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Really impressive, great work! ;)

Thank you, dvweb!

Thank you, dvweb!

Like this one! good luck on sells

Looks really good… something to consider for a future revision or your next product… Code your forms to work with popular mailing services like Aweber and MailChimp. As a marketer who buys themes and software for my clients and my own business, I always need to integrate with those services. I would pay more for this feature.

Daniel, thank you for your advice! We’ll do it definitely!

Daniel, thanks for your help! Now MailChimp feature connected.

Nice and different ..good work..

Thank you, Bluenila!

there is a small bug on safari. the first drop down is out of alignment when you select it….

Great form,

You can quite easily activate SMTP authentication.

It would be really great if you could add ReCAPTCHA to the form.


Thank you, adam_roberts!

We will try to add ReCAPTCHA with next update.

Actually, theForm do have some kind of built-in spam protection. Try it as is, may be it will be enough.

Hi, love this form! How can I integrate this into wordpress?


Hello, thanks :) You can use FTP to upload theForm to your WP hosting to any directory (example: /form). theForm will be working as a standalone small website, you can set up a links from your WP site to and place a backlinks from theForm to your website.

Hope it will help.

Hey thanks for the great support on this theme.

Author promptly made a few changes within hours of my request.

5 Stars – Recommended Highly.


Can the form able to update already acquired data?

Thank you. Best regards.

We can’t understand what exactly do you mean? Can you describe the task more detail.

This looks pretty good, is there a way I can use this with Aweber? Also does the form have to stay a yellow color ?

Hello, thanks!

There is currently no integration with Aweber, but it’s integrated with MailChimp.

The form is yellow by default in all color schemes, but if you have some photoshop skills it can be any color in a couple of minutes (3 png files should be recolored).

hello -

are you able to supply the layered psd files to enable crisp editing of the form colour :)

thank you,


we can send you psd file, but there is a little chaos in layers and the psd file is only the half way to the final layout – that is why we haven’t uncluded it in zip package. The easiest way to recolor the form is to edit png files in img folder. But still if you want psd file tell us email and we will send it to you.

Really nice work. One little “bug”: The text-color of the selected element of a select box does not mach with the text-color of other input types. it’s much ligher. Other than that: great work!

Thank you, sbarbe! We’ll check this issue.

Hi there -

I have sent you an email requesting the PSD file.



I would like a form that I can fill and send the data to customer and myself but without losing the layout of the form. Is that possible..

Example : => Fill the form as required => Click submit => Store in google docs or mail chimp => Send email to client and myself without losing the html formatting so that it appears in the email in the same layout as have entered the details on the form


by default form data comes to email in simple table view, to make this layout the same as on the page it needs extra email template and code.

Currently we don’t do any custom works, unfortunately you can do it only by yourself.

Simply free of non-data pixels!

Is it possible to have/use the Theme-Selector code too?


Hello, stevenmilstein,

this theme selector is our utility for templates preview only, also it uses PHP , and we don’t have an idea how exactly it should work on customers sites.

All layout variants are present in zip package, you can make such a selector by yourself (color theme changes by replacing CSS file, background changes by CLASS for BODY tag)


Great form!!

I am having difficulty establishing the connection between the form and my google docs spreadsheet.

When I click the Join Now button the form fades and looks like it is trying to make the connection with google docs but it just stays faded and doesn’t refresh or anything.

Can you please offer me assistance/help?


Hi, answered via email.

does this have the ability to upload files through the form?

Hi, dcapper, unfortunately there is no styling for “file upload” fields and PHP script also doesn’t work them up. There are only field types as on the preview.


Is it possible to add more fields, either dropdown’s, radio buttons or text etc.



Hi, joshmassey,

sure, it can be any number of fields.

Hello, I sent you a couple of emails by your profile. I have problems with the confirmation button. Please if you can provide support. Gus.

I’ve answered you. Have you received emails?

Hi, I just purchased and was wondering if there was a way to have the form send users to an external page when they click submit, as opposed to sending them to the thank you message.

Hi, yes, it can be. Open file js/custom.js, find function
function fillform_success(obj)

and replace it to

function fillform_success(obj)

Thanks for the info.