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Is it hard to create categories with the gallery, like a page for movies and another for pics?

Not at all. Just change the Headings and the Links at the bottom(gallery section) to the names you want.

You can even add new sub-sections. Just make sure to go through the documentation first to have a clear overview of the theme.

Any chance to get the page centered in different resolutions? In 800×600 px I get a vertical scrollbar in IE8 .

Yes, you can! Its pretty simple actually. Just change the width of the #outerWrapper and p#copyright to 760px or less and it wont show the scrollbar.

This theme was primarily designed for resolution of 1024×768 and up, however, it does support lower resolutions too.

I’m having a problem with installing the theme. I receive a message in WP that states that the Stylesheet is missing. Never come across this issue before, any ideas?

This is a HTML /CSS Site Template. It’s not a WP theme. Not sure if it really needs a WP version. If I get enough requests for one, I can upload one later.

Is there any chance to change the Scroll effect to a fade effect in a easy way? I’ve done my best to do it myself, but I can’t get it working…

I received this request from a customer and I implemented a different version which uses the fade effect using jQuery ui. However, I’ve not implemented nested gallery sections(since, he didn’t require it). This version does not come with the download. If you shoot me a mail through my Den, I can send it to you.

Can you consider implementing the microformat hcard in the markup of the contact section?

I definitely thought of implementing microformats. However, I thought the buyer’s would get unnecessarily confused, so I didn’t. OTOH , if someone knows what a microformat is, he’ll be able to implement it anyway ;)

Is it possible to add multiple pages?

This is a single page theme. However, it IS possible to add multiple sections. For example, multiple gallery slides or a new menu/slide at the bottom :)

The copyright symbol. I want to change it to be something else. Where is that symbol in the index.html?

The symbol is an image – images/layout/copyright-symbol.gif

You can change the image there and if needed make changes to the CSS in this selector: p#copyright.

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