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Do you have details on how to add more vendors. Would like to use your autoload method.

Are you talking about TheDocs? It doesn’t have such a thing as autoload.

If you’re talking about TheAdmin, it also doesn’t have this feature to add a plugin to the autoloader. You should include it in the HTML file directly.

I mean the data-provider=”SomeNewProvider”. How can I configure new providers?

You should write your own JS code. Something like this:

$('[data-provide~="SomeNewProvider"]').each(function() {
  // Init the plugin


I just bought the TheDocs theme. There is no “installable wordpress file only” available for download.

Please email it to me ASAP:


thank you Tamar


Seems you purchased the wrong item. This is HTML template, but you tried to install it on a WordPress site. The WordPress theme is this one: https://themeforest.net/item/thedocs-online-documentation-wordpress-theme/16135997


I bought the TheDocs theme 2 days ago. Since it would not install from WP, I installed it via FTP.

After upload, I receive an error in WordPress: “Stylesheet missing”.

Please respond ASAP so that I can install the file or reimburse me.

Kind regards, Tamar


You purchased the wrong item. Seems you’re looking for the WordPress version which is this one: https://themeforest.net/item/thedocs-online-documentation-wordpress-theme/16135997



I’m trying to get the one-page navigation working so that the active state on each menu item is changed as you scroll through the page. I’ve put the required sidebar in, added the data attributes to the body and put the correct id’s on each header on the page.

Is there something else that i’ve missed that would stop this feature from working?

Thanks in advance!

Regards, Jonathan


Yes, that’s the only things you need to set. If you put your page online, maybe I can provide more help. The documentation on Bootstrap website might have some hints to resolve the issue: https://getbootstrap.com/docs/3.3/javascript/#scrollspy

Also, I assume you don’t have any JS error in the console.


Do I need Bootstrap 4 to use this?

It’s based on Bootstrap 4 and included in the template. So yes.


First of all, thanks for your great work!

But we have a little problem with your template.

This happens when a page is not long enough to have to scroll, then the footer is pushed at the end of the page. I don’t know if it’s this mechanism which did that, but I can scroll in the void without limit.

Tested on Chrome 67 on macOS High Sierra.

This can be tested on this page for instance, with a normal display: http://thetheme.io/thedocs/help/article-1.html I can even send you a screen recording if you want to see the glitch in action.

Thanks for your help.



Why you don’t like this behavior? We intentionally forces the footer to be at the end of page even if there’s not enough content in the page. Actually, it’s one of the requirements from Themeforest review team. Anyways, if you want to reverse this behavior, simply add .d-block to your body tag or add the following code to your css file so it applies to all of the html pages:

body {
  display: block;

I guess I didn’t explained correctly, here are some screenshots :

First of all, the initial rendering of the page : https://preview.ibb.co/dmBJUT/Capture_d_e_cran_2018_07_24_a_10_52_05.png Here you can see nothing special, the content is short enough to push the footer. Normally, I wouldn’t be able to scroll, but I can do so, and here’s what happen then : https://preview.ibb.co/dODXpT/Capture_d_e_cran_2018_07_24_a_10_52_18.png After further researches, it seems to be a rendering glitch from the browser-side (no scrollbars, duplicated “ghost” content)

I can see this behavior only when the footer is pushed. It also stop when the window is resized, and it affects only Chrome apparently (no problem on Safari or Firefox)

Oops! This problem happened to another template of us, I didn’t know it exist in TheDocs. It’s a problem with SmoothScroll plugin in recent version of Chrome. There’s not any update for the plugin yet. Until then, you can disable the smooth scroll plugin from /assets/js/script.js by changing smoothScroll variable to false.


zubri Purchased

Hi, in the previous version the sidebar was automatically picked and displayed as menu on mobile. Do you plan to restore that feature? Because in current version the sidebar is displayed on mobile as a normal section, at the bottom of each page.

Another interesting feature that was lost in the upgrade was the changelog.


Please check http://thetheme.io/thedocs/layout/general-2.html . It display the sidebar as your menu in mobile devices.

We’ll add more changelog layouts in the future releases.



heacox Purchased

add a cool timeline component maybe ? :)


heacox Purchased

Not yet – but there are instances where we have been asked to show a vertical timeline (you can see them in most admin demos now on Themeforest) of date-based activities. If there is an email I can send more details directly.

We have a timeline in another template of ours, http://thetheme.io/thesaas/uikit/process.html . We might add it to TheDocs in future releases. We need to find best case for use the timeline.

You can send us an email using the contact form in our profile page: https://themeforest.net/user/thethemeio


heacox Purchased

Like your work and this timeline in thesaas is what I was looking for – the variations work. So, just bought your theme :)

Purchase code – f8ed5750-8296-43a6-a438-89941d1d60b3

I purchased this doc creator a few months. I want to start using it to generate a FAQ/support page for an angular based app. Do you have a documentation to show me step by step how I go about building the support page. like support.mydomain.com


We have a documentation on how to use the template. With enough knowledge of HTML/CSS and Bootstrap 4, you should be able to easily use the template to develop your website and contents. You can read our documentation here: http://thetheme.io/thedocs/docs/kb-introduction.html

hi, we wrongly buyed TheDocs HTML theme what we wanted to buy was the Wordpress version of the same theme, now we purchased the wordpress version too, we wanted ask you to refund our mistakenly buyed HTML version.

cheers, Osman Ç.


Ok, submit your refund request from http://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new



ajk0519 Purchased

Can’t seem to get the contact page to send an email, I’ve configured the sendmail.php file but not receiving anything

The current configuration of the PhpMailer uses the default configured SMTP server. If you’ve uploaded your project and it doesn’t send, you should contact your hosting provider. If it’s on your local dev, probably you don’t have SMTP server configured.

Is there a feature to remove the top nav bar entirely, except for mobile viewports – where the hamburger menu would appear to replace the sidebar?

Thank you.


We have something like this. Please check this layout: http://thetheme.io/thedocs/layout/general-2.html .


General-2 doesn’t work. The sidebar is unresponsive when I click on it through the HTML code. Is there any fix to that?


I don’t understand the problem. What you mean by “when I click on it through the HTML code”? The sidebar hides in small screens and opens once you click on the 3-bars on navbar.


damiancr Purchased

Hi there :)

We are triying to upload the template to Wordpress and we receive a message which says the following: “El enlace que has seguido ha caducado Por favor intentalo de nuevo”

In english it would be: “The link you have followed has expired Please try again”

Could you please guide or help us to solve this?

Thanks a lot.


It is a HTML template, you can’t use it on WordPress.



I assume that this template is solely html-based. What solution can you suggest for quick page editing, without hand-typing all the tags and brackets and such, to type down a documentation?


It is HTML template. Unfortunately, there’s not any other way to populate your pages. You need to write HTML codes. But the point is once you prepare the page by developing your header, menus, navigation, footer, etc. writing content wouldn’t get so much time.

Have you considered markdown language? I know html, but I’d prefer faster ways to write documents, and prevent small errors etc.

We don’t have such a feature yet, but I’ll add it to our todo list to check possibility of supporting Markdown.


rovarma Purchased


I’ve bought your TheDocs template. I’m trying to use the One Page template, but it’s broken on Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer. It works fine in Chrome.

To reproduce (in, for example, Firefox):

- Go to http://preview.themeforest.net/item/thedocs-online-documentation-template/full_screen_preview/13070884 - Select the One Page layout - Expand the ‘Menu Levels’ menu item - Scroll down until the sidebar is fixed to the top. - Notice that the layout of the sidebar is broken; the elements are laid out horizontally

Can you fix this issue, or let me know how to work around it?


Sorry about the issue. Seems it can be fixed by adding following css code:

.nav-sidebar {
  flex-wrap: nowrap;

rovarma Purchased

Thanks, that fixed it!

I purchased TheDocs template and have a couple questions:

1. I am using the general-3.html file and would like to know how I can reduce the width of the navigation menu?

2. Is it possible to collapse this menu for a mobile view…just show icons?

Thanks, Craig