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Dear mopc76,

Nevermind my emails. After a bit frustrating few hours I’ve finally figured out how to do it myself… Great form btw. Thanks a lot.

Can you please take a look at the form I am working on and let me know how to make the radio buttons function correctly and independently for each question. Thank You!

Form Location—->


each pair of yes/no buttons must have its unique name, for instance first pair: name="fields[Home]", second one name="fields[Kids]"

my boss have me change this form to RTL but I met some problem. The form selector does not work properly on rtl. May you help me with it

yes I found out how to do this. But there is another one.

The form is not responding after clicking submit button.I received the email contain input data but It’s stuck at loading screen.

try to open file php/form.php, after the first line
insert new line

thank you. It works perfect now

Can someone tell me if I am limited to how many fields I can insert for my form? Can I configure as many different forms as I like and place as many fields as I like on it and have the info sent to a specific email?


you can have any number of fields, but only one form. The form data can be sent to a specific email or stored into Google Docs.

novice skills, but I set up the form the way I need it and I can not get the form to email out the data. just hangs on the loading image. probable something simple. ideas?


the script php/form.php gives an error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ']' in /php/form.php on line 4 it looks like you’ve made a mistake while editing this file, please, check.

Here is my line 4; ”$_SETTINGS[‘send_to email’]=true; // true/false to send data on email or gdocs to store data in Google.Docs” I can make a donation if you can get me going in. I just want to use an email address for the data.

please, write us via contact form ( ) provide me temporary access to FTP and I’ll try to help you.

I want to use Arabic support for cufon. I download cufon font from with Arabic and Hebrew support and change the js file name on html file but the text is not displayed. Please take a look at My boss asked me to do this urgently. Thank you


as I can see you’ve already managed to solve this issue. Yes, the best way in your case is just to disable Cufon.

the issue isn’t resolved. The text are not displayed on the button and on the 3 bottom’s heading. Yes Disable it can solve the problem but it the button looks really terrible


sorry for delay with answer. Unfortunately didn’t managed to figure out the problem. It looks like the best way though is to disable Cufon.

hi there, Great job.

presale questions. 1. i can use it for survey reasons, right? i am planning to use it for my thesis research and my data collection via questionnaires.

2. The theme is the final product or i have to buy additional plugins?

thank you!


1. this form can collect data and store it in the google.spreadsheet, so I suppose you can use it for survey reasons.

2. This is not a “theme”, this is a single page plain HTML template. It can be used as is, without any addons.

Hello sir, Please help me I want to all information on my email id. Please reply me


unfortunately I didn’t understand your query clear. Could you please describe in more details?

The thank you page is not loading


I’ve answered to your email with more details.


I bought your html file some months ago. I find it great but I can’t use the google docs store method. I’m wondering if it works since it is not google docs anymore but google drive ? I ‘l like to use your support, but when I want to use my purchase code , a message says that my purchase code is already in the database. I have my invoice proving that I bought it. Thanks for your help Regards,


it’s still working, you just need to create Google SpreadSheet document in your Google Drive following the Documentation. Also, please, note, that if you use 2-Step Verification in your account, you need to create App password and use it instead of your primary password.

Hi, thank you very much! my problem was the 2 step verification indeed. Everything is fine now! Franck


does this support Counter, how many have signed up ?

- Teemu


there is no such feature in this item.

When using the email method, is it possible to add more than one email address to receive the information? Thanks! Great stuff!


yes, just specify them separated with a comma, like this:

Thank you!

Another question: Is it possible to redirect to a Thank You Page (I need this for conversion tracking reliability) instead of loading the thank you message on the same page?

Yes, open file js/custom.js, line 141, replace the block

Thank you!!

Hello! I created some new form fields and sending via e-mail works fine, but in Mailchimp only Name and Mail are included. What do I have to do in order to make the export of the other fields work? Thanks!


did you create the same fields in your Mailchimp account?

Since Google shutdown ClientLogin now sending form to Google Spreadsheets doesn’t work anymore…

Are you planning to use OAuth2 in ‘theForm’? Otherwise you have to change the item description…



thank you for notice. Unfortunately I cannot say at the moment will new authentication method be added or it will be some other decision, since we need some research. We will make a decision shortly.

Hi Sir, i just bought the theme, may i know how do i submit the info to Google Form with Ajax??

Beside, sending form to Google Spreadsheets seems doesn’t work…can u advice how to resolve, thanks!!


sorry, this feature stopped working since Google changed its API. Feel free to request a refund for this item.