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How do I change the “102580 Santa Monica BLVD Los Angeles” and all of the other stuff in the header?

WP-admin > Theme Options > Top Bar

How do I add the one-page sections/pages?

On your live demo you have the following sections on a single page:

Core Features of The7 Clients & Testimonials Featured Portfolio Projects Our Skills & Services

I would like to be able to create separate pages/whatever for each section and have it displayed nicely on a single page like your demo at http://the7.dream-demo.com

Sorry I’m new to WP and don’t know the ins and outs yet.

Please refer to this article of theme user guide: http://guide.dream-theme.com/gen2/user-guide/micro-sites/ And try importing theme demo content. Thanks!

Thanks. I got it to work.

Another question:

In the Visual Editor – what are you using for the header? I see it is its own element.

Header cannot be set up via composer – it’s separate set of settings.

Can you please describe what you are trying to achieve (a link to a mockup would be great!), so I can advice you something? Thanks!

Also how do you create the drop-down menus as shown on your demo?

WP-admin > Appearance > Menus. Also, please, do not ignore the theme user guide: http://guide.dream-theme.com/gen2/ Thank you so much for understanding!

Hi, I can not set a custom layout design of 1/5+1/5+1/5+1/5+1/5 in the visual composer. The rows stacked like columns leaving no space between them. Then I have to revert the operation to watch the page correctly. Can you help me?


Not sure why, but this sometimes (rarely, actually) may happen. You can select one of predefined column layouts and then change it back to 1/5th. At least it always helps me.

I tried that too, but i got the same result.

Can you, please, submit a request via our online help-desk: http://support.dream-theme.com .We need to take a look at it. Thanks!

Site Search Bug? Drafts are shown on my search results, when I search the site with the offered input in the top menu. Is this a bug or WP-based? I don’t want to show drafts in my site-results to the public!

Sorry for stupid question, but are you logged in to WP-admin? If yes, than drafts will be shown – this is WP normal behavior. However other users will not see them.

Thank you so much, I was used to other CMS.

No problem :)

@dhanks 102580 Santa Monica BLVD Los Angeles have a look at the theme options of the7!

@dhanks – Look under theme options>top bar

also, if you select a particular header option, it will show in the content area. just change it in theme options>header and remove the text from the content area.

Mark :)

Hello, love this theme, very intuitive. I have a question: is it possible to make level-1 menu items on the sidebar widget clickable? I know this is possible to achieve in the header menu, but I need it to work for the sidebar menu.


If my post above wasn’t clear, I meant this: I’d like the user to be able to visit 1st level navigation pages, from the sidebar widget menu. Currently it only opens up to show the 2nd level.

Our bad, we haven’t thought about it :( Sorry. I just scheduled it for the next update.

Meanwhile you can use a standard menu widget (one that has all menu structure opened).

Hi great theme!

I have a question before I buy it:

1. Is it possible to use images instead of text (or both) in the tabs? http://the7.dream-demo.com/shortcodes/tabs/regular-top-tabs/ Or is there a way to make the portfolio something similar and fluent a little like this: http://gothica.premiumcoding.com/demo.php

2. When I hover the menu I don’t like the stroke around the menu names. Can i remove that?

Thank you very much!

1. Yes, sortable portfolio is supported. You can view it on this page: http://the7.dream-demo.com/portfolio/portfolio-masonry/portfolio-masonry-4col-fullwidth/

2. It will require a tiny bit of CSS changes. We can assist with it (it’s free).

very nice theme, considering it for articles, are you sure it will rank good on the search engines the blogging part?

tags, etc? :)

Themes code is optimized for those purposes. Unless you have very specific requirements, you will have no need to alter it.

However, please note that using optimized theme (any theme, in fact) does not automatically guarantee SEO success. You still need to install SEO plugins like All-in-one-SEO or SEO by Yoast and do all stuff that seo-specialist does.

How do I increase the font size in the blue header?


I want to make the “OpenClos Project” and “An Open Source Framework to Create and Maintain Large Clos Networks” larger in font size and maybe bold.

I’m afraid currently there’s only a “Welcome to nginx!” message on that page..

Is it possible to to link to microsite stripes/sections?

For example, instead of having a microsite menu, i’d like to link directly to the microsite stripe/sections with banners. The first row would be three banners with links to the the three microsite sections below.

Also, I’d like to link to a microsite stripe/section from another page.

Is this possible or is slug incompatible with a link?

I’ve tried several different approaches and none have worked. Seems like only the micro site menu itself can point to the specific section. Would be cool feature, if possible. Thanks.

At this moment linking to stripes outside the main menu is not supported. But we are planning improvements in one of “closest” updates!

Kimbodude: Run the link for the demo through Google’s PageSpeed Insights to see the results of how well it does with page load time. Just remember that Google ranks content and otherwise greater than page load time.


I’m curious, whether or not we can add plug ins and widgets that are not included in the theme and also whether or not we can add as many pages as we like or if there is a limitation to that?



I’m curious, whether or not we can add plug ins and widgets that are not included in the theme and also whether or not we can add as many pages as we like or if there is a limitation to that?

In general, yes. But there are couple of thing s you need to notice:

Plugins/widgets. The7 is build to be as compatible with third party software as possible. But as every other theme and every theme author we cannot guarantee that it will be 100% compatible with all of them. E.g. sometimes you need to plugins styling; sometimes – fix minor JavaScript issues. etc. Also note that adding plugins will add separate CSS and JS files. This will naturally result in decreased scores in various test like Google’s PageSpeed, YSlow, GTMetrix, etc. (BTW we already have LOTS of plugins enabled on demo and it alters its scores. Without plugins The7 is lightning fast!)

Pages. Theme itself does not have any limitations. All depends on your server server settings and capabilities.

@seattle thnx man and yes, WC3 validation and google speed is very important, with all these google changes like hum., peng. and panda, we need to ensure the pages are perfect! :)

One thing you need to note: we already have LOTS of plugins enabled on demo (plugins are adding separate CSS and JS files; more code) and they are influencing theme scores significantly!

I love your theme and your support. It can’t get any better- but that’s what I keep thinking after every new version and you always proof I am wrong :-) Thanks for version 3.

I have one problem though:

Am I missing something or is there no possibility of embedding videos in a blog post???? Just embedding! Right know you have to insert an image-which looks nice, but it means that you need an image for every video. For clients with no graphic skills that is a big problem. Please tell me that there is an embedding option and I am missing it…. Thanks

Never mind found it. It’s the Videoplayer-shortcode :-) I guess you can’t do wrong.

Hi! Tell please, where can i download dummy content for 2-nd version of the7 theme?

We do not have archives of older versions of full demo:( Sorry.


just tested the demo. Unfortunately no icons are visible e.g. the ones right under the main slider on the homepage using Firefox 25.0.1 tested on a Mac.

If you change the css from:

.content .icons-bg .benefits-grid-ico > img { line-height: 0; max-height: 56px; max-width: 56px; vertical-align: middle; }


.content .icons-bg .benefits-grid-ico > img { line-height: 0; max-height: 56px; max-width: 56px; vertical-align: top; }

they are visible again but the position obviously is not ideal.

Hope this will be fixed, thanks! ;)


Please, submit a request via our online help-desk http://support.dream-theme.com – we’ll get back to you ASAP and take a look what is wrong. Thanks!

One last question: Does the theme have a predefined error page and sitemap?


There IS a 404 page: http://the7.dream-demo.com/404

But there’s no build-in sitemap. But you can use any plugin you like for that.

Hi, I have two questions for you:

1. Is there any way to use vector files in benefits section, instead of png files? I know that uploading this type of files is not allowed in WordPress unless you insert some sort of code in functions.php but the question is if this feature can be avoided.

2. How in the name of the Lord can I do to make the text in the Bottom Bar to stay centered when viewed from a mobile device (responsiveness mode)? Perhaps must I insert some code in ‘Custom CSS’ field? Which one? This is because if I put some text and graphics, they stack over the ‘go-top arrow’ feature.

Thank you.


1. No. We were not altering standard WordPress uploader.

2. Now that sounds strange.. Text in bottom bar IS (or at least must be) centered! Can I have a link to faulty page, please? Thanks!

1. But in your page http://the7.dream-demo.com/home/business/home-business-03/ you have inserted icons instead of images in benefits beside ‘Core features’ section. How did you do it?

2. http://enfc2014.com. Watch the three logos in responsive mode, they appear at the right side, not centered.

Thank you.


1. Those are icons from icon font – not separate media files.

2. You have a bit of code in “css/main.css” that keeps those icon on the right: .bottom-text-block { text-align: right; } :) You also need to add code to “css/media.css” to move those icons to center on certain screen width ;)

Hi, I’ve purchased the theme a few minutes ago and want to install it to my WP Website. There are still some other themes installed, like the enfold theme. But when I am trying to make the upload within the WP admin area I am running into an issue – it takes some time (aprox. 3-4 minutes) and after that I only see a white page with an alert “Are you sure you want to do that? Try again.” ~ something like that, cause it’s a German Hoster ;) I know, that there could be some issues with less memory, but than I should get an 500 Internal Server error or something like that. As I’ve said, in the past I had no problems installing other themes. So do you have an idea how I can get your brilliant theme running on my hosting package? Thanks in advance and kind regards, Rainer

Most probably, there’s an upload size restriction on your server. And theme is quite big – about 20 MB. You can install it via FTP or cPanel. Or ask your hosting company to increase upload file size say to 32MB. Also you can submit a request via our online help-desk http://support.dream-theme.com – our staff will assist with theme installation and set up (it’s free!)

Ok, I understood, but some other themes I’ve still installed have approx. the same file size. Anyway, I’ll open a ticket on your help-desk due to the fact, that my hoster is not very flexible in doing changes to the config ;( Thanks for your support and best rgds, Rainer