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Love the theme, but i cannot find documentation on how to best setup/use the “benefits”... Specifically how to setup the icons. Please advise. Thanks

You can use the post type “Benefits” (WP-admin > Benefits). Icons are “featured images” of each benefit.


Just so you know I have 3 open, outstanding and unresolved tickets on your “support” page. When will all be dealt with? 5823, 6043, 6149

As I see those tickets are already responded.

Hi, 2 have were responded to within the hour.

I just wanted to say that this is the best theme I have ever used. I just wanted to know will you guys be creating another elite signature theme soon? with a different feel as I love your style and the dream theme frame work behind it.

A new style theme with more flat style bigger buttons would be cool.

Let me know! love it!

Sorry cannot say about our plans at this moment :D But recent design trends are always subjects of our great interest ;)

is there any “login page” for shopping? I need to make it possible to login with facebook as well.


There’s no such function build-in. Please consider searching for plugins to enable it.

Hi, Im thinking of buying this theme again for another site BUT first I need to check because it will be used to a Blog,,, so is it possible to have the Archives on the side so that instead of just showing the post number,, it actually shows the month with post number And then user can click on a drop down and see all the blog posts Titles for that month? Right now it just has the month and post number and if you click it, it takes you to All post in that month,, I need people to be able to select only the post they want to read not have to then scroll through a list to find it,, Please say this is possible :)

OK I will re-think how I can use this theme for a blog site, Would really like to get this theme for that as not only is it an awesome theme, the blog may turn into much more in the future and if so all the features are there

Very happy Metro Slider will be staying :):) Thanks again

Oh sorry but you didn’t mention if its possible to have banner adds on the sidebar? If so how so I can test it on my current theme first please,, Thanks

Theme has no such feature build in. But it is not required: you may use the “text” widget to add any html code to sidebar you like. If you need something more fancy – you can search for specialized ads plugins and choose one that suits you best.

This is the best theme ever and your immensely difficult work is very much appreciated.

One feature request: please enable font icon (with sizing) option in Benefits shortcode. I understand it can be done through wp-admin, but it is very difficult to organize the pre drafted Benefits on different pages.


Thanks for feedback!

We’re already discussing ways to improve benefits. But at this moment I cannot give any timeframe.

hi there, would like to change the portfolio field name to “projects”...(Is there an easier way to do this? )


I’m afraid there’s no easier way then described here: http://support.dream-theme.com/knowledgebase/change-dt_portfolio-slug/ Sorry :(

no problem bro and thanks for great theme and support

“works great”

Can I hide the small icon on top menu first level like what in the demo?

Yes, sure!


I have one suggestion for you:

It would be awesome to have a timeline template like this one : * http://www.keenthemes.com/preview/index.php?theme=metronic_admin&page=index.html

What do you think about it ?

That’s admin template. We’re not sure it’s necessary in WP theme. But anyway, thanks!


The template looks awesome but there is one problem. When I tested the demo site it didn’t work well on ie8. I would like to buy this template but i want to know when the next update fixes the ie8 problems. Could you give me a release date?

We did our best to make The7 work in IE8. That browser is just to old and it is technically not possible to make theme look better in it. It just don’t support most modern techniques and technologies :( Sorry.

Hi there!

Nice Theme but i have a big problem…

I can’t save any settings and following message appears:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 71 bytes) in /webspace/01/33044/justsimple-dev.de/kunden/traumtanz/wp-content/themes/dt-the7/inc/extensions/wp-less/lib/vendor/lessphp/lessc.inc.php on line 3511

i have tried to put “define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘96M’ );” into the wp-config.php file – but with no effect… :(

What should i do?

Thank you.


According to error “memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted” your hosting still allows only 64MB. You can try change it in .httaccess, but I’d rather contacted you hosting support and ask them to rise the memory limit to 96-128 MB.


I could’nt find two-sidebar layout… I can only see left or write sidebar…Where can i change two sidebars activated.


Thanks for feedback! I’m not sure we will include it into theme, BUT I think we can create a separately downloadable “patch” or “child theme” for it.

thank you…this will be great…how can you help me about this ?...i am asking because i am working on a project which needs two sidebars at the moment…the project has too much pages and posts ….and i dont want to modify all pages and posts with visual composer..and my client doesnt know how to to use visual composer…thanks again

Unfortunately we re not providing any individual customization/development service. And we cannot break our schedule with this patch :( If the matter is urgent, please refer to numerous tutorials on the web editing post templates in themes – it’s not very difficult, but requires considerable time to accomplish. Thank you so much for understanding!

Hey folks,

Just bought this theme and so far awesome! =) There are a couple things that I am seeing and wondering if you have any feedback.

1. For the life of me cannot get the Map option to work. When I add the Google Map URL it shows nothing. Here is a vid to showcase the issues I am having


Cheers Mike


Please note that we provide support only (well, mostly) via our online help-desk: http://support.dream-theme.com . Submit a ticket there and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks!


I have create a support ticket.

Cheers Mike

Quick question about anchors…

I want to make a button on a page that jumps down to a certain row (stripe). I try using the anchor element but it doesn’t work. Does this feature only work for the navigation? What am I doing wrong?

Most probably our coder mede it work only for menu. I’ll her can we extend this functionality in next update. Thanks for suggestion!

Another question…

Is there a way to hide the background images for stripes on mobile devices?


I never got a response to this question. Please help.

Please read my comment above yours :) Thanks!

I actually figured it out. :)

There is a problem with the accordion shortcode in this last update, from my website http://www.equinvictus.com/consulting/services/ to your demo http://the7.dream-demo.com/shortcodes/accordion-toggle/. Those strange lines were not there before, and now they ruin all the design. You don’t have it on your demo, how should I fix it?

Also, when you add products to the cart in Woocommerce, the quantity switcher doesn’t stay aligned with the quantity label…

I also discovered why the Go Pricing tables went wrong. It seems they are assuming the stripes definitions, instead of their default definitons. So, when I choose a custom stripe with white text and headings, the tables turn white text. That was not happening before… You are forced to use default row to have the tables working properly.

This all sounds strange.. Please, submit a request via our online help-desk http://support.dream-theme.com – we’ll get back to you ASAP and take a look what is wrong. Thanks!

hey, i got the new update but the revolution slider update is 4.0.5 now my plugin doesnt work properly. i checked the page for revolution slider and they 4.06 out. how can i get that version?

also, i noticed for benefits it opens a new page for each benefit. should i be excluding this from the sitemap?

Hello since the version 3 is updated I have an issue :

Whatever the page where the blog post list ( with circles thumbs) should be placed it don’t appear. I can’t see the sidebar, comment form on the page don’t appear and the submenu are not clickable/no longer slide .

Is there a jquery error? whit the thumbnail resizing or the pics display?

Can you please post a link to a “faulty” page – I’ll take a look what may be wrong. Thanks!

I’ll submit a ticket I will post the details.

Your visual builder has a UI for ‘single image’ which is of no use because it doesn’t support responsive resizing and lightbox.

You have suggested using fancy media – but this has no UI. The UI is critical for client use for uploading and selecting media. The visual builder will be infinitely more useful if you improve this issue of inconsistency of features and UI.

Why would anyone want an image without responsiveness?

Please let me know if you can provide a hot fix as my client needs this functionality asap.


What we’re trying to provide to the client is an easy to update image for promoting events.

Can you suggest another way that we may have overlooked?

Hi, Thanks, understood.
We’ll be looking into lightbox issue and improving our image-based shortcodes and include fixes to NEXT update (which is coming in the middle of next week). But unfortunately I cannot offer you solution “here and now” :( Sorry.

Thanks – we can help the client with updates until then. We’re looking forward to the next update!

PS can you add some more options to royal slider – bg colour at least. Thanks.

Hi! Is there a limit on the number of categories filter portfolio? If they are, then how can we remove the restrictions?

Thank you!

We are not limiting number of categories in any way. However WordPress can have certain “inner” limitation. Please check dev docs to be 100% sure. Thanks!

Thank you