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Nice work! Good luck, friend ! ;)

Hey man, thanks a lot.

Nice work, mate :)

thanks man

Awesome , do you plan to make it into a WP theme ?

Hi, maybe but not soon.

Good job… you should enable the links in the demo view….

Thank you


Make it available in WP version :). I’ll be waiting for ;)

Hi, i didn’t decided yet, i will contact you if i make it.


I just bought your theme, but I have a problem to recreate a number select element (combobox), in another HTML page

Best Regards, Steven

I think, you’re talking about “Adults – Children – Senior”, right? They’re custom selectboxes.

I will update files later today. And i added a custom selectbox to bottom of the sidebar. You can use it. OK?

Hi Brum, thanks for your response, yes you are correct, I just need to know whether the custom selectboxes are javascript made. My next question is how to create a filter with datepicker, basically, I don’t know what file to edit, is it in jquery.datepick.min.js?

found it, sorry, it is in global.js

Great template. The support is fast and PRO. Brum, the author is very Friendly. Bravo. :)

Thank you Charles.

Dear Brum, In the left sidebar of vacation list, I thought there will be an accordion or expandable field for filtering, am I missing something? I clicked several times, but no response…

Hi, I think I am using another js that are not compatible with jquery, will soon update this

basically, I forgot to copy this $(’.filter’).each(function(){....

Yes, exactly.

Will this theme is going to be in wordpress version. If yes it will be awesome and I will be the first to buy it.

hey, i am not planning it now, but maybe in future

Pre-purchase questions? I think i Like your Tour Theme.

But I want to know before I purchade if It will work with ” WordPress Live Chat Plugin for Sales and Support ” Plugin and ” Flight Booking System Pro ” Plugin.


Hello, this is html template, not wordpress theme.


I just bought this theme and am getting it converted to Wordpress. My coder says the theme has an error and the file is incomplete.

Has there been any recent issues with it?


What error he is talking about? Can you give more info please? I did fixed some issues at ver.1.0.1. And didn’t realize any error.

And what are you mean that, “the file is incomplete”? Which file?


the template has car page rent?

hello, template dosen’t have any other different page design unless these list design: and detail design:

Looks great but only in Orange? Can we have it in different colors? Also can you please include the images in your demo instead of leaving them off?


Yes only in orange, but you can set the main color by changing just a color code in a seperate css file.

Also i updated the demo links with demo images…

hello support api key content from tour operators?


I didn’t understand you exactly. This is just a html template.


thank you for the great theme!

I have just a small issue with the responsive menu: if I minimize my browser window to a small size to see the dropdown main menu, I open the dropdown, close it again and resize the window to more than 760px, the main menu disappear. I know that is a very strange use case, but my client came up with that. Is there any way to solve this problem with css or do you have any suggestions to solve it? Thank you very much for your help!

Hello Chris,

Thank you for purchasing the template.

I fixed this issue. And will update the template soon. You can fix it too by overwriting this file in the folder assets/styles/

Best regards…

Thank you!

Pur-purchase Question : on the homepage is booking system / filtersystem working plz replay i plan to buy today rest is okay

certainly i don’t get mean of system module !! yes i am asking is it working search form !! how i connect internal page with this filter form

I wanna buy now plz update is hotel | flights | cars | cruise button working on homepage when we choose and search

Hey man, you can not search anything in html files, html files are static pages. So you have to do back-end development or integrate in any cms!

do you have admin pannel to update the hotels ?

this first author who has responded to back appreciated :) How can add hotel , flights , so on if i want purchase how can change the hotel booking details payment gateway

This is html template, so you have to open the page with text editor like notepad++ that you want to edit and duplicate the example code.

Files are just html so for payment, you have integrate it to any CMS or wordpress. I am developing the wordpress theme now, but it will finish couple months later, i guess.

thanks a lot.

Hi Brum, is there an option for a submenu in the main menu? If so can you please provide example html and css. Thx

Hi, there is not an option for submenus.

Hi, do you have any mega menu plugin to this

hi, no menu plugin.

if i add mega menu to this do u thing it will affect the design? and also is that possible to change the datepicker to theme related color. I am planing to buy this theme please help me to do this chage


i don’t think that will broke the template if you add mega menu,

For datepicker, you have to edit plugin’s style file.