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Does this theme support RTL 100% ? Is there any live demo or screenshot for RTL?

Sure it does! Thanks for asking.

If i want to install any wp plugin like FAQ or CRM plugins,did it conflict with your theme ?

Who knows, it should not. Anyway, we’ll be glad to help if you face any issues with it.

Hi. It is possible resize font background? Thanks

Hello, this code will help: .row_bg .ce_title { word-break: break-all; }

Hi, When i install revslider plugin ,give this error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home/public_html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/includes/framework/colorpicker.class.php on line 72

Hello, thanks for writing in. Please update your php version. Seems like you’re still using a version prior to 5.3


I have some problems with the template.

The icons have not been installed. And I do not work the social networks in Theme Options (See here:

On the other hand, I have problem because template is not working fine. In blog page is not working fine the CSS or maybe ICONS i don’t know why (See here:

I try to load that is on folder (See here: in appearance > CWS Flaticons. But unfortunately it does not matter at all.

Can you help me?

Regards, Anelis

You can contact with us via facebook. Special for your, for the best result. Ok, we need some time. Mail with ftp received

Solved, thanks you very much!! :)

You’re welcome! Have a nice day!


avaind Purchased

Could you please reply my support from Gmail ? I have sent a lot mails and no one replied.

support@creaws and support@cwsthemes


Hello Tim, already replied. Check your mail.


A pre-sale question: I want to buy the template and the images too. How much can it cost me for the images and the videos (estimate) and where can I get them? I need approximately the same number of images used in the demo.


Please email us this question and we’ll reply attaching urls to the images.

Hi I have theme and was planning to integrate mega menu on the main menu. Does it have a pre-built mega menu layout? If no, is it compatible with mega menu plugin(UberMenu)? Thanks.

Hello and thanks for writing in. I’m sorry but the theme doesn’t have a mega menu integrated, neither we tested the UberMenu compatibility.

Hi, I’ve tested both UberMenu and Max mega menu and there is a conflict with the styling. I’ve sent more information including an image to your support email. Kindly respond asap. Thanks.

Hello, please send us your Item Purchase Code in order to get any kind of support or help.


eaw500 Purchased

Is there plans to support the new woocommerce?

You probably mean 1.0.8. It should work fine. Can you share the screenshot of the mentioned error?


eaw500 Purchased

Your theme (The8) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. These files may need updating to ensure they are compatible with the current version of WooCommerce. You can see which files are affected from the system status page. If in doubt, check with the author of the theme.

ok, thanks. You may send your wp url, login and password to support [at] They’ll help.

project filter select menu : can i remove select option and put a simple menu for project filter

Well, that’s the default behavior of the portfolio items. Please share the url of that page.

Okay, thanks. You can use these options for each portfolio item: The portfolio page should work exactly as you wish when you add the url to your single portfolio item into the appropriate field and remove the mentioned checkmark.


mayn400 Purchased

Every time I try and import the demo content I get> Something went wrong. Most likely due to operation timeout. Please, contact us providing your url, login and password so we could help you sort it out.


mayn400 Purchased

Now it uploaded but the pictures arent showing. I have about 2 dozen menu items. This theme is totally f*.

Hello and thanks for writing in. Please send us your wordpress url, login and password to check.

Hello Guys,

I purchased this theme, but when i run cws import demo then its shows me error the your purchase code is error. so please help me to find the solution

Hello and thanks for writing in. Please send us you wp url, login and password to help.

Love the theme, but my sidebar menu doesn’t look like the demo. The words are on top of the bullets. Also, my text doesn’t get bold when I choose bold. I am using PT Sans as my content font.

Hello, we didn’t receive your details. Please send it once again to support [at]

I just emailed again. Can you check for me

Thanks! Replied.

I have had this theme and love it – however ONE question and its not in the docs anywhere – How do I make it so the menu is not sticky – but ALWAYS visible on scroll. We need it to show all the time! Thanks

Ok, done! Please check your site and email.

Thanks a million!

You’re welcome! Have a great week!

Hello, I have successfully installed the theme and working fine but some css not working like header menu bar font hover not working. And also need help in child theme how to implement it as you have given both themes in downloads cause if i want to edit some css then popup is coming and suggest to editing in child them but I have no any child theme to edit but i have already installed it please suggest?

sure, support [at]

I have shared the details for theme from my email Please check asap and suggest to resolve the issues. Thanks.

Hello, emails replied. Please check the solution provided and let me know.

How to add new font family in theme as Gotham not coming in drop-down menu when we select font in Theme Option->Typography->select font

Hello and thanks for asking. You should edit the8/framework/config.php file here: and add your Google Fonts API key. After this the fonts should synchronise automatically.

Some of the milestones have stoped working. Does anyone now why and how to fix it?

Example: [cws_sc_milestone icon=’fa fa-video-camera’ icon_color=’#ed3237’ number=’7200’ speed=’2000’ desc=’VÍDEOS GRAVADOS’ custom_colors=’1’ custom_color_settings=’{@“}}’ borderless=’1’ item_width=’210’ custom_colors=’0’]

Hello and thanks for writing in. Please contact support for getting this sorted. The support emails is support [at]