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Nice! good luck!

jb2, AliA,

Thank you.

Super flexible! GLWS mbiz! ;)

This is one of the best I’ve seen.

Do you think you will go Responsive with it? And when?

Hi smayton,

Thank you.

It’s difficult to give dates, but I’m considering this.


Just wondering how hard it is to change the colour to an orange is it a simple css hex code or are some images?

Hi tynanholmes,

The basic design elements are included in PSD format for easy modification, then according to your new color scheme, some major CSS must be altered such as backgrounds and link color.


Hi! Excellent work!!! Just a simple question im having trouble to findout :S.. where can I edit the nivo-slider transition effect to “fade” between images? It seems to be “random” by default… thanks you!

Hi pulgamarina,

Thank you very much for purchasing.

You can use the option “effect: ‘fade’,”.

For more info about nivo slider usage please refer to: http://nivo.dev7studios.com/support/jquery-plugin-usage/


Please use the contact form in my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/mbiz for support requests. Thanks.

Dear buyers,

For support, please contact me directly through the contact form in my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/mbiz


Is this easy to customize if i dont have any prior experience? I love the layout but i want to make sure I will be able to handle this!

I have a problem with Mbiz slider not sliding by it self automatically. Why? I have to press on the dots on the bottom of the slider to slide. Its sliding in your demo – its not sliding in your downloaded file. I tried with IE and Firefox. Tnks.

Doesn’t give you full homepage PSD . It’s just a shame.

It does now.

Thanks for purchasing.

Hi Nice work! However, I have trouble with this template:-

1. This site is not able to view in 800×600 screen resolution. 2. Set higher screen resolution, but if you zoom x3 times or more… some content will be missing.

Could you help to solve this problem? Thanks~

Hi maxgroup,

Thank you very much for purchasing.

theDawn was first designed in 960 grid system. i.e. for screen resolution higher that 960px. To solve your issue I need to go responsive, which I’m considering very soon.


I thought this template was easy to switch skin colors. Is this false advertisement, or is there really a way to do this. Please assist me in this matter, thank you!

The logo.psd is empty! Can we get it please? :’(

Hello friend, I yes have problems with the menu bar, I do not work the dropdown submenus. I have installed the 3.7.1 version of wordpress and theme thedawn v1.6. I hope I can help you more before please

Very cool & stylish! Good luck;