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Hi, I’m a buyer and user of Nimble and having in mind what you did to 3,5k users of this wonderful theme, I have two questions:

1. Is there any relatively easy way to migrate my site created in Nimble into 7th scheme ? My site is not big nor too complex. I can accept different sliders, in worst case I can redefine the content but what really matters to me is to preserve graphical/colorful style of existing site. My logos were created to match the colors pattern, other sites have similar/matching composition. Is it possible to move it to 7th ?

2. Buying this theme, can I obtain an invoice ?


What is PM ? How can I contact you ?

PM – personal message. You can send it via my profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/Dream-Theme (PM form is in the bottom of the right sidebar)

Right :-)

It’s a great really great theme… but guys, please read this, and I hope next upgrade of this theme will consider this topic.

http://paulferrett.com/2014/please-stop-covering-what-im-looking-at/ All about the mouse over effect in galleries.


Well that is not an axiom – in fact statements in that article are very controversial :D

Gladly, The7 allows you to have more subtle hoovers that will not overlay images completely.

There aren’t category for involve all in one, THIS TEAM IS WO.ONDERFULL! and not talk about THE7, THE PERFECT THEME FOR ANY IMPLEMENTATION on Wordpress.

Thank so much for all!! Claps your hands people! this team are ALIENS in their activity,

Best Regards,

Daniel Bustamante

Thank you soooo much for feedback! :)

Hi, can you let me know how to centre the portfolio scroller? Also, is there a simple way to have gaps between each portfolio item in the scroller?

Here is a link :


Many Thanks


This requires significant amount of customization which if far beyond the scope of theme support :( Please consider hiring a professional JavaScript developer for it.

Wow, sorry. Misunderstood you. Looks like there’s some sort of a bug. Please, submit a request via our online help-desk http://support.dream-theme.com – we’ll get back to you ASAP and take a look what is wrong.

I just noticed that Photography demo coming soon is now gone. Do you still plan to add photography demo?

Yes, our plans remained unchanged. Moreover now I can tell that The7 will receive a HUGE update in the early autumn.

Regarding removed banner. As I understood, some genius user reported it as “false advertisement” :D You know that sort of people who uses goods and then searches every slight possibility to get a refund.

Have been trying to resolve an issue with Unicorn and just noticed advice that it “will work fine with Wordpress up to 3.7” and recommends to upgrade to The7. I only bought Unicorn a few years ago – is there a discount for upgrading for those that have already bought Unicorn?


First and foremost. We’re really sorry that we had to discontinue Unicorn – it is build on the same framework as Nimble and there’s no way to make it work with WP 3.9.

Regarding discount. This is not possible unfortunately :( There’s no such mechanism on ThemeForest. And there’s a reason for that: according to ThemeForest membership agreement users are purchasing items “as is, without warranty of any kind including updates and support” (the only exception is item does not work as advertised).


I wanna make a music agency +music publishing website. It needs: 1. Music player 2. Video player 3. Feature for membership+subscription (online payment)

What feature that comes from the dummy template that i can utilise to build this? IF I need to use 3rd party plug-ins, would you care to let me know what is the best for this application.


These features indeed can to be implemented by using third-party plugins. But unfortunately I cannot recommend any specific plugin. The best approach is to install couple of them and decide which one suits your needs best.

Pre Sale Question

Tons of mentions of Buddy Press compatibility and no solid answers. Will this happen and when if so? Thanks.

Sorry, but I have to admit that this is not a priority task at this moment: we’re on the full throttle of making big update for The7, so we had to set aside secondary tasks for now.

Let me ask to add a feature to be able to upload demo contents through one button click. I think it’s not difficult to you, but it will be huge helpful to the customers.

It’s not possible I’m afraid :(

1) Demo file will be so huge that it will crash most servers.

2) Theme contains lots of third party plugins. Their content must be imported/exported using their proprietary interfaces. We cannot alter it.

I really like the look of your theme! I do have a presale question – I see several people mentioning about previous Nimble and Unicorn themes you have designed and then your responses to them not having WP 3.9 compatibilities so they were discontinued. My question is have you prepared this theme for upcoming WP updates as other theme developers seem to have throughout the years (example: Avada)?

Yes. At this moment The7 is WP 4.0.0 ready (it works fine with newest beta).

I’d like to stress that PressCore and The7 architecture is completely different from our older themes (which were build long ago on framework that is almost 3 years old).

They (PressCore, The7) were built to be as modular and maintainable as possible. And I cannot see anything in foreseeable future that can cause incompatibilities with newer version of WordPress. Also please check the theme changelog: we’re constantly updating and evolving the theme.

You are welcome.

Please note that we can provide technical support only via our online help-desk: http://support.dream-theme.com (here in comments I can only answer some general and pre-purchase question). Submit a ticket there and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Hi, understand DreamTheme don’t really support customization. Do you have any recommended support partner that able to perform customization or make-over for The7 theme? Thanks.

We were going to launch the “Custom Shop” – payed customization service in nearest future. For now you can submit a customization request via our online help-desk: support.dream-theme.com (please ask it to be assigned to Yana).

Hello First of all Awsomeeee Theme :D. Second – i need little update in your theme. whenever i activate my “Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer” , “Visual Composer Extensions All In One” , “Visual Composer Extensions” plugins my WP shows fetal error occur. Please solve this problem as soon as possible because these plugins will make your theme more attractive.

At this particular moment addons are not supported. BUT that’s what we’re working on at this moment. You can expect this feature in nearest +0.1 update :)

When I try to setup auto updates for revolution slider it says the purchase code is not valid?

Does purchase of the theme not include access to updates?

If you do not wish to wait for Slider Revolution update in theme repository, you can Purchase a Separate copy of it on CodeCanyon. (Though there’s really no sense in it.. )

Polylang is suported in this theme?

Thank you Tomas

This theme is optimized to be compatible with WPML. We have no data regarding Polylang plugin.

You’re welcome :)

Hi there.

I recently bought this theme, and I love it! I was wondering where I find the files for the 3D slider as shown on http://the7.dream-demo.com/main/slideshows/3d-slider/3d-fullscreen/

I don’t know which plugin it is (Layerslider or Slider Revolution) or where exactly it is. Can you point me in the right direction? Thank you in advance.

That is unified slider system build into theme. Navigate to WP-admin > Slideshows

Please refer to these two articles in theme user guide for details: http://guide.dream-theme.com/gen2/user-guide/slideshows/ and http://guide.dream-theme.com/gen2/user-guide/page-header/slideshow/

Suddenly my site is acting goofy. We have made no changes in the last 2 weeks but now all the have gaps below them and when hovered over they extend vertically. pLease have a look and let me know if you can think of anything. http://www.colorguardrailing.com

Also I am getting this error on some of the pages which I never had. you can view it here http://www.colorguardrailing.com/product-family/

Warning: Division by zero in /home3/pvmed/public_html/CG/skin/inc/extensions/core-functions.php on line 260

Please help

That is weird. Maybe your hosting provide updated software on server and it causes this issue? Please, submit a request via our online help-desk http://support.dream-theme.com – we’ll get back to you ASAP and take a look what is wrong.

Ok I posted there.

Hi Dream-Theme,

after the last update I get this error when I try to update an existing page:

Call to undefined function aq_resize() in /dt-the7/inc/extensions/core-functions.php on line 149


Please request a refund – I will approve it. I do not want my products to be used by people who do not read the item description and act in such ignorant and disrespectful way.

Hi Dream-Theme,

my point of view may be wrong I’ve never asked for a feedback or anything else, as well as I’ve not been publicly complaining with anyone. So i don’t understand why you’re doing it and you’re doing it publicly, you could have contacted me in a different way.

As you’ve seen I’ve been writing a comment along with the rating which as you said is explicitly written on your item details. I’ve not been referring to the quality of the product which is not in discussion. So please can we stop talking about my “stupid” vote?

As I wrote in my previous reply I was just disappointed for the copy/paste reply. Full stop. I admit I overreacted but you’re doing, imo, more than the same.

If my rating and comment disappointed you so much I’m sorry about that: I wish I could go back and remove it or change it, if there’s a way to do it please do tell me.

I’ve never insulted you, I don’t understand why you’re doing it telling me that I’m ignorant and disrespectful (considering that you’ve already reported me) while I’m just trying to answer to your comments in order to clarify and possibly solve our misunderstanding.

Anyway I’m not looking for explanations, I hope you will agree to put an end to this conversation.

I also hope that this time I could explain myself better. Have a good one.

Look, I’m really sorry for being overly emotional. I’m a Dream-Theme cofounder and lead front-end architect. Besides answering comments here on ThemeForest, I’m involved in lots of technical stuff. E.g. now we’re working on a huge update for The7. I HAVE to shoot canned replies to have more time and be more productive as a developer. After all that’s why we have 3 dedicate support specialists at our support portal. And that’s why I’m always redirecting buyers to support portal – our guys there works with The7 constantly and they know all typical issues that buyer can face. You can actually get a quicker and more qualified response there. And our support department is roughly half of our monthly expenses. That’s why I got so upset to receive a 1 star for actually trying to provide you (and other people around here) better service.

Kind regards,

Hello there, great theme! I just wanted to ask a simple question. On the 02-Creative home page, I’d like to setup my revolution slider with the similar thumbnail settings. How exactly do I do that? I keep getting square thumbnails and they look nothing like the Creative Demo does, help! Please and Thank You!

Yes, sure!

I made a slider with the porthole slider, however, it just won’t work. What settings do I need to have to make the slider appear?

I love this theme! I’m am hoping to purchase it for a new project I am working on. I have three pre-purchase questions:

1. Is there a shortcode or simple way for me to display a custom number of posts from a specific category? 2. Is there a simple way to make sure all post featured images are at a 16:9 ratio and of a specific size (using above shortcode)? 3. How many levels of hierarchy can your right sidebar navigation expand to handle?



1. Yes. There are 2 dedicated shortcodes for it: masonry and mini blog.

2. Yes. There’s an option for defining image sizes.

3. Dunno actually. Theoretically infinite. But we were never performing “depth tests” :) At least not less that standard WordPress themes.

Thank you , this is very helpful.