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pat222 Purchased

Hey, thanks for informing me about blog template, I had a feeling that I’m missing something.

Anyway, I made issues/suggestions list, after a day of playing with it, here you go:

1. navbar-toggle for-sidebar – maybe use glyphicon-th-list instead 3x icon-bar?

2. Mobile buttons (menu/sidebar) stuck activated after clicking them.

3. Clicking site content while mobile menu or sidebar are open should close them.

4. Anchor icon goes onto sidebar in the mobile version.

5. Line under h5 (in list view) is always the same size compared to h2 which is of the length of the text.

6. FAQ search box text is sometimes red, not sure why.

7. When the sidebar is long and you scroll to the bottom of the site – it goes under the footer.

8. There is small jump/lag when you scroll the page at the beginning (just when menu starts moving).

9. Maybe make menu bgcolor skin dependent?

I’ll add more when I notice something. Otherwise, good job ;-) Hope to see some updates soon.

You can add following code to your custom.css file to remove anchor in mobile devices:

@media screen and (max-width: 767px) {
  h1 a::after,
  h2 a::after,
  h3 a::after {
    display: none;

I wrote down your suggestion to consider it in future updates.

Changelog is available here:

BTW, your review for TheDocs is 4 stars. It would be nice of you to update your review after this bug fixes if you think it deserves 5 stars.

Thanks for your feedback.


pat222 Purchased

I guess you mean “before” instead “after” – thanks :D Rating updated.

Thank you :)


Amazing theme, thanks for the quality of your work !

Since changelog is not updated yet, can you tell us the upgrades of version 1.4 ?



Thank you.

Sorry, the link in the item description was targeting at the previous demo website. It’s updated now. You can see the changelog here:

Thanks for your lightning fast feedback :) Great improvements !


Does your template have a ajax search like this:

Thank you, Haider


No, since TheDocs is html template, we can’t create a live search for it.

Hi! Thank you for your reply. I totally missed that. So if I ask the other way around then; can this be easily applied to a WP theme, or does it require a developer of some sort?


I’m not sure. It seems there is some WP plugins for live search, but I don’t know if it can easily implement in a theme or not. Probably a wordpress developer should take a look at them.

Hi, I bought this item (code=4ab38994-af1e-475e-ba93-aa48e53fba3f) but I need the version for wordpress. Can I change it?


Sure. You can refund your HTML version and purchase the wordpress version. You can submit a refund request here:

Minor improvement suggestion: In the JS which creates the anchor link for headings, prepend the full page URL. Anchors break if there’s a <base ref> set so altering the code to this solves that issue:

document.location.href + ’#’+ $(this).attr(“id”)

Thanks for your fix. We’ll include it in the future release.

Bug in my own bugfix :) var url = window.location.href.split(’#’)[0]; var anchor = url + ’#’+ $(this).attr(“id”)

Thanks again :)

Hi, thanks again for this great theme, real time-saver ! Any way to use inside a page smooth scrolling links to anchors like on sidebar/sidenav element ?

Thanks :)


We glad you like it. Unfortunately we don’t have such feature in the template right now. You can add such functionality very easy. Just include the following code into your custom.js file:

// Smooth scroll for links
  $('html, body').animate({scrollTop: $($.attr(this, 'href')).offset().top - 80}, 500);
  return false;

Then, you can create a smooth scroll to a section of page with adding .scrollto class to your link:

<a class="scrollto" href="#section-id">Click here</a>

Let us know if you need more help.

HI, we have a proplem, in the body we wanna put a row in full width, it’s in the displayHome hook and is with VC (the content inside the row is 1200px like the rest of tha page but the background got to be in full with) but the displayHome hook isn’t in full width,how can i do this without put the all the webside in full with, we do this in the fullwidthFooter hook but we cann put Visual Composer in fullwith’ hooks


Seems you’re question is regards WordPress version. Since the developer of WordPress version is another author, you should write your comment here:


Wordpress?? is prestashop, this is the theme

Our problem is in prestashop 1.7, can we get support?, please.

To ensure that it is clean and complete, we can not have the source code of the page: ?
Thank you, I love the design of “TheDocs” !


Glad you like our template. The landing page has designed using . If you need it, please send us an email using and I’ll send you the landing page. But you should know that it’s not part of TheDocs and since we’re an exclusive author in Themeforest, I can’t give you a license for using it in your projects.



We have implemented your templates for our documentation site. All is working well. We have one item we need help with. We have a code snippet service that generates code based on an input URL. The data returned is standard HTML/text. However, when we write the output from this service to the ‘code’ block element we notice the term highlighting no longer works. We have tracked that down to the lack of markup in that text. It appears the modified jquery library also review the document for code snippets and rewrites the DOM accordingly. Is there a way to call this function independently to re-init the doc or is there a function we can call with the input text and have it apply the regx automatically?


Seems in this case, you need to use the prism API ( ). Probably “Prism.highlightElement” is what you need.

Let us know if you need more help.

Hi, I bought your theme yesterday. I installed it and import the dummy data but the home page do not display the following introduction text “TheDocs is a html online documentation template….”. I can give you my purchased code but unfortunately I can’t give you accès FTP or WORDPRESS access. You can see the problem here :

Thank you for your help


The developer of the WordPress version is another author. You should write your comment here:

thank you


Thanks for a wonderful theme (The Docs). I am have wrote an book, containing sum 1 200 pages (with titles, subtitles and subs titles), that I am looking to make online and as SEO friendly as possible. The idea is that people will google something i wrote about and then land and my page.

I am now wondering, as I love the simple and nice design you have made, is TheDocs a suitable theme for my book/manual in terms of SEO friendly? I love that the left side bar “navigates” with you as you are reading through the main text, but I am unsure whether this is SEO friendly or not.

Please advice on this concern, and if you have a better suggestion, please let me know the name of that theme.

Thanks for the help and keep up the good work!

Grekting from Sweden :)


Glad you like our template. First, you should know that this is a HTML template, you should write your content in HTML code. Also, the SEO is highly depend on your page creation. If you add title, description tag, meta tag, related content, use appropriate html tags, link to other pages, etc. you’ll have a SEO friendly website. If you’re not familiar with HTML, you should use a WordPress template which is better in terms of SEO. Our template has a WordPress version which is developed by another developer, you can check it too:

Let us know if you need more info.

I like this theme but I have two questions before I make the purchase decision:

1 – In the Demo site the first ‘overview’ page, the header initially contains an image and the menus are transparent at the top and when you scroll down the header turns compact and sticky. This is nice but I did not see this behavior in any of the layouts, So does the template include this feature or not?

2 – In the mobile menu (which displays sidebar links) when it’s open It would be nice if the side bar automatically closes if the user clicks at the page (i.e outside of sidebar menus portlet).


1. The demo landing page has created using , so it’s not included in the download package.

2. You’re right. We have such a functionality in our newer templates such as . We’re planning to release a major update for the template soon. We’ll implement this feature as well.

Thanks for suggestion.

How can i put a divider for menu dropdown

Please add the following code to your custom.css file:
.sidenav {
  max-width: 250px;

Hello – works perfect. Thank you so much.. Its a fantastic theme :) Thanks so much for all your replies and support

You’re welcome ;)


The navigation bar on iPhone7 Plus can not be closed, You can reproduce this problem on the iOS simulator, or I can send you a screen video.

Thank you!

Do you have an online demo, so we can inspect the code to find a solution?

The URL: Device: iPhone7 Plus, iOS11

You can download the screen recording at:

I see. Thanks for sharing a video. We’ll work on it and release an update once we fixed it.


What license should I buy (regular or extended?) if I want to build a documentation based on this template and include the resulted documentation in my codecanyon plugin?

Thank you!


You need extended license. If you put it online and don’t include TheDocs into your packages, regular would be fine.