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My Design doesn’t work on Internet Explorer anymore. Can anyone help? http://www.gamebolds.de

//Done, was my badness :)

Will there be future updates and can I change the backrgoind to white and have the front as a blog

Sorry for the late reply, it was not possible to access the Internet because of my moving to a new location.

Yes, you can. But you need to modify some theme files. If you find a bugs in the theme I’ll release a new update.

Updating to Wordpress 3.5 has had some adverse effects with the theme. Mainly that the theme is unable to upload any media to any of the posts. It will not allow me to upload any photos. I know it is a theme issue as when I switch to the twenty ten theme there is no issue. This has hit at a really bad time as I’m posting holiday articles and cannot add images. I appreciate any feedback as soon as you are able to provide some.

Hey there,

I’m trying to find a problem that you described earlier with no luck. Seems like a problem not in the theme. Can you send me an email with WP access and describe your problem more closely?

p.s. too much holidays was in the December.

Kotofey, thanks I just emailed you using the form on here. I’m unable to upload any images or access my media library so the quicker you can hop on this the better please. Thanks.

I wrote you where was a problem. As you can see it’s not in the theme ;)

Can I ask if you can make the home page just the blog, i.e. remove the slider at the top and also remove the summary posts?


Yes, it’s possible.

Hi there, i bought this theme a while ago. I have a problem, can u help me? my site is: http://www.sinemaz.com/ i want to delete or limit tag section from tab menu on the left sidebar. how can i do that?



Thanks for purchasing. I truly appreciate it.

widgets.php -> line 123, replace this
'number' => $tags_count
'number' => 10
where 10 is a number of tags to display

thank you for your quick answer. wish u luck for sales.

You’re welcome! Please, don’t forget to rate my theme if you like it.

Hey :)

i just bought your template.

the code is not SEO :/ the sidebar is loaded first, then comes the main content :(

are you planing to remove the using of timthumb.php? WP has this function without the script.

So, now my main question: Is it possible to show the latest entrys on the mainpage (Homepage) above the widget area? like every other blog. It would be nice to show f.e. the first 3 posts (wordpress setting), then the widget area (like in the category view).

best regards from munich!


Thanks for purchasing. I truly appreciate it.

I didn’t write that this theme is SEO ready. Regarding timthumb: Wordpress can’t resize images ‘on the fly’ by default. You can use ‘add_image_size’ function, but it’s a different things.. ;)

By default it’s not possible.