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i finnally found the way to change texts, now im trying to add a contact form, with is very easy in wp.com but i dont findd the way with this theme installed


The theme doesn’t come with a built-in contact form, because there’s a lot of contact form plugin out there.

I would recommend using one of these: - Gravity Form - Contact Form 7 - cForms II

gracias! thank u very much :)


my webpage menu is not being showed properly in mobiles.

f.e.- instead of showing the menu ITEM 1 ITEM2 ITEM 3, like in a normal deskop computer,

its shows


in vertical. each item has 100% width. do u know why is that? i have a google nexus 4.


I have resolve this issue with jrodes via email, it’s not a theme issue but it’s because of ThemeForest preview frame that caused the responsive layout not working on mobile devices.

Does this theme come with a demo.xml file?


I’m sorry but we can’t give the xml file yet because it is linked to copyrighted images that can only be used in the demo site

Hello! Trying to understand how to put several Events in one page like on demo version? Thanks in advance

done it by myself =)

How to change name of “Home” button ? thanks

Hi, You can do it by creating a custom menu item, put your site url in the Url field.

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I’d like to add 2 separate RSVP forms for each event to be fed into a separate post on /wp-admin section. Plus, when a guests RSVP’s have it send an email confirmation.

Any suggestions?


You can try it using Gravity Forms or Contact Form 7 plugin.

I can’t get the theme to work on the last update of WordPress (ver 3.6.1). Is there any updates or tricks I can do to get it work?


Which part of the theme that wasn’t working for you? It’s working just fine when we test it on WordPress 3.6.1

Same applies to me: Using current WP version 3.6.1 the theme doesn’t work properly. No matter if I create pages or post the menu bar remains empty. Not even the HOME link is displayed although “Display Home Menu” is ON in Wedding’s General Menu.


You need to create a menu first from wp-admin -> Appearance -> Menu. Then assign the menu to “Main Menu” menu location.

Sorry, didn’t know a menu has to be created at first and then applied to main menu. Solved!

Haha, replied at the same time :) Thank you!

Hi Guys, In response to your request I would like to adjust the footer text to: 1. Change the test bottom right to include my company so I can promote the site along with a photographer colleague and: 2. Move the “Bride and Groom – welcome to out site” text to the centre and make it larger…but I cannot quite work it out. Can you assist please.

Gordon J


If you want to center the left part, will the right part stays on the right?

My wife, who was assisting me with the site had made a minor change to the site by changing the words “Yogi and Imel Wedding Site” to “Welcome to our wedding site”. I am sorry that this change caused you such confusion. I take your point about the left and right and will leave things as they are.

No worries, all good :)

I like this theme and it is easy to work with for a beginner. However I didnt like the color options. I was able to change the background to white but do you know how to change the menu to a different color?


You’ll need to modify the PSD file and reslice the menu part. So, you’ll need to have some knowledge of Photoshop, HTML and CSS to do it.

Hi there. This is probably really simple. I am not a coder, but I am pretty resourceful. I have installed and setup the template and have customized it a great deal. So far so good…except…I don’t like the color of the font. The color for the page title and for the names of the bride and groom is #70603b. I was able to ascertain that is the color by Inspecting the element in Google Chrome. I was even able to change the color by editing it in the Google Chrome inspector. However, I cannot find where I can change the color of the font ANYWHERE in the wordpress admin utility. I have looked in all of the php files that are accessible under appearance. I have enabled Font and Color settings in the “The Wedding” appearance applet and I changed the “Main Text Color” to my desired color, but it does not change the color of the title and of the bride and groom. Where can I change this color? As I said, I a not a coder, so I am a bit lost on adding custom CSS, although I can find most things in the original CSS and change it there (and I know that is not ideal, but it’s the best I can do).

Hi Michael,

So sorry for the late reply. You can make advanced adjustment to the CSS by using the /the-wedding/custom.css file or simply paste the CSS codes under The Wedding Theme Options -> General tab, there should be a field in there called ‘Custom CSS Codes’.

Question: Does this theme support 3.8.1? looking to upgrade.

Any help will be appreciated.


Hi introlux,

Yep, the theme support WordPress 3.8.1. Infact the demo site http://demo.themewarrior.com/the-wedding/ is currently running 3.8.1

Hello I purchased your nice looking wedding theme couple months back and almost done with doing the work for my client. See here: http://www.bunmiwedsfemi.com

All looks good, except one very annoying thing. I cannot remove the breadcrumbs!! I tried different plugins, I’ve visited forums, asked questions, entered different codes into the theme editors…yet I still cannot remove the breadcrumbs..WHY???

Can you please help? The couples love their site but do not want to see the typical “December 27, 2013. Written by admin” on almost all the pages.

I am at a dilemma right now and need to figure out how to remove this from showing on the pages, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Hi, thank you for purchasing the theme.

It is not called “breadcrumb”, what you were referring to is post meta information. You can remove it by opening these files: - page-archives.php - page-blog.php - page-event.php - page-full-width.php - page-rsvp.php - page.php - single-gallery.php - single.php - taxonomy-gallery_type.php

then find and remove any reference to:

<?php warrior_post_info(); ?>

Thanks a million!!!!!! YESS That did the trick :)

Glad the solution worked out for you.

Hi there. I’m having some trouble. My posts aren’t publishing to my “Blog” page, which I’ve assigned as my “Posts Page” under “Reader” settings. When I visit my “Blog” page, I see a deconstructed version of the homepage template. When I edit the page, “Blog” is the selected template, so I’m not sure why that’s happening. Have I missed a step somewhere along the line? Any help you could offer is greatly appreciated. You can find my site at: http://thegrovesl.com

Can you send me your admin login details through the contact form on http://themeforest.net/user/ThemeWarriors? I’ll try to have a quick look at the issue.

I’ve fixed the issue.

The issue was because in the Reading Settings you set “Blog” as the post page. There’s no need to set any page as post page.


Hi there!

We put up a wedding website, and we have got a response that the site does not work in Internet Explorer and Chrome. Any thoughts on why this is so?

The url is www.viggen.no

Best regards


Not all browser version support responsive layout. Here’s a list of browser versions that support responsive layout http://caniuse.com/css-mediaqueries

Thank you for your response.

I opened the demo site (http://demo.themewarrior.com/the-wedding), and that works just fine in chrome/firefox/safari – but using the same computer, same browser as the demo works in – our webpage isn’t loading any of the tabs. As you can see on our site (http://www.viggen.no), only the main page is working. For the other pages/tabs, the main layout loads, but the content itself just lists as “Page not found”. Any other ideas on how we could get this sorted?

Thanks in advance!


Did you create a page for every “tab” in the main menu?

Hi there, I am trying to add more pages to the menu. It used to work ( create a page and then add it to the menu) but somehow I cant get the pages under the menu anymore. I have asked friends with website design knowledge but they said there seems to be a bug. Can you help me out ASAP? I have to inform my wedding guests!


You need to login to your server using FTP to locate the path.

I have tried but I cant seem to find the right path in the FTP server. Can you take a look? I can email my user info. For now I cant add any pages to the website and would really like to update the website because the wedding is approaching.


You can send the FTP login details from the contact form on http://themeforest.net/user/ThemeWarriors


When adding a blog post, I’m putting the image that is to go on the BLOG page as the FEATURED image. It does not show. I inserted it in the post itself, and it does not show. What gives??


I notice it’s displayig correctly now on http://canaballroom.com/blog/

It WAS working correctly. I can’t make any new posts with the correct image previewing on the blog page. Suggestions??


I’m a bit lost here, did you mean you can’t access the blog post detail page? Because I notice your site returned 404 page not found when clicking one of the blog post.


Im trying to remove your advertisement off the bottom of the theme, where it says “powered by wordpress, designed by themewarrior” can you list the steps on how to remove please.


Nevermind, i found it. thanks!

When activating the theme, the media library goes blank. Is this a known issue?

If i enable any other theme, media library reappears. Any advice?

This theme has not worked since I downloaded it. I am being told by my hosting company that is not in compliance with the latest versions of Wordpress which is why I cannot use my media library etc. I am using hostgator.com which is a reputable hosting provider of decent size. I have spoken to two different engineers who have told me the theme is not up to date or is causing errors in the theme configuration section. You can see my current version of Wordpress is http://reubenandamanda.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/WordpressVersion.png . You can see I am unable to add images from my computer / library here : http://reubenandamanda.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/CannotUseMediaLibrary.png , http://reubenandamanda.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/MoreCannotLoadImages.png . You can see here the theme is not accepting new images and will not fill in the textboxes with the appropriate images. This is merely one of the numerous issues with this download. If the author would like to refund me my money it would be greatly appreciated or if he / she wishes to correct these issues that is also acceptable.


Thanks for your interest in our theme.

You’re right, the image url will not fill the text box, but the image uploader works fine on WordPress 4.5 (latest version). The uploader tested by me.

You can copy the image url, then paste into text field.

Here is a video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4cu5ZHhnteGMUZ6U25RZGN4RlU/view

We’ll fix an error on url image issue as soon as possible.


Now I’m completely confused. I followed your video and was able to kind of make it work however now it seems my money has been refunded? I don’t even understand what is going on. Are you wanting me to keep the theme? Why do I show a balance on my ‘account’ at Envato? If they were going to issue me a refund why would the load a balance on my account? This has been the least pleasurable purchase I have probably done in 2016. If Envato has issued a refund will it shut down my website? What is going on here?


Did you issue a refund to Envato in the first place?