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Cool template, GLWS

Thanks! MatArt : )

He ahmeng,

Good looking template. Although it contains @media queries, it seems it doesn’t really work correctly on mobile devices looking at your live preview. The horizontal bar appears.

Perhaps you would like to decrease the total width of the template ( 320px recommend ).

Regards and good luck. :)


Hi, which mobile device you use to see the preview page ?

Thanks for ur comment : )

Hi, This is lightbox problem, it will be change soon. You can directly view it through your mobile device. Thanks.


Imported it in Mailchimp but the content areas can only be changed by editing the html. How do I make it fully workable?

Hi, it will be available in next update : ) Thanks.

Hi We really like this template – very clean & modern! Would like to purchase but, like yoshituk, we use Mailchimp and don’t want to be changing content in html. You mentioned that it will be available in the next update. Can you tell us when that update will be available, please? Many thanks in advance..

Thank you for your reply.. We plan to launch our new products on the 28th of March so hopefully it’ll be done by then. Many thanks in advance!

Hi, New file has been submitted for waiting update approve. but no sure when they will approve it.

Hope they can approve quickly : )

Thanks for the updates! Either way, we’ll be purchasing this evening.

Congrats, Ahmeng for this good looking email template..


Thanks candeed : )

Strong colour use in these templates. Congrats ahmeng.

Thanks MailStox : )

First off love the template, however, I ran into one problem when I uploaded it into mail chimp. Its not the biggest deal, but it would be great if each area could be removed as needed. Not all of the boxes can be removed if I’m not using them. The reason is sometimes I have 4 articles, sometimes 6, so being able to quickly add/subtract the area would be handy.

Thank you, Anthony

hmm.. i will learn how to add tis function to the theme : ) I really appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

Actually I can help. I make MC templates, but was feeling lazy. In their documentation it explains it here:

“Repeating Content Areas


The mc:repeatable attribute defines a content block that can be repeatedly added to the template. When using mc:repeatable, make sure to use proper nesting of items. An mc:repeatable section should never be contained within an mc:edit section. Instead, nest your mc:edit sections within your mc:repeatable blocks. Never nest mc:repeatable blocks within other mc:repeatable blocks, mc:edit areas within other mc:edit areas, or mc:edit images within mc:edit areas.”

Let me know if I can help? Always happy to contribute.

Thank you, Anthony

Wow!! Thanks your code and guide me how to do it! i will try soon and add to the theme.

Thanks bigdreams! ~

hello i purchased this template and are having problems with the view in different email browser. Can you help

Hi, you can contact me through email, i glad to help you : ) Sorry for late reply.

Hi! Can you let me know how you’ve tested this email (on actual devices vs Litmus etc), and exactly what email clients it’s working in? At the moment, it doesn’t tell me what version of the email client, or if it’s desktop or mobile that has been tested.

Do you have previews without the lightbox available so I can see how this is resizing with the different widths?


Hi, I already listed compatibility client in item info page. All tested through mobile device.

Under preview page, you can right click lightbox content : right click > View frame source via google chrome to get direct link. right click > This frame > open frame in new tab via firefox

Sorry, but these templates don’t work for mobile devices. e.g. iphone. The design is broken without changing any code. Responsive design means getting a full screen view on mobile devices. Why include the big colored background area even in mobile view? Will this be changed by any chance?

hi, sorry to hear that. Which ios version you use in your iphone ? i will try it later. thanks.

Does this template work with constant contact?


i never use constant contact before. i will try after purchase.

Thank you for your question : )

Hello Ahmeng – I have a client that is interested in this template but is requesting a sample of the HTML to play with before buying. They know they cannot use this to deploy messages but wanted to try it to see if they can modify to work for them and try loading in Delivra. Is this possible? Thank you- Nicole

Sorry , i only do html for themeforest live preview only.

Hi, Just a quick pre-sales question. I loke the template, but because of the last update being a while ago, I wonder if it is fully responsice on all current devices or not. Please advice. Regards, Remco

Yes, Responsive support for mobile device.

Good afternoon

I can sell? I can put the constructor code in my domain and my clients create the templates?

Best regards

Hi, you are not allowed to sell my template to third party user