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Beautifully, clean and well executed, good luck Vamtam.

Thank you :)

Thank you!

nice work vamtam,good luck…

Thank you so much!

awesome…Good luck with sales

Thank you so much!

This looks fantastic!

Just hear to cheer you on and wish you well :)

Thank you mate!

Good job! Good luck, dude ! :)

Thank you mate!

Sweet theme! Congrats! ;)

Purchased the theme and I’m LOVING it!!! The page builder is GREAT!! Perfect theme!!! :-)

Why is the main css file in the cache folder? Why did you put it there???

Here’s a direct copy from your css file – you can see you linked EVERY SINGLE image wrong!! (http://the-wedding-day.vamtam.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/header_bg.svg I need a new css file! I need the images for this theme!

:) The images are copyrighted, we cannot include them in the package. We linked them to our website in order to replicate the demo and work easily with the theme. YOu can buy them from Photodune.net. I see you’ve opened a support ticket, I will explain in details how to edit your CSS.

Wow, this theme is so beautiful! I am not getting married :) but I may use it as a shop. Do you consider adding WooCommerce support in the near future?


Thank you for your kind words! This is a wedding theme and this functionality is not really suitable for a wedding theme :). You may want to have a look at our portfolio, you will find cute theme there.

We just uploaded an update that should be available for download soon.


The Wedding Day 2

Updated: October 22, 2013

How to update to The Wedding Day 2

New Features
change urls to local ones on skin import

fix a possible memory leak in the icon handling
fix far future dates in the countdown
various minor fixes and improvements


Changelog The Wedding Day 2

THE WEDDING DAY 2 It is available now!

This plugin is spot-on. Would love to have a PSD but it’s well put together, quick to understand and looks great! Support is excellent too!

Thank you so much!

Nice theme! I have a question before to purchase it. Is it possible to remove the bird and the flower bouquet in the photo slideshow (HOME)? Thanks

Hi there and thank you for your appreciation!

You can remove or replace them from the Admin Panel.

Regards: Nikolay

We just uploaded an update that should be available for download soon.

The Wedding Day 3

Updated: October 26, 2013

How to update to The Wedding Day 3

New Features
WordPress 3.7 compatibility

countdown – day format fixes
various minor fixes and improvements


Changelog The Wedding Day 3

THE WEDDING DAY 3 is available now!

Amazing theme and super support!!

Thank you so much!

Hi, i want to import my webfonts lines in a css file, but there is only the cache.css, in which css file can i put my code where it will overwrite the demo fonts?


The link is not working of the wedding day child theme

Sorry, the link was indeed broken. Please try again.

Really beautiful theme, hands down the best looking one out there. I’d like to purchase it but finding the RSVP function lacks some options (eg: Guest Names). Are there additional options available that might not be showing in the demo?

Hi, our RSVP form is actually a fully function contact form based on Contact Form 7. You can add any fields you need, including Guest Names.


Hi, how can i set that blog items always round? on normal page size they are not round, and if i rezize the browser winder smaller, they get round, also on ipad ect.. they are round..

So how can i set that blog items always round on any browser ect.. if that is not working how can i set it always non round, on any device and browser size, it lookd bad they somethimes round and if u look with another device they non round items..


Hi, we’ve determined that if the width of an individual item is below 350px there simply isn’t enough space for the text below the image. It is possible to override this, though. Please open a ticket at http://support.vamtam.com and we’ll show you how.


I have open an ticket.. Thx

Can you let me know when a user upload a photo do the template automatic crop the image to make it round? Or do I have to make the image round before I upload it…


Thank you for choosing our theme!

I am not aware of any script that does that on upload.

In the blog the images are made round with CSS. In the slider and the rest of the site if you want round images you have to use Photoshop.

Nikolay Totev

By the way the themes works with normal images, so you don’t have to make them round If you don’t want to.

Ok Thank you

Can you please tell me how to remove the VamTam menu from the admin bar. I have other users that will be using the site and want to give them access but not to the VamTam menu.

Thank you in advance.

Thank you for choosing The Wedding Day!

You’ve got many plugins that do that. Here is one: http://wordpress.org/plugins/ag-custom-admin/

Best Regards: Nikolay Totev

I can’t seem to upload images and be able to use them? It simply does not register the image?

Hi there, Thank you for choosing The Wedding Day! Please update your WordPress to version 3.7.

If the issue persist after the update please open a ticket at our Help Desk providing ftp and admin panel credentials.

Regards: Nikolay Totev