login is not a priority for the theme at the moment. I believe there must be plugins/extensions out there to help with that.

Cheers, Adrian.

Hey Adrian,

How’s it going?

Couple of things, I’ve read that woocommerce has been updated & I’ve just updated my site to the latest version of your theme.

This being said, I’ve received an error saying:

“Your theme has bundled outdated copies of WooCommerce template files – if you encounter functionality issues on the frontend this could the reason. Ensure you update or remove them (in general we recommend only bundling the template files you actually need to customize). See the system report for full details.”

Looking in the system report I can see that:

cart.php version 1.6.4 is out of date. The core version is 2.1.0, mini-cart.php version 1.6.4 is out of date. The core version is 2.1.0, order-details.php version 2.0.3 is out of date. The core version is 2.1.0, review.php version 1.6.4 is out of date. The core version is 2.1.0, single-product.php version – is out of date. The core version is 1.6.4

I have the latest version of woocommerce, but still it’s outdated.

How do I repair this problem?

Regards Ricky

Hey Ricky,

We are aware about the error, however, it shouldn’t break any of the functionality for as far as we tested. Yesterday WooCommerce released a second update (2.1.1), we will release a second update for the theme too in order to ensure full compatibility.

The update should be available tomorrow most probably.

Cheers, Adrian.

Would you be able to check the backend of the site to sort the woocommerce side out please.

As this is causing errors on checkout pages.

I checked you site and haven’t found any errors on the checkout page.

About the WooCommerce notice, as told, it won’t break any functionality, you can simply hide that notice until we release a new theme update, probably tomorrow.

For anything else, you know where to submit a support request: :)

Cheers, Adrian.

Great theme, this one is the best so far.

fyi Woocommerce 2.1.1 seems to be heading to 2.1.2 shortly as we had issues updating to it – as per other posts on 2.1.1 and this theme it is reporting a few pages out of date etc



We are aware about it and will release a new theme update soon. However, you shouldn’t worry about that WooCommerce notification as it won’t break any functionality. You can simply hide it until the new theme version is released.

Cheers, Adrian.


I have purchased your theme. Glad its a very good one.

Just one question for now.

While in your demo site assuming i am at the shop page with sidebar, i select one category like men’s wear it takes me to another page with all men’s wear clothing without the sidebar. How can i still have the sidebar, I wanna keep the sidebar all over my site, even when I select a specific product category the side bar should still remain.

Please advice.



Once enabled, it will be available on category pages too. We’re tricking it on the demo for demo purposes only, to be able to show both scenarios.

Glad to hear you like it, thank you for deciding to go with it for your site.

Cheers, Adrian.

I’ve just updated to the latest version of Woo Commerce, and downloaded the latest version of the Retailer, How do I now update the theme? There doesn’t seem to be any option how to do it in the WordPress Dashboard? Thanks


Here’s how to update the theme:

Cheers, Adrian.

When creating a portfolio is it possible to edit the image width or is it fixed on the individual page? I’ve tried resizing the images within wordpress and before uploading it but they always come out the same width.

Also our sliders are not transitioning the same way the demo does, how do we get the same transition?


About the portfolio item, yes, it does fill the width of that area to keep the images you upload the same size.

About the sliders, you can import the settings you see in the demo. Importable slider files are available in the theme package, in the Assets folder.

In case you have any other questions, feel free to submit a support request here:

Cheers, Adrian.

P.S. Thank you for such a great review :)

Thank you! Also is it possible to show more than 6 items in the portfolio per page?

No, there’s no built-in option to change that, you only select between the available layout. It would require some custom coding to get there with it.

Cheers, Adrian.


I was viewing at your theme and the comments, but I still have a question about the Catalog mode? I would like to combine catalog and shop, so for the “members” who are logged in, I like to add function to buy. While normal visitors of the site can’t see prices and/or order … Is that possible ?

Kind Regards


The built-in Catalog Mode is for all users. I believe there must be WooCommerce plugins or extensions out there to make it work like that.

Cheers, Adrian.

Would you consider adding a footer menu to this theme in the future? We’ve solved this temporally by adding a menu shortcode to the footer code, but we would like support for the footer menu to also appear in the responsive menu as well. Thanks!

Not sure yet. I’ve “+1” your request on the developers list. It wasn’t a highly requested feature so far.

Thank you for your feedback!

Cheers, Adrian.

Fair enough. Thanks!

Hi, just some presales questions for your great theme: 1) Do you support Greek language? 2) Do you support additional info for manufacturers / brands like html text, images, videos, rich content in general instead of just displaying their attached products? 3) Do you support default payment / shipping methods? 4) Do you support products like annual subscriptions and manage them via billing / invoicing?

thanks in advance


1) The theme comes with language files but you’d have to translate it yourself, it doesn’t come ready-made in Greek.

2) Not sure exactly where you’d like to get with the functionality, but you can checkout the demo pages to make a better idea. If there’s anything specific, feel free to ask.

3) You can install WooCommerce on a blank WordPress site (it’s free) to check the built-in payment options and shipping method. The theme can be purchased and installed at a later time, after you get comfortable with WooCommerce. The theme will only skit your shop settings there.

4) Subscription as products are not a built-in functionality of WooCommerce, but I think you can find a plugin/extension out there that does that.

Cheers, Adrian.

Hi ,

i see theme have but I don`t know how to use it . I see that

I just want to change : 1- header ( logo be on right not left as now ) 2- description be on left


sorry its fine now .. but my problem on Menu stile on right .. how to move it to left side ? thanks


Have you submitted a support request?

Cheers, Adrian.


a few issues , one is a major one

updated to latest theme version

1) logo is overlapping menu

2) colours changed after update, although I restored options


the third is obviously a major issue and effectively has rendered shop unusable

We always do our best to get back to everyone as soon as we can :)

Cheers, Adrian.

submitted ticket, not been given a ticket number

Just got back to your ticket, should have an email on it. We can continue the conversation over there.

Cheers, Adrian.

Hello there,

Lots of theme files have not updated along with woocommerce…lots of errors popping up. Whats the fix?


You should updated the theme to V 1.8.6. It was released yesterday to ensure compatibility with the latest version of WooCommerce. If you’ll still be experiencing issues with it, you should submit a support request here:

Cheers, Adrian.

how do I update it Adrian?

There’s a video tutorial in the documentation here:

Cheers, Adrian.

Hi, Hi,

I was wondering if it is possible to update my theme to the latest version but keep the header layout I currently have. I am currently on V1.6.

Any help/pointers/advice with this is much appreciated.



The header shouldn’t change if you haven’t made custom changes directly in the original theme files (such as custom coding). Since you’re updating from a post 1.6.5 version, you should backup the options in the Theme Options panel so you can import those back after you update. Here’s how to do it: and here’s how to update the theme:

In case you have any other questions or need any help further with it, please submit a support request here:

Cheers, Adrian.

Hi… I’ve been having a problem with the products page. The button “purchase” doesn’t work. No matter how many times you click it, no items are added to the shopping bag. The site is Does anybody know how to fix it? Thanks S.

Hello Adrien Thank you for the quick reply… I’ve tried to update the theme as you suggested (following the video instruction) Everything’s fine until i click “update automatically”... after that nothing happens. I’m stuck in a white page waiting for the “theme updated” message. But it takes too long. Where i went wrong?

Just got back to your ticket :)

Ok.. it did work, but now the retailer theme has gone. Should i install it again?

I wil like to know if i can change the color green for another colour like blue on the webs site in the links and also on the top cart

You mean the golden main color in the demo? We’re not using green, but anyhow, yes, you can do that. There’s an option in the ThemeOptions panel, you can pick your color and it will be updated across the site.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know about The Retailer, feel free to shoot. :)

Cheers, Adrian.

when updating to 1.8.6 do we update the theme first or the woocommerce plugin first?

woocommerce would be 2.1.2

Should be no problem, no matter what the order is, as long as you update both after all.

If you have any other questions or need help with anything else, you can submit a support request here:

Cheers, Adrian.

Mobile menu has disappeared after update on iPad and iPhone. Please help already submitted support ticket. thanks

Seems to be fixed now. Not sure what happened.

Cool. Glad to hear it’s fixed. :)

Cheers, Adrian.

Hi guys,

When I had more than one variations, the drop down of the second variations in empty. you can not choose or add anything after the first variations.

Thanks for any help given.


We need to check that. You should submit a support request here: and provide us with a link to your site and the admin username and password so we can check your settings there.

Cheers, Adrian.

Hey Adrian,

You well? So i’ve updated the theme to the latest version. After placing something in the basket, a lot of the icons have disappeared. Eg. The slider left & right arrows, the ‘X’ remove from cart icon has gone. The 404 icon has been removed from the page.

I’ve reinstalled the theme & still get the same error.

Kind Regards Ricky

Hello Ricky,

The sprites were overwritten by something you’ve uploaded in the ThemeOptions panel as a image sprite. I’ve removed it and everything got back to normal. Would appreciate if you could submit a support request next time:

Cheers, Adrian.

Perfect! Nice one!

Much appreciated.