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Hi! Thanks for site theme the7. Version v. comes with a plugin conflict “showbiz”. Previously worked fine. How fix it?

Please, submit a request via our online help-desk http://support.dream-theme.com (ask your ticket to be assigned to Danil) – we’ll get back to you ASAP and take a look what is wrong.

Hello. I’m getting duplicate arrows on the Revolution Slider, and their support tells me that the second set of arrows is coming from my theme. I’m not sure where to turn these off though? See screenshot: http://note.io/1mzL4QU


Please update to newest version of theme – this issue is already solved.

Hmm, I just updated the theme, cleared my cache, and it’s still showing up?

Then, please, submit a request via our online help-desk http://support.dream-theme.com – we’ll get back to you ASAP and take a look what is wrong.

I see this theme comes with 3rd party sliders and visual layout plugins. When these are updated, will the updates be available to a theme buyer or we have to buy plugins all over again? When they are updated, what process is used to update in theme installation?

We update plugins in every theme update. There no need to purchase them separately.

A good day to you and your team. Installed clean Wordpress and imported your latest one page version from dummy folder. I can see that the menus predominantly use the anchor position set up in page row using ”#”. However the #blog only appears on one page – version 2. On the one page – version one the menu for “our blog” defers to a dedicated page where my anchors do not work. It looks like the menu I have is looking for the anchors on this page where there are none. I have similar issue when going to Testimonial page Your dummy appears to be picking anchors up from another page or are you using URL link? Can you think what I am doing wrong? Kind regards, Ivan

Try my test site http://nightingaleengineering.co.uk/ . When you enter homepage select Homepages drop-down and then choose Typography. When on that page it is same menu as on homepage. The menu uses the # function to scroll down to selected are on page. However on Typography page there are no such anchors. Should this page be using a different menu or how do I assimilate your one-page demo? Regards Ivan

Ah, understood. You need to use absolute links in your main menu. E.g. “http://nightingaleengineering.co.uk#about” instead of just ”#about”.


Hello again, Apologies for a second question in a row. On the one page dummy version that I imported on latest update I have something that not seen before. I have general set up to be “wide” which is working on onepage site version 2 but when selecting version 1 from menu layout goes back to be being boxed. I have checked set up and still ,set at wide. Any suggestions? Regards Ivan

I couldn’t find image “onepage-icon.png” and so checked your demo using IE11 and its the same “x” displaying on your demo with IE11. I will create this image and see what happens

That is not a bug. That is just a missing image: http://the7.dream-demo.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/onepage-icon.png :D Simply remove it from your page content.

I had noted same above. Sorted by adding a new image. Thanks

In the blog, the ‘read more’ link says ‘details’. Is there a way to change that to say ‘read more’ or something other than ‘details’?

Related to the above- also- I removed meta information, namely the date from blog posts which works, however, in the widget for sidebar, the date is still showing. How can I remove the date in the blog list widget? Here is the page: http://6d5.bcb.myftpupload.com/news/

Please, submit a request via our online help-desk http://support.dream-theme.com – our guys will assist with it.

I have a problem: in IE the choosen btn disapear!

its not me its the hosting company

then please contact them with this request. thanks!

thnx work


I want to use the background feature (under Theme Options) on all pages of my website except the homepage. Do you know an easy way to target the homepage so I can get rid of the background image? I’ve tried selecting body.home.page and other attr selectors in my CSS, but can’t seem to get the background to go away! Any tips would be super helpful!

Thanks! Jenn

Can you please provide a link to your homepage? And which background you want to disable there (image or color)? Thanks!


Can I download it again?

You mean file with purchase code? You can re-download it. Here’s the short animation to help you:

Thank you. :)

You are welcome :)

Good afternoon. I have now set up my test site http://nightingaleengineering.co.uk to be same as your onepage demo. There are 2 menus that are set up for your site version 1 and the other to site version 2. How do I set each site version to show their own menu. Whichever I set to primary menu becomes the menu for both pages.

Found it

Hi (again :) ),
At this moment you can have an individual menu ONLY on “Microsite” page templates. This means that all other pages will display the menu that you have assigned to “primary menu” instance.

And I have a small request. Please submit your questions via our support portal at support.dream-theme.com – that’s what it was created for :) Thing is though here you can get a bit faster replies, I’m quite busy with huge update for The7 and some assistance for @WPBakery and their posts carousel element. So more I get comments – more I get districted and less productive.

Thank you so much for understanding!

Hi, I love the theme but I’m having an issue with the menu on my iphone 5s. It’s really hard to click on it after is open to another submenus… Please let me know how to fix it?

Sorry I’m not sure I understood what you mean 100% correctly. Particularly how to create a situation when “It’s really hard to click on it after is open to another submenus…” Please be more specific. Thanks!

Hi There,

LOVE this theme… Is BuddyPress compatible? Or, Can you please add it soon ?

Thank you :)

Already replied to your email. Please do not double-post..

how to rename BLOG in tags h1?

You can use Fancy Title feature to add custom title/subtitle. Otherwise you’ll need to dig into theme code. Please, submit a request via our online help-desk http://support.dream-theme.com – our guys will consult you regarding which file(s) should be altered.

Hi. This theme is very good. But I don’t like that it create a new stylesheet in wp-content/uploads/wp-less/the7/css. It was bad for me! because for change to some styles, I had go to that folder and find a new stylesheet and change finally! and that my changes in style, have been reset later…! How I disable creating new stylesheet?

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Sorry. But I want to buy yourtheme by license really. I have antecedent in buy orginal theme in themeforest.

Sorry I cannot answer question unless I see your buyers badge.

Hi guys,.,,.

last version: v. (Jul 18, 2014):

What is the theme version of the preview demo ?

thanks,, regards

Demo uses newest version of theme.

Hello excelent theme.

I need to change the word team in header (home/team/name) for the word teacher and also in the url (dt_team)

Where can i do this change?


Thank you very much

also here http://aulavirtual.japroduccionescr.com/noticias/ the word “details” where can change that word???

thank you i will appreciate your help a lot :)

Please, submit a request via our online help-desk http://support.dream-theme.com – our guys will consult you regarding which file(s) should be altered. Thanks!

Hi, I have a little question. Which slider did you use for the Creative homepage? The Layerslider or the Revolution slider? This is the link: http://the7.dream-demo.com/creative/.

That is “Porthole slider”

Hi, I have three personal blog / website currently online. My question is; Can I used one The7 theme on all of my 3 blogs website?

Cannot answer that unfortunately it depends on many factors. You need to contact Envato support for explanation: support.envato.com

But usual rule of ThemeForest regular license is 1 site = 1 purchase.

I am trying to submit a support ticket to ask a question and your system at http://support.dream-theme.com/new-ticket/ shows a red mark around the purchase code entry box, in spite of me entering the purchase code that came with my purchase and will not let me post the ticket. I tried even removing the dashes and it still wont work. As you can see here, I have purchased your product. I will post the question here and hopefully get an answer.

I want to add a background to the header in the ‘category archives’ and justify to the left the title to make it seem as if it had the ‘fancy header’. The changes on the ‘blog’ page are not being shown in the pages. I have the ‘reading’ settings already set to default and still no changes. How can I set this? and where?


Sorry I cannot see your buyers badge..

How do I import the dummy content and layouts?

Please use the standard WordPress content importer plugin. There’s bunch of articles about it available online.

Thank you. I know how to use the importer. But there’s a whole folder called “dummy” and as I understand it, the importer is looking for a specific type of file.

Sorry, Misunderstood you. In the “Dummy” folder you’ll find subfolders named according to our demos: e.g. “Main”, “Business”, “Creative”, etc. In root of those subfolders you’ll find importable .xml file. Also there you will find subfolders with dummy for Layer and Revolution Sliders.