Discussion on Thebe - Portfolio WordPress Theme

Discussion on Thebe - Portfolio WordPress Theme

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The order of Projects is not applied to the Next/Previous button in Project Ajax Popup. How can we fix this?

Sorry, I don’t see you have purchased this theme.

Hello. Awesome theme. Is it possible to play video sound on the front page instead of mp3 music?

Hello, browser doesn’t allow autoplay when video has sound. So if you turn on the volume, it can’t autoplay.

hi.. The shortcode are not going fullscreen on WOOCommerce product page description. do i have to mention any class name on append-class tag or is there any other way..?

Hi, could you send a screenshot and your page link to me via the theme support? I will check and add custom code for it.

Is this update to be used on the latest wordpress? Can the background be solid color instead of the semi transparent look?

Sure, we will keep the theme update to be compatible with the latest wordpress.

Do you mean page background? There are some options for changing page background, like color, image and video.

Hello and thanks for this great Theme ! Is there a way to manage its own archive page without sidebar and projetcs as they appear on pages ? Thanks :)

Ok, so how can I delete the information such as “author” and “publish date” ?

Sure, but you need to use CSS. If you don’t know how, send me a message via the theme support then I will help (in working hours).

Hi, I have purchased the theme, however I am having a problem with the blog post filter section. When you click on a category the page refreshes but it still shows all the posts, not just the ones from that category.

Here is the link: https://dose2.esconsulting.ca/feed-2/

Hi, this may be caused by the slug of category is not unique. You can try the bellow steps:
  • Edit your category, change the slug to another words, save it, then refresh your blog page to see if it works fine.
  • Create a new category, edit your posts and assign the category to the new added category. Refresh blog page and test.
If these steps do not help, pls contact me via theme support and I will provide further help.

Hello, is it possible for the landing page to has its own custom links. As I see from the demo it is using the ones from the Main Menu? Thanks!

Hi, sorry no, because the links of this page are from the main menu.


I update theme from v1.1.2 to v1.1.7 but now one bug cause the thumbnails of portfolio were wrongly scaled

1.1.2 https://i.ibb.co/Cngwhq7/thebe-1-1-2.jpg 1.1.7 https://i.ibb.co/XynzBry/thebe-1-1-7.jpg


Usually this caused by your server cache, you should clear the cache first (if you are using cache plugin, find the button from the plugin setting, if you are using cloudflare, clear the cache from it).

You are right. It was cache. Thank you

Hi! I am considering purchasing this theme and was wondering if it would be difficult to customize it to be a one page website, where the menu moves to positions, rather than new pages? Also, will this theme accept additional plug-ins, if I wanted to add an about me/skills section? Thanks!

Hi, this theme is not optimized for one page website, because it doesn’t include blog & portfolio module which means you can’t insert a blog or portfolio into a single page.
Our new theme supports blog & protfolio module, now it’s in the review queue, it will be online soon (in a week I guess). You can wait and take a look :)

Thank you for your response! I might try this one as it, because it has a specific portfolio setting that I have been looking for. I don’t need a blog, just an about me/resume section and the portfolio.

Ok, if you need help (such as binding ID, smoothing scrolling, etc…) please contact me via theme support.

demo page down. Yesterday it was working, but not now.

Thanks for your info. It’s in maintenance on that time, it’s working now :)

Hello, I use the Thebe theme. For some reason, videos in projects do not work in the mobile version of the site. What am I doing wrong?

Oh, I will make an update to turn it off ASAP.

I have made the update just now, pls download it.

Everything works, thank you!

hello I find your theme beautiful now that I bought them I would like to know if it is possible to integrate VC? in order to create pages as I want thanks

Hi, you can use VC when using Default Template. You can contact me if you face problem on it.

Great-looking theme! A few quick questions about the portfolio:

1. Is it possible to create multiple portfolio pages (for different categories)? If so, can the filter be used to filter sub categories?

2. does the theme support infinite scroll for portfolio pages, or if it uses pagination, do the filters still work correctly?

3. Is there any way for all the portfolio filterable categories to display on the top of the page (opposed to it being a drop-down menu)?


ok, thanks. Would you please consider adding an option to show filters without the dropdown on portfolio pages like it’s set up on this blog page: http://3theme.com/tf005/demo1/blog-modern/ ?

-Infinite scroll would be a great feature to add as well.

Sorry, currently we don’t have this plan.


Is there a possibility for autoplay video on mobile devices?


Are you sure, look here https://thelakesgt.ch/ (on Chrome)

It seems now the video can be autoplay only when it’s muted. I am not sure if the player of this theme supports it, I need to test.

Would be great!

I put the logo on and it’s way too big on the website. It is way out of proportion. What do I do?

Also I want to make “Landing” my home page and I do not want a drop down menu at all for Home. How do I do this?


1. You can use Photo tool (like photoshop) to edit the size then upload it again.

2. Add these code to Appearance => Customize => Additional CSS:

body.page-landing .main-menu {
    display: none !important;
Click publish.

If you still have problem pls contact me via theme support.

Hi, thank you for the last update. You are doing a great job! Is it possible to add the ability of adding custom icon to Post&Share?

Hi, I will consider it in next update, thanks for your advice :)

Perfect! Thank You.

Great theme, I’m using Elementor and one of my sections is pretty dark colored. What do I need to title that wrap section to make the menu turn white. Is it data-header-color=”white”?

Hi, I have answered you via email, pls check it.

Hi, love the theme. Which are the minimum PHP requirements? Like the max post size and upload filesize. Thanks!

Hi, the recommended version of PHP is 7.1+, the min version is 5.4+. I am not sure how big the max_post_size should be, but it’s recommended to be bigger than 10m.

My hosting goes up to 96mb file & post size, i’m asking because i’ve bought a few themes where that size is too low…

If your site has many images, 96mb is not enough.

Is it possible to disable the black transparency layer over the landing page and other pages background image and video?

Add the following code to Appearance => Customize => Additonal CSS:
.img {
    background: transparent;
Test it.

thanks for your quick reply! But it doesn’t seem to work. :(

Send you page link to me via Theme Support, I will check it.

Can we add Dribbble to the sites social?

I will add it in next update.

looking forward to it

How can I update my theme? I don’t see any option to update the theme myself. Please advice.


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