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Missing style sheet error when installing the theme

A common issue that can occur with users new to installing WordPress themes is a "Broken theme and/or stylesheets missing” error message being displayed when trying to upload or activate the theme. This error message does not mean that the theme you have purchased is broken, it simply means it has been uploaded incorrectly. Luckily, there is a very easy fix.

How can I add my created portfolio to a menu?

You can create a “Portfolio Category” and assign it to your portfolio items.

Then go to “Appearance > Menus” and add your new portfolio category to your chosen menu.

If you can’t see “Portfolio Categories” in the left side bar of “menus” page, go to “Screen Options” at the top right end of the page, and check “Portfolio” and “Portfolio Categories” boxes.

You can also add this link to your menu http://yoursite.com/portfolio

I’ve created a gallery with theDawn “Gallery Template”, and I get duplicate content.

When creating a gallery, after uploading your images, don’t hit “Insert gallery” button, you just save your changes. thedawn gallery will automatically retrieve your images.

If you hit “Insert gallery”, please delete the gallery that’s showing up in the content section.

I installed theDawn, but my “Slider Manager” is messed up and I can’t find “Add slide” button.

You’ve probably extracted and copied the zip file as is into “themes” directory. While you should’ve just copied “thedawn” folder to your “wp-content/themes/”.

How can I make the “Top Menu” drop-down? I want to add sub-menu items.

From WordPress “Menus” add menu items to your menu, then drag and drop them to re-arrange and create sub-menu items.

I want to disable comments in my pages, how can I do so?

In version 1.7 of theDawn there’s a new option in Appearance > Theme Options > General > Disable Comments on Pages

But if you’re using a version prior to 1.7 then you have to disable it for each page individually:

On the edit screen of your page scroll down and fine “Discussion” panel, then uncheck “Allow comments” box.

If you can’t find “Discussion” panel, go to “Screen Options” at the top of your page and check “Discussion” box.

How can I remove image border?

To completely remove image border from the theme open your style.css if you’re using the default color scheme, or css/skins/YOURSKIN.css if you’re using another color scheme.

Find the line which starts with: #content-960 img

and change border property from: border: 1px double #878e98;

To border: none;

If you want to keep the border and only remove it from images added to your posts, after inserting an image click on it, hit “edit image” button, choose “advanced settings” tab, and add the class “no-border” to your image.

How can I create a blog page like the one you have in the demo?

Well, First off, theDawn provides a blog post listing in your homepage in two ways:

1. Choosing “Blog” layout for your homepage. or;
2. Using the “Latest blog entry(s)” widget in “Magazine-like” layouts.

If you want to get a blog page separate from your homepage, then you can create a new category, name it “news” for example, assign it to all your posts and make it the default one for future. Then go to “Menus” and add your new category to a menu.

I can’t get my thumbnails in homepage, blog archive, portfolio index, or gallery showing up.

Please Update to version 1.7 or later of the theme and this issue will be gone.
But if you can’t update for a reason, then please check these answers:

1. Does your cache folder have the correct permissions?
You need to give your /cache/ folder full permissions. “cache” folder is located in “lib/scripts/”. In most cases this is “777” but it may vary depending on where you are hosted. If 777 does not work, try 755. It is recommended that you contact your host about what permissions to use if you are not sure. Setting permissions is also known as CHMODing, and can be done using most FTP programs and hosting control panels.

2. What path are you using for your image?
In most cases using the full path to your image should work. For example, you would input http://www.mydomain/blog/wp-content/uploads/image.jpg (or whatever the path to your image is). However, some hosts do not allow the use of http://www. at the end of a URL. In this case you should use the relative path to your image, and remove your domain from the URL. In the above case, assuming your blog is hosted in the /blog/ folder, the path to your image would just be: wp-content/uploads/image.jpg.
P.S. if this works for you, please contact me to get the modified gallery code.

3. Are you hosted with HostGator?
Please check this page, scroll to the bottom, question #11

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