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This theme looks great, and I am interested in buying it, but I have a couple questions I was hoping you could answer first…..

(1) Is it possible, through the admin panel or otherwise, to disable responsiveness for the theme, so that the mobile version looks the exact same as it does on a regular computer?

(2) is it possible to make it so that the menu in the one page parallax theme has a different overall look, including hover colors, and active colors?

Hi, 1) Yes, there’s an option for that in “Theme Options > General”.

2) I’m afraid not at this moment. But it is scheduled for one of “nearest” upcoming updates.

Hi, The site I made with this very easy to use theme does not work on older versions of internet explorer or opera. Not all the people wanting to visit my site will be using the latest versions. Is there a way to redirect those people automatically to a normal html site? I think this is a major drawback to an otherwise very nice looking theme and I am in desperate need of a solution… Thanks in advance! www.zwijsen.net

As any other modern theme, The7 is as compatible with IE8 as possible. But it will never look as fancy as in other browsers: IE8 does not technically support most modern web-design techniques. We are keeping it “readable” and as good looking as possible since IE8 is still in use in corporate segment.

Regarding older versions of opera and IE. They are dropped by their developers and we’re not planning to test out themes in them. I understand that it will sound harsh, but developing for older browsers is complete waste of time and money: their share is small and shrinks every day. Your site(s) will be used today and tomorrow and many days after that. Not yesterday.

Thanks for the answer, I understand that it isn’t possible to develop a theme for every browser. But is there a way to redirect people with older browsers to another url?

Yes. Technically it is possible. There are numerous different techniques for that. I cannot recommend anything specific since I don’t know which one you will prefer. So you can just google it and find the solution that suits you best. I believe there may be even ready-made WordPress plugins for that.

Does this theme come with a dummy file? If so does it work?


Just Bought it and installed the dummy data successfully. Is there any easy way to get the exact Primary menu as in the DEMO?

Thanks for the help.


Unfortunately WordPress does not allow to export/import menus..

Strange but the Visual Composer has ended appear on my pages… ( Ticket was raised.

Check the “WP-admin > Settings > Visual Composer” maybe you disable it for certain post type(s) by mistake.

Hallo, ich hoffe Ihr könnt mir auch auf Deutsch helfen :-) Wenn ich auf ein Thumbnailbild klicke wird es ja in einer Lightbox geöffnet, nur leider wird diese nicht schön dargestellt. Woran liegt das? http://i44.tinypic.com/2qjg7dx.jpg LG

English, please :) Thank you so much for understanding!

Hi, Is it possible to use a different mobile logo, rectangular for the web site and square for the mobile site?

This can only be done “by hand” in CSS.

ok, thanks


I need to change the sidebar from right to left on the category listing page.

Here you can see the shop page, that I can set sidebar’s side.

And here you can see the category listing page, with the sidebar on the right. I need the sidebar to be on the left.

Where can I set this and, eventually, other settings for this kind of page? I believe is the same for Archive pages as well.


This can be done in CSS. If you are familiar with it, you can use FireBug (FireFox plugin for web-developers) or Chrome web developers tools to define which style should be changed and where. Here’s an awesome screencast by WooThemes on how to use it: http://vimeo.com/20917974 . Otherwise please consider hiring an experienced developer/freelancer to assist with it.

I tried to open a ticket on the Dream-Theme support page, but my Purchase Code doesn’t work! What can I do?

Please make sure that you are retrieving correct code: http://support.dream-theme.com/code.gif Thanks!


In looking through the revolution slider documentation that came with the theme I’m not finding a definition/explanation of each easing? For example what is the animation path of easeOutQuint? I’m trying to find the definition/explanation without using the time consuming “trial and error” method to figure each and everyone out. Please, where do I find it?

Thank you,

We bundled all available documentation. There’s nothing more :( Sorry.

Also please note that “Slider Revolution” is third party software that we’re including to theme package. And as every other theme author for obvious reasons we cannot provide dedicated support for it. Thank you for understanding.

question: if i use your built in video lightbox, would it be possible to delete the play button icon that appears ? (Only for one image, I’d like to keep the play button for the rest of the video lightboxes)

I’m afraid I’m not 100% sure what we’re talking about :( Can you, please, post a link to a screenshot with highlighted “play button icon”. Thanks!

Question about Teaser images:

It appears the images are not uniformly cropped. How can I control the height & width if the image? Do I need to manually crop then upload into the media folder?

For example: I want to divide a row into three columns and display a Teaser in each. I want the images to display at the same size. How can I do this?


I’m afraid you cannot 100% control width/height of images on responsive site. They will always be “rubber” and adapt their sizes to screen width.

> I want to divide a row into three columns and display a Teaser in each. I want the images to display at the same size. How can I do this?

You need to create a row; put 3 columns in it AND use 3 images of absolutely identical dimensions (e.g. all 3 images 400×250 px).

Hi, how can I add to the products a button of social sharing?

E-commerce capabilities are powered by WooCommerce plugin. It is third-party software and theme is not influencing it a lot. Please consider searching for specialized plugins that enables “sharing” buttons for WooCommerce.

Are you having a Black Friday or Thanksgiving sale?

Unfortunately theme authors cannot influence their items price :( Price can be changed only by Envato (ThemeForest mother company)

RTL it Please .

Working on it.

Hi, Can you tell me does the theme come with dummy data so you can just modify the live demo?

love the theme by the way if all the dummy data comes with it I will certainly be buying it.

There are both compact and full versions of dummy content.

Bot note that stuff like menus and widget areas cannot be imported / exported in WordPress!

Gosh, I’m looking for just the right theme that walks the line of being a modern (trendy yet professional) corporate design, responsive, retina ready, seo ready, wpl and woocommerce integregated, with a fully funciontional blog options, with the ability to use media (video, shortcode, embed, flash), and also operate wholly or partially as a store, and I keep coming down to this theme.

The killer, is the darn menu design is somewhere between a stock button design in dreamweaver or expressions web and the default buttons that come with the free hosted version of wp.

I know its been asked before (as I read through the commments), but I have got to ask for sanity sake…. this is a terrific theme, clearly, and as such, is it at all possible, to either use a menu plugin with this, and if not, in the alternative, at some point in the next month or so, will an update include the ability to change the design to a flat panel without icons, with perhaps a color overlay (or underlay in the background, so to speak), that would bring this theme from the .psd and 2002 look, into the realm of present day creations?

You have a great design without a footer, however, many business make vital use of the footer, by including things they’d rather not have placed in the body content. Is there a footer option, and if so, is that at all customizable? (I know you’re using visual composer and the site is customizable, though, I read that VC is modified and that certain design customization options some would expect (menu), are not available, -> hence the quesion).

Thank you so much!


Menu. It’s iOS7 dictated actually, so someone love them and someone – hate :) You can use your own icons on menu or refuse using them altogether. Also you can change the “roundness” of their borders (even to completely square corners) to give them more flat look. Naturally, site header background can be changed. As well as accent color on hover.

Footer. You can enable/disable footer on pages/posts/projects/etc. Moreover, you can have different widgets in foot on different pages.

Outstanding. Thanks again!

Hi, I have 2 questions 1, on you demo pagehttp://the7.dream-demo.com/home/business/home-business-03/ at the bottom of the page before the footer you have the 2 buttons, Read Reviews and Download, when clicked they open in a new page,,, Im using the same except I just want those 2 buttons to go to the link and open in the Same window, can you Please tell me how?

2, Is it possible to have it so when you go to the Blog Page the latest post is opened in full so it shows the whole post just for the latest post?


1. I’m afraid “share” buttons in standard “gallery” shortcode are not available. But it’s actually a good idea, so I’ll scheduled it for one of upcoming updates!

2. Yes, you can use “Contact info” widget for that.

Hi, I’m sorry I’m not sure what you mean by “I’m afraid “share” buttons in standard “gallery” shortcode are not available” I would like the social share button like you have on your gallery photo to also be on the portfolio photos when they are clicked on,, instead on just on the page itself,,, do you mean those social icons are Only available on Gallery photos? If so,, is it possible to allow comments on gallery photos? Could you please answer the first 2 questions about the 2 button opening in the same window and having the first blog post open in full?

Thanks,, sorry for all the questions :)

> do you mean those social icons are Only available on Gallery photos


> If so, is it possible to allow comments on gallery photos?

On gallery that was paste using a [gallery] – yes. On “Albums” post type – no.

Mmmmm.. the “buttons link” don’t work well, They redirected me to the same page :s

I’m afraid I do not understand what the issue is :( (There IS an URL field that you must fill, so button will take you to it…) Can you, please be more specific? Thanks!

How do I change the “102580 Santa Monica BLVD Los Angeles” and all of the other stuff in the header?

WP-admin > Theme Options > Top Bar