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Hi, is there any chance to use a company logo instead of the circle picture? If it’s so, how can I do it?

Hey, You can just upload your logo instead of the photo. Are you trying to avoid your logo being cropped?


Hi, thanks for the reply. Yes, I want the to upload the logo without being cropped to a circle. Instead of the circle it should only the logo displayed.

Hi. In the documentation it reads that one can place a custom icon vs. using Font Awesome. Is there a relatively easy way to do this? Thank in advance.


Yes it’s very easy! Just navigate to Appearance > Menus and under each menu item, you will see a link “Upload menu item image”.


Thank you very much (guess I should have noticed that before). Very nice theme, by the way.

The resume section seems a bit buggy. Has anyone noticed. Have used various browsers.


So I just followed your steps and everything worked accordingly. I think there was some misunderstanding. Sections allows multiple scale or experiences. If you want to have the scale in a different section, I suggest creating another section and adding a scale into that section.

The whole Resume is nested.

- Section 1

—Scale 1

—Scale 2

—Experience 1

—Experience 2

- Section 2

—Scale 1

—Scale 2

—Scale 3

I hope this makes sense. Best,

Understood. So what happen is that I do create another section, add a scale, and when I hit save, after the refresh I find that the scale has moved up into a different section and replaced an experience. Make sense? However, if you’re not having issues with it, I’m not sure if it may be a compatibility issue on my end. I am using a mac and chrome.


I will continue looking into this. Meanwhile, I will release an update for the drag bug soon.

Thank you for taking time and helping out :)


Hey there, it’s me again.

I just bought your theme and really enjoy customizing it. I got 2 questions/mentions about a little modification though.

1. The avatar image that is displayed in the circle needs to be 200×200, else I noticed that it isn’t displayed centered – the problem is, at 200×200 it looks reaaaally shitty on retina screens. Is there a way to upload a high resolution image and scale it correctly?

2. I’d like to remove the wordpress title/blog info below the navigation and show the navigation perfectly in the middle of the page. Still figuring out where this is set. I’m not really a pro with php/css or even Java and couldn’t find it yet. Maybe you can help. :)

Thanks in advance!

Cheers Alex


I think I’ve found a bug. I have a multisite WordPress installation and I use this theme in the root (i.e. and I have another site called Viewfinder (

The problem is that, when I add a link from the root to viewfinder, the css files from the viewfinder theme are loaded, messing the wp-compass theme.

I made some debug, and I think that the problem is in the following code:

$.get(compass_base_url + url, function (data) { var $page = $('<div />', { 'class': 'pages', 'id': url }).hide().html(data); $'title', $page.find('span.meta_title').data('title')); $page.find('span.meta_title').remove(); $('.page_window .content').append($page); loaded.push(url); linkFix($page); scriptEnque($page); callback(); });

Can you please fix this? I can give you access to my installation if needed.

Kind regards, Américo

Hey Américo,

Very good catch! We are working on the fix.

Thank you very much!

Thanks Sonny! In the meanwhile I overcome this bug using a shortlink instead of the direct url.

Hey there,

I have just bought the theme the other day and it is great – except I can not get any toggle plugins to work.. Works with any other theme but this one that I have installed. Any ideas?

Hello there,

Is there a way to improve the blog window height and width?

Hi Sonny,

First of all, let me tell you, this theme is pretty cool! It’s one of the most creative V-Cards I’ve seen so far.

I have a few questions as now that I’ve been using it for a bit I noticed a couple of issues:

1) Multiple Portfolios: I was trying to create multiple portfolios and on the back-end everything is perfect, unfortunately once I visit the website the actual content of both of the portfolios is not showing up until I eliminate one of the two.

2) Blog: Say that I just published a blog post and I send the specific link to a friend, the direct link will open up the window but the blog post won’t scroll down. Is there anything I can do to improve this?

3) UX suggestion: For any lightbox opening whether it’s the resume or the blog or the portfolio it would be very valuable if the user could return to the compass home just by clicking outside of the lightbox.

Again, great theme! Phillip


I am interested in buying this theme but have one question first. Is it possible to create multiple circle hubs? I would like to have a center one for personal info and then create other hubs for individual projects.

Hi there – how do i go about adding a favicon?

Where i can find the icons?

I bought this theme. But I can not install it. Please how to install it?

Hi ofaragilboy,

What are you having trouble’s with? Can you please email us via

Best Regards,

Is there a way I can just upload the demo content and make changes from there? I can’t find no info on this theme as far as tutorials. I need help with menu icons, home page profile image etc..