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If I set IE9 as a compatibility mode, homepage is broken. I have the following in the header. but it doesn’t work. <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=edge”/> How can i fix it?

There’s no such browser in real world. Only developer can dial this setting in IE dev panel. Why are trying to make your site work on something that does not exist??

Moreover tag you are referring to has noting to do to “IE9 as a compatibility mode”. Please google for details. (Or refer to this link: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6771258/whats-the-difference-if-meta-http-equiv-x-ua-compatible-content-ie-edge-e )

Hello. Love the theme, but can you please help me with something? We bought a license for this theme, but my employer makes all the purchases, so I cannot log into Themeforest myself from their account. Yes, I’m licensed though it doesn’t show a “PURCHASED” tag. And yes, before it’s suggested I post this in the support forum using my purchase code, I already posted this question there over a day ago as a licensed user, but I’m not getting any response there.

Anyway, I just need a 3-column footer. Tried a suggestion I saw here on another post, but it doesn’t fill the space quite right on desktop, though it works/looks great on a phone. This was the code given:

.footer .widget { width: 33,33%; }

Strangely, if I change the comma in “33,33%” to a period, it then looks great on a desktop, but on a phone, all 3 widgets are squished together and overlapping instead of being stacked nicely on top of one another.

Can someone help me with this? We’re going to end up buying more copies of this theme, but 9 times out of 10, the footer will never have more than 3 widgets. It would be great if there was an option to set number of footer widgets (rather than always being presumed at 4) like I’ve seen in other themes. Thank you in advance and sorry for the novel!

Thanks. Steve

Please note that we provide support only via our online help-desk (there you can enter your purchase code to verify the purchase): http://support.dream-theme.com . Submit a ticket there and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks!

Hi, it’s possible to automatically add a post on home page full width slider ?

In “business 01 home page” there’s an example of what I need. In that example link to the post was added manually ?

I’m afraid, yes.

Ok :( ...only another question did/can you test the theme with “post slider plugin” ?

Love this theme, simple to use and looks great. One question regarding the mobile theme, my site http://robyntaylorchilddevelopment.com.au looks a little spread out on mobile. Is there a way for the top bar to be aligned closer together or be removed just for the mobile site and the logo to be a little bigger and more in proportion? Everything else is perfect with the theme. Thanks in advance for your help. Tested on iphone and samsung galaxy.

Sorry should have included it previously – here are two – one with iphone and one on an Android mobile. http://robyntaylorchilddevelopment.com.au/Screenshot-Samsung-Galaxy.png and http://robyntaylorchilddevelopment.com.au/iphone5s-screenshot.png Ideally I would love it if there was not so much white space, and the top bar to not take up so much room – currently the user needs to scroll down quiet a bit to access the site content. is there something that can be done to adjust this in Site Admin? Hope this makes sense! Thank you in advance

You can hide certain element in header on narrow screens by writing a custom CSS media query. (Sorry have to ask) Are you familiar with CSS editing and media queries? Thanks!

Thanks again for this awesome theme – am loving how easy it is to use! Just wondered if you had any thoughts about whether it was possible to reduce the white space under the mobile logo in the mobile version of the site? i.e. http://robyntaylorchilddevelopment.com.au/iphone5s-screenshot.png

How come when I view your demo in IE9 all the blog & albums are in nice 3 columns with all the picture sizes are the same. When I look at my the7 site in IE9 I only have one column instead of 3 and the pictures are all sizes.

Unfortunately I cannot telepathically see your site and tell what’s wrong with it :D

Please, submit a request via our online help-desk http://support.dream-theme.com – we’ll get back to you ASAP and take a look what is wrong. ?Thanks!

Thanks for fixing my problem. It was caused my a couple of plugins I purchased. Excellent help.



A couple pre-sale queries, is this theme pack bbpress ready? and does it feature with rating system? as i didn’t see it in the demo. Is this theme pack ideal for news & blog publishing or what what would you recommend?


> is this theme pack bbpress ready?

At this moment, officially, no. Thought it will work with light skins just fine :)

> does it feature with rating system

This is not a built-in feature. You can use third-party plugins for that.

> Is this theme pack ideal for news & blog publishing or what what would you recommend?

Thought it will be waste of its core “corporate-oriented” functions, The7 will work fine as blog.

Note that there’s dedicated category for magazine/news/blog themes on ThemeForest: http://themeforest.net/category/wordpress/blog-magazine

http://b-webdesign.org/b-webdesign-shop/ i have problem with revolution slider the styling is not responding and the output is showing just tekst but in the backend i have big white letters please help me tell me the problem


I need to change permalink structure for the portfolio, “project” and replace it by “catalogue”.

link : http://www.test.com/project/...

Can you tell me the file and the line i need to change in order to make it please ?

Thank you very much !

Nice theme, I already have Pressmate and I know that your level of design and support is excellent
Need to replace another theme and was thinking The 7 is going to be a good choice just want 2 quick questions to ask before (as I had problems with this on the current theme used):
1). Possible to implement The 7 for 2 languages, Chinese as default with option to switch to English?
2). Need to have 2 sets of pages, one for Chines and one for English, the problem I was having in the previous theme is that I was able to create 1 slider per slider type, for example I used the Elegant Slider, on Chinese page was good as the text on this slider was Chinese, but I wanted to have the same type of slider on the English page just with English text and that’s not possible.
Can I have in The 7 theme multiple sliders per slider type, like for example creating 2 Revolution sliders or 2 any other slider type and use 1 on the Chinese page and the second one of the English page?
Or you might have a better solution for this because I like this theme and would want to purchase it.

I’m afraid there are not FREE plugins that can do that :( Only WPML is sophisticated enough to handle multifunctional themes/plugins/etc :(

Thanks for your answers, I purchased The7 theme and I’m starting to convert my investment management website http://www.vwmanagement.com to use your theme.
May I ask which Home page and layout would better match for this investment business website?

Cannot advise anything here really :( It depends on many factors. Most notably on what info you need to put on homepage.

BTW, note that you are not limited to ready-made homepage layouts. You can build your own depending on your needs.

Hi, Really Nice template , but I want to ask if this template supports RTL language ? Thanks.

At this moment we’re working on RTL compatibility.

Hey Loving this template!

I hope you can help me with something, the site I’ve created is fab however it’s not displaying properly in Internet Explorer :(

Website in question: www.livinginharmony.org.uk

I hope you can steer me in the right direction :)

Many thanks in advanced Kerry

Please, submit a request via our online help-desk http://support.dream-theme.com – we’ll get back to you ASAP and take a look what is wrong. ?Thanks!

Hi, I’ve spent the last few hours researching themes and have narrowed it down to The7! Three questions before I buy: 1.) Font weight question: Do I have the option to specify different weights of the same font family in the Theme Options? Or will I have to use css? I.E: Can I select “Lato” as the body font and choose from the different weights available on google: “Ultra-Light 100,” “Book 300,” “Normal 400,” “Bold 700,” “Ultra-Bold 900,” along with all of the italic versions of those fonts? 2.) Can I make each H tag a different font if I want? (or different weight of the same font?) Or is there only one font option for H1-H6 tags. 3.) Is there custom css in the admin panel on this latest version?

Looks like an awesome, robust theme! Thanks!

1 & 2. Yes, this can be done in theme options.

3. Yes.

Very nice theme :) Is it compatible with bbpress? Can you show me an example?

On the other hand, I would like to know if the “extra” plugins like ubermenu etc are integrated in the theme or are extra plugin to be installed.

thank you in advance,

Thank you for you quick reply :) One more thing… can I display the “wide sidebar” in the left side of the page?

You can “emulate” wide sidebar by putting widgetized area to wider column in Visual Composer (page builder). But this is not very convenient when you dealing with LOTS of pages/posts/projects/etc.

Does the theme support nested shortcodes? I am having problems with the list inside a tab (inside the tab, it shows the [dt_list.. code). See Board of Directors tab.

When showing Teams inside the tab, the first tab shows as masonry as I asked, but other Team in other tabs shows as grid.

Same problem with side or top tabs. Yes, I turned off plugins and no change. I cannot get a consistent look, so I wondered if the problem was in nesting the various codes.



Some shortcodes can be nested. But most of them – no.

Also please note that we provide support only via our online help-desk: http://support.dream-theme.com . Submit a ticket there and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks!

Hello such, I purchased your theme The 7 and I gladly .Let me know if there is any topic that you would recommend for the business of selling cars. I will be attentive to reply

Replied you via email.

BTW, there’s no need to double post your questions – it takes extra time to process :) Thanks for understanding!

Aww can´t wait to the 3.2.1 Demo content! :) Your Theme Dashboard and options is amazing! i hope its ready for today so i can “play” this weekend ;)

Forgive me if I’m overlooking the obvious, but I have a mini-search magnifying glass that shows up in my menu as I wish, but no search bar appears when I click on it. I’m new to your theme,and love it so far, but still learning :) here’s my page… and thank you!


Please, submit a request via our online help-desk http://support.dream-theme.com – we’ll get back to you ASAP and take a look what is wrong. ?Thanks!


i love this theme,there have user rating&review features for book?

There are no such build-in features. But you can use third-party plugins for that.

I am happy with your theme and options. Question: How can we stop porthole-slider from fading in and out the captions (text on the slides)? For my images I have the fading effect enabled.

Advice for future updates: Try to reduce instead of increasing the options of the theme, with this the code is not growing into endless dimensions. css is a slow loading mega file with plenty of styles I dont even use on my final site. Maybe I take some css out but updates on the core are not working if I start doing this.

Thank you for your work and efford – I wish you al the best for sales. You made it to the Top-Themes – Congrats!

Thank you very much for feedback!

We are actually planning them option overhaul. Structuring and moduling CSS into separate files is also planned. Just don’t expect miracles – The7 is big theme :)

Regarding porthole-slider. I’m afraid I cannot help with this customization – you’ll need to get your hands dirty into porthole-slider javascript :(

Keep it up, your work is fantastic.

Hi, I have problem with the visual composer, sometimes it will work but sometime it won’t. I would like to know how to make it work consistently.

I’m afraid “sometimes it will work but sometime it won’t” is not an issue report :( We need more precise guide on how to reproduce the issue. Thanks for understanding!

okay then, It just crash, it doesn’t function well so far