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Good luck with sales!

Thank you drupalet!

Nice work. GLWS :D

Thanks mate! :)

Nice Theme!!! GLWS!

Thanks chicken :-)

Very nice theme! :D

GLWS! ;)

Thank you Jakub!

I have a pre-sales question here.. What about the explainer video ? do we get to use that ? and customize that ?

Hi chins,

Thank you for your question. The explainer video is not included in the download files – it is available as a standalone purchase on VideoHive – here’s the link.

The video can be entirely customised to your needs, but you will need Adobe After Effects to modify the template.

You could also maybe ask the author of the video for a personalised customisation if you don’t own the software.

I just had the confirmation from SmallScreen (author of the video template) that he is available for video customisations with the Info People explainer video.

Just shoot him a message via his profile’s contact form!

Hello Simonswiss, thanks a lot for your response ! Will look forward to it :)

Hi, Simon!!Awesome theme!!!

Are you planning to add blog section, subscribe form, social media?

would be great!!!

Hi Lila!

I have added a blog teaser section to the template. :-)

The update is currently in the review process, but you can already see the blog section demo in the item preview!

Version 1.2 should be available for download very soon once the update is approved.

Here we go, v1.2 now available with blog teaser section. If you want to download a version without re-downloading the whole character kit, shoot me an e-mail via my contact from and i will send you the website files!

Please consider giving a good rating to my item if you appreciate the support :)

Yes, if anyone is interested in the InfoPeople Explainer video, or if you need original still characters for your site, SmallScreen is available! Contact us through the link below and we can put together a quick estimate:

Nice work good luck with sales!

Thanks DJ Simon :)

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I’d love it if you could make a multi page rather than flat version of this template. Preferably in lighter colours. It’s absolutely perfect for my project. I’d appreciate a reply.


The colours can be changed with no restriction – if you are familiar with LESS you can change the colour variables in one place and they will change everywhere in the CSS so your colour palette is as you wish:


Regarding the multi-page – you can easily create new pages by copying the header and footer section into a new html page and then creating the content you need inside it.

Hello, any idea why I don’t see arrows in portfolio expanded section?

Screenshot (I don’t have it on public server yet):

I am a bit concerned about your 1-star rating mentioning there are “too many lines of code”. This template uses the Flat UI Pro framework and all the components are available to use if you need them, as this is a template, not a finite layout.

You can easily disable all of the components you don’t need via the LESS module files, so the final CSS file is much smaller if you do not intend to use some features.

The stylesheets are combined together for performance reasons – if each sheet was called separately, you would have more http requests and your page load would slow down. That’s why it may look like you have a long ‘main.css’ stylesheet. It combines the styles for the plugins (colio, mangific popup), the template styles and framework variables.

I am happy to provide help with your customisation, but honestly giving a 1-star rating out of frustration because you could not find where to edits is not the way to go. This is a new template and your rating has devastating effects on a lot of hard work i have put in this. I’d appreciate if you get in touch with me so i can point you in the right direction, and if you need, remove all the components you don’t want to use for you.


Hello Simon, thanks for reply. Please trust me that this is not because of anger or frustration. I’ve waited several days to try out all the functions. For example right now I’m tweaking something as simple as <.h2> (without .), and in css it’s in 1000something line of code of flat-ui css and also somewhere else in main.css. I don’t want to go through 6000 lines of flatui.css, 1765 lines of main.css. I’m used to different standard. In comparison to other templates, this is just not acceptable, sorry. I really don’t want to ruin your day so I have just now removed the 1star, but I still stand for my argument about the quality of the css in comparison to other templates that I bought.


Thank you for getting back to me. Thank you also for revisiting your rating.

I don’t think it’s really a question of standards, i will try to explain whiy in the best possible way.

Why so many lines of code?

In the description of this item, it clearly says that this template is built on top of the Flat UI Pro framework for Bootstrap. Flat UI Pro offers a huge amount of elements styling, and yes these come in the form of a lot of lines of CSS.

You should never edit any of the framework code, nor the bootstrap code. Leave it alone and work with the main.css or your custom stylesheet – it will make the process of upgrading much easier down the road.

The fact that this template is built on a framework means that yes, you will have more code, but it also means you will be able to achieve much more with it if you decide to use any of the styles / features you can see on the Flat UI demo page linked above.

Any of the Flat UI modules can be disabled by removing them from the import in the flat-ui.less file.

Regarding main.css, half the styles are for the Colio plugin and other plugins.

Why are all styles in the same stylesheet?

I could hide all this code from you and load it in another link in the head section – which is probably what happens with your other templates.

I am pretty sure if you look in the head section of these templates, you will see a link for the revolution slider css, one for the responsive.css, one for the reset.css etc. You can simply not code a premium template with advanced functionality without having a lot of css adding up.

The actual CSS written for the template styles is 800 lines of CSS and starts, in main.css, at line 1014 where it says UX Styles.

The reason the code is stacked together in this main.css file is to minimise the number of http requests when the page is loading.

Yes, it might make the main css file less readable at first sight, but it improves performance and it is very easy to modify the code with LESS as each elements are styled in their own stylesheet.

Here’s what my main.css sheet actually looks like in LESS:


It first import the framework and plugins styles, then imports styles for typography, navigation, sections, and media queries in the end.

I suggest you take some time to learn about LESS or Sass, so you can make the most out of the template and css in general. Here’s a good link to get started:

How do i edit my h2 tag?

If you need to change the way a h2 looks, you can simply declare a new css line at the very end of the main.css file (where it says “enter your css tweaks here below”). Anything you write here will override any other styling, since it comes after in the css cascade.

I am here to help.

Again, i am happy to provide a stripped down version if you really don’t want to use anything else than what you see on the template demo. Feel free to ask for support – the best way is to sign up on my support forum and post a thread there.

Thanks again, i hope i brought some clarity as per why there is so much css lines in this template.



If you like it, please rate it :-)

Dear buyers,

If you enjoyed my work, please take a minute to rate it in the download section of your account. I have just been hit with a 1-star rating that could have easily been avoided if the buyer had contacted me for help.

As this is a new item, a single 1-star rating can have a devastating impact on my weeks of hard work, as there are no other ratings to leverage this poor evaluation of my product.

I am sure most of you know that i provide good, quick and friendly support on my items. If you have any issues or need some advice with one of my templates, please get in touch with me and i will give you some guidance.

I am always happy to help. Please help me back with a good rating if you appreciate what i do. :-)

Update: I am happy and relieved that the buyer who gave a 1-star rating revisited his evaluation.

Please, if you need any help with one of my items, don’t hesitate to reach out. I will help you in the best possible way.

I’ve noticed some issues when viewing this site on a mobile device. Two things stand out: 1) there is an erratic flicker and the background image drops in and out, and 2) the navigation to the lower parts of the site are irregularly divided. Meaning, I’m only given the option to scroll down to the start of the next section and have to click the arrow/carrot to move to the next section. When I do this on the iPhone (4S), it chops off part of the section. Ultimately, this makes the navigation very confusing and I imagine the interaction with the website is frustrating. Any suggestions or resources you can point me to?

Finally, I’m curious about how to modify the Team section so that the 1/3 divs actually centre up. I don’t see how it’s set up in the code.


1) On mobile devices the viewport scroll is calculated when scrolling stops, which is why the image jumps to its new position when you stop scrolling. I will see what i can do to improve this.

2) Not sure i understand what you mean by “irregularly divided” – the mobile nav seems to work just fine for me – could you share some more details / screenshots on the support forum please?

By default, i removed the “fixed” position on the navigation so there is more space on the screen. You can re-enable it by remove the media query CSS if you want the navbar available on top at all times.

3) Again, i am not sure i understand what you need with the “team” section, as the 3 columns are center-aligned by default.

Happy to help more if you provide more detailed information!


Regarding 1), i have added some JS that detects if the page is being viewed on a mobile device, and if yes, then the parallax is not initialised (the background image is just fixed).

This is a better solution and background image parallax on mobile affects the performance quite a bit.

I will add an update to the upload queue, but if you want it before it’s accepted on TF, shoot me an e-mail via my contact form and i will send you the new files :-)

Hello I will like to know if you have a wordpress version, and if the character in a AI format or eps.



Thanks for the purchase!

There is no WP version planned at this point, but it could be happening in the future depending on how well the HTML version goes.

The character builder kit is in layered (hi-res) psd, no eps or ai files.


This looks pretty good. Is everything included in the demo included with template? In other words will I have an exact clone out of the box?

Thank you


You get everything out of the box, except the product images that are demo images only. You get all the character images and also the character builder kit, but you won’t have the images used in the portfolio section.

The download files include both demo layouts (presentation / agency).

Hope it helps!

Love this template, Unfortunately female characters are not included in the Man Kit, how would I get hold of these? Purchase the Man Kit directly?


Thanks for the kind words!

The plan is to add the female characters when they are released by the author of the Video Animation and the Man Kit. I know he’s been very busy lately, but the characters are in the making and will be added to this template when available.

Since you purchased the item already, you will be able to download them for free when i add them to the package files.

I’ll have a chat with the author to see how the female characters are baking :)


Hi! I bought this item and I would be glad if you could provide more information about how can I use it?


There is a documentation folder in the download files – which pretty much explains how to use the template.

How familiar are you with HTML / CSS? Do you know how to place the files on a server?

If you have specific questions, you can reach out to me via my contact form on my profile.


Hi i bought The Team template and have read your document that explains the portfolio is in the .colio folder.

Opening that folder I have

CSS Images JS Less

I dont see where I can add or change videos and such.

Purchase code 44af14a9-ebf9-49f2-a2bb-07dead57d2d5

Do you want all of the 8 times to show the same video slide? If yes, just change the `data-content` value for all 8 items to the same `#colio_cX` that represents the expand you want to show..

no i need all 8 videos to be different how do i do that?

Well, in that case you can create 8 different expands (you could copy / paste the #colio_c3 7 times and change the id to #colio_c1, colio_c2, colio_c3 etc..).

The whole key to make it working is to have the `data-target` in the thumbnail matching the div id in the expand.

If you need customisation to your template (which is outside the scope of “support”), I am available for hire through my contact form on profile page.


i want to buy this product, but i am not tech person, my question is how will i can make video out of this character?

and how many character are there?

and as i can see from your demo, all character are editable but after making a charater how come i be able to use this charater in video representation ?


Sorry about the delay in my reply – I was on a family holiday :)

These characters are actually available in a video pack – have a look at

I think that’s what you’re looking after!