Discussion on The Spice Lounge - Restaurant / Cafe HTML5 Template

Discussion on The Spice Lounge - Restaurant / Cafe HTML5 Template

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style sheet is missing

thid is html5 template not WP

Hi, can this template work in RTL?

Several tries to have an answer by e-mail and still the same:

« A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

suresh@edigitaldreams.com retry timeout exceeded »

Where is the support?


I ordered your template Spice Lounge and I have a request. The background is this way:

.fullBg { position: absolute; top: 0; overflow: hidden; min-height:100%; min-width:100%; z-index:-1; }

Is there any way to have the Background, full, but centered in the page? The image is cut from the left on mobile version. Thanks

Ok, none support by e-mail or from here. Nice!

Using the Cycle Slider on the Home Page, I cannot achieve anything but an abrupt transition between slides—I want a smooth fade transition. Can you please assist?

Is there an updated version coming soon (September 2019)? Thanks!

I want to Purchase this theme.,...But i think it is not mobile friendly… In Mobile device the menu is not displaying…. Can you give me the solution in that ?

it is mobile friendly…. can you … send me a mail i will check it.

Menu From mobile is not opening….Have you checked in your theme…

please check the js error.

Nice template but… where can i place the videos? and i like it when tou can click on the (background)pictures in the index slider with a link to a video for example. can you help me with that info?


When transitioning from page to page I get the loader instead of the scroll action. How do I enable the scroll action?

BTW, I forgot. If you say “Working (any) Form”, just follow the minimum industry standards (cost you 5 minutes of extra work).

Your form is a joke; In the name field I input my phone number and in the phone field I write any crap into. But the worst of all you can’t even declare an email input field as a email input field, just use type=”email” instead of type=”text”. To put the lid on, your email validation is the biggest joke of all your poor form structure.

Gosh, I wouldn’t wanna see your PHP send code. Any 2 year old may be able to hack this. Spammers and Phishers and all other sorts of online crooks will love your code.

Seriously, to ask money for this is almost a crime.


To everyone!

Do your homework. Check out the functionality of any theme and gosh, use your mobile phone to check. This thing is full of dysfunctional code. If I were a customer visiting a site full of bugs like this one, I’d run. Imagine the food – just as bad :)

1.for form PHP please use another version… phpmailer..

we will try to fix whatever you said… thanks for your feedback.

I read about your problems with the images in mobile version. Went ahead and checked your demo on my mobile. While I appreciate that you try to go fancy by offering 5 different gallery options, wouldn’t it be much better to offer just One and have that Working properly?

That is One reason why I won’t buy your theme. Second reason, try to list (after you fixed your theme issues) somewhere else because this Australian highway robbery platform I won’t buy through.

If your theme costs 17 buck, why should I need to pay more, simply because these OZ con-artists won’t allow me to just add 17 bucks to my account. I’d rather pay with my card the amount that is needed. I’m not the salvo to support the typical Aussie Con Business Practices.

hi i have send you mail thanks

my friend you have a google map custom.js where and what i have to change?

send me your ftp details by mail we will fix it :)

i fixed my friend the only thing was a https on the the http script

just another version for personals

Will you let this beautiful theme die?

no we are working on the updates… we will update in 2018… and theme also coming… in 2018

1) When will be the big update? If I buy now, i must do redo the changes on the new version. 2) Do you have PSD files?

3) Support on new browser: Edge?

NO Psd.. this is animated… one.

When will you release the update?

Still no update? When you will release the update?

do you have a plan for new release ? new desings or more responsive or improve any page/script etc.

yes we have a big plan to release updates soon…

still waiting… you wrote 2 months ago..

I just bought this theme, trying to activate iit via Wp panel and ftp client, but I can’t, it says that style.css is missing. ?!

This is html5 template…. Not WP….

Hi, I am Neeraj Verma, The Images are not Mobile responsive.

Please help me with it, as on mobile the images are getting out of the screen

mail me your Url we will check and tell you ….

www.maxbiryani.com, check the images, they are not responsive

Its very wrong for mobile users as images are not coming correct, 80% of the website users will be from mobile in INDIA

Hi; is it possible to mix diffrent styles. Like, white version with background video and menu bar from vagas slider? Thanks.

yes you can ….

mail us your requirement we will do it free….

I have problems with YTPlayer in multi page video (index-video.htm): {error 3 is not supported.”,errors 3 is not supported.”}]}} How can you fix it?

We fixed your video issue… please check and tell us… here … kindly rate us.

Do I have to download the files again?

please check your live videos (your live site)


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