Discussion on The Scientist - innovations and research news magazine WordPress theme

Discussion on The Scientist - innovations and research news magazine WordPress theme

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Hello, In blog post, 1. does it support large Infographics or chart for feature image? 2. Under that infographics or chart, can I add audio and text to describe them? 3. Can I move blog title to above feature image?

=> My website niche is a Data Journalism,so those features are important.

Hello, Dear Customer! For better assistance to our customers now our team provides support only via https://wprollers.ticksy.com/ Please submit a private ticket at https://wprollers.ticksy.com/ with the description of your request and we will assist you. Best Regards!

how to change the logo_big of fixed menu?

Hello, Dear Customer! Thanks for this nice question. You may change the big logo via WP Dashboard => Appearance => Customize => Site Settings => Logo, Site Title & Tagline: http://prntscr.com/t2muuu IF you wish to change small logo – just replace it in this directory : /wp-content/themes/scientist/img/sub_logo.png The recommended size is 236×53 px Best Regards!

After installing the template and activating the plugins, we could not import the demo contact.

“8. Then go “Tools” and click Demo Content Install>

Hello, Dear Customer. Please send us an email at support@wprollers.com with the link/login/password for your WP Dashboard and we will assist you. Also, do not forget to include in the email a description of your issue. Best Regards!

Hello, I have installed the scientist theme from the wordpress control panel but the demo data is not visible; I have uploaded the scientist-with-demo.zip. Can you tell me how to fix it please?

Thank you.

Hello, Dear Customer. In this case please install all plugins and Unyson extensions. Then click Tools => Demo Content Install. Also read documentation, especially topic about how to install demo: http://webdesign-finder.com/docs/scientist/documentation_manual/docs.html Best Regards!

hello, I already solved it, the problem was the php zip module on my server, thank you.

Thank you for informing us about positive results. Best Regards! :)

I’m trying to translate the theme into Portuguese. I did not find a solution to translate the word KEYWORDS into the search form in the upper right corner of the theme. Can you help me?

Hello, Dear Customer! For these purposes please use this nice plugin in order to find and change these words: https://wordpress.org/plugins/string-locator/ If this solution will not help you – let us know and we will assist you. Best Regards!

Hi Rollers:

I sent an email on 6/8 detailing my problems with demo content import. I provided wp credentials and my purchase code, but have not heard back from anyone. Can this please be looked into?

Thank you in advance.

Hello, Dear Customer! Thank you fro your request. We have installed theme and demo-content for you, please check your website: IF you have any additional questions – just contact us at support@wprollers.com Best Regards!

Hi Team, I am having some trouble on scroll in home page. The navigation menu overlaps the logo. Please suggest how to fix this. I have mailed the login details to you.

Hello, Dear Customer! We will proceed your request Monday. Best Regards!

Hello, Dear Customer! If you have already bought this item, you may get it from “downloads” tab of your themeforest account. Please read this article: https://envato.com/blog/install-themeforest-wordpress-theme/ Best Regards!

Hi, I have purchased your theme and its working fine, but i have a problem on home page, i have added the top news widget in position ‘widgets after header’ but i can’t see the section. Please help me resolving this issue ASAP.

Hi Team, any update?

Hello, Dear Customer. We have fixed you issue: http://nimb.ws/8MrEpm Please check your website. This issue was occurred due to the incorrect style in child theme CSS: http://nimb.ws/VNxCrM Best Regards!

thank you very much team.

The Scientist – science and research magazine WordPress theme. Very nice & interesting theme. Are you planing any update for the theme? The last one was over 13 months ago. And what about BuddyPress compatibility?

Hello, Dear Customer! Thank you for your good review about our theme. We have plans to perform minor improvements in future for this theme. Concerning BuddyPress – usually our customers hire 3-d party developer in order to implement this feature/plugin in theme. Best Regards!

Hello! Cool theme, very interested in purchasing. One question, though, which third party components does it use that require extra licensing ? Thanks!

Hello, Dear Friend! The Front Page built with the help of widgets: http://nimb.ws/xofzk2 Some other pages built with the help of Unyson Page Builder: http://nimb.ws/GcsAi6 Please download documentation about theme here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yiF3ZA-dyw0Pkm2CwpxuF6lw9zXOKKGS Unzip this archive, open Documentation_folder and click docs.html Also check this manual bout how to use Unyson Page Builder: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5NKlmlSvX2yYll1a0NOV2hpVms Best Regards!

Thanks a lot! I’ll now be able to evaluate properly this theme. Thanks!

We are glad to assist you. Best Regards!

Hello, I sent you an email with a picture of the menu button which is not opening when using mobile phones. Kindly help me to fix the issue.

Best Regards

Hello, Dear Customer. We are very interested to help you, but we can not replicate this bug on any mobile device (in Safari, Chrome, OperaMini etc.) As alternative we can advise you to use this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/mobile-menu/ or this https://wordpress.org/plugins/responsive-menu/ Such types of plugin can completely replace the default mobile menu for your website. We can investigate this issue in-depths only if you specify the device and a browser where this issue with mobile menu occurs. We are waiting for you response. With Best Regards!

hello, Menu button on mobile is not working. Please contact me to fix it: WhatsApp: +96170448157 Email: akouta@live.com

Hello, Dear Customer! We have sent you response via email. With Best Regards!

Hey WP Roller, is it going to be any updates to the theme soon? :)

Hello, Dear Customer! The minor improvements are possible in the nearest future. Please stay tuned with us and we will inform you about our updates. With Best Regards!

Hi there! I just purchased this theme, but when I activate it on my wordpress-site I get this error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘if’ (T_IF) in /home/louisvdv/public_html/wp-content/themes/scientist/inc/customizer.php on line 1

I tried deleting everything and starting with a clean Wordpress-install, but I still get this error after uploading and activating the Scientist theme.

How can I solve this?

Hello, Dear Customer! Thank you for your message! Please try to reupload your theme via FTP using Binary Mode: http://nimb.ws/rB5kib After that activate your theme – this step should be fix your issue. We also can resolve and fix your issue, just send us your link/login/password for WP Dashboard at support@wprollers.com. Best Regards!

That worked! Thank you for the quick reply! :)

Hi, I’ve just purchased your theme, but unfortunately my web hosting provider cannot meet the requirements in terms of file size. Can you refund my money please? I of course will delete the download.

Hello Dear Customer! Unfortunately we can not perform refunds regarding products, which have no functionality issues. Our theme has approximately 3 mb size, what the issue can occur with the theme on your hosting? Please send us at support@wprollers.com your cPanel and WP Dashboard login/link/password and we will try to perform theme and demo-content installation for you. Best Regards!

Please help me out with this, this is some really important work of mine.I need to get this done today any how!!

Hello, Dear Customer! Please clear you cache in browser, now there is no blank space between Breaking news widget and main menu, please view the screenshot below: http://nimb.ws/gE9mZQ We also working on your request about full-width image on your home page. You will receive information about it at your email after work will be finished. Best Regards!

Hello, I need the following changes help me

1. If you open any inner page the site logo is displayed which is smaller than the site banner that is displayed on the homepage of the site. Please do something that will make the logo appear on inner pages exactly like home page. 2. The Uber menu that has been used it theme as the 1st menu under the breaking news section needs to be aligned center. 3. The site banner is not responsive can you please make it responsive because if i am checking in mobile site banner not shown properly get some pixel

Hello, Dear Customer! We will take a look at your requests and do all possible. Best Regards!

Hello there,

We have purchased your theme and it looks awesome. GL with the sales. You can see our website running here:


My question is how can we place the ‘BREAKING NEWS’ bar in the internal pages? (at the moment the breaking news appears only on home).

Is it something your theme supports out of the box? if not can you please tell me what files/lines i have to modify in order to display breaking news not only in home?

Some instruction please.

Best Regards, Yiannis

Hello, Dear Sir. Go to the dircetory wp-content\themes\scientist\ and make the backup of two files functions.php and header.php After that please download this archive https://mega.nz/#!H89jwKwR!C5Iey3t2MzQOwG2F4BfMSJ0sL8amYY9GBaO89ZrPhwk Unpack it and you will see 2 files: functions.php and header.php Copy our new files to wp-content\themes\scientist\ Than all your pages will get an appearance as you want. Besides additional widgets will be available in Customizer for all you pages. This solution will help you. If you have additional questions – please ask us. Best Regards!


when i upload theme it show me error message

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

please resolve my problem now

Hello, Dear Customer. Thank you for providing us with the details about the issue. This error occurs, because ZIP EXTENSION is not active on your hosting. Please contact your hosting provider and ask them to activate ZIP EXTENSION for you, because it is necessary for demo-content installation. After this extension will be activated – go Tools => and run Demo Content Install. If you have questions or need further assassinate – please contact us. Best Regards!


I am not able to getting my old posts back up to my site to get the content live. My Problem is not yet solved and i am getting any solution to my problem, I’m just not able to get my site live with the demo visual settings and my original content on the site, only you can help me out with this. Please let me know if anything can be done.

Hello, Dear Customer! We are resolving your issue now. We will contact you as soon as possible. Please wait for our reply via email. Best Regards!

Any possibility in future updates for the Banner Posts widget to be able to display a category instead of individual post IDs with a selectable limit on how many to be displayed (3 is still ideal if not)?

Additionally, may be a bug, Recent Posts widget, when selecting the 3rd option to the right (the large vertical rectangle and 5 smaller in a row descending), and number of posts to show, anything more than 1 appears it loops the whole widget in that quantity instead of changing number of posts to display. Is there also any way to set it so that the first story appears the full length in height similar to the way it looks in the layout thumbnail?

Hello, Dear Sir! Thank you for your messages. Regarding your first question – maybe in future updates we will include the feature which you requested. Regarding the second bug – we can’t reproduce this issue, would you please send us several screenshots at support@wprollers.com on which we can view this issue?


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