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This is the best thing i’ve bought from here. Very user friendly and love the style. Well done.

Hi, brynray! Thank you for your kind words :)

Does this form have the ability to send confirmation emails to people who sign up using the form?


answered via email

Every installation comes back that the theme is missing the stylesheet.css I’m not sure what I did wrong but something…any suggestions?

Hello, jareason,

this in not a theme for any CMS , you should not install it, this item is simple one page HTML template.



When I click the Join Now button the form fades and looks like it is trying to make the connection but it just stays faded and doesn’t refresh or anything.

Can you please offer me assistance/help?

—-Kind the same problem as someone above.


Im not exactly sure if I have to upload everything in the folder “landing_page” including the optional themes (theme 1, theme 2, etc)

I renamed the theme Im using to index.html, is that a problem?


Hi, Daniel!

The link above gives Error 404 – Not Found. Unfortunately can’t find the problem without the correct link.

Usually such a behaviour is because of PHP4 on the web server. Check the PHP version, the Form needs PHP5 .

Hey there! I solved the issue, I did a mistake when adding more fields in the code. This works great! thanks for this file. RATED 5 Stars

Do you have any advice on where to place the conversion pixel on the form after the site visitors successfully submit their information? Thanks in advance.

Hi, AGIonline, thank you for purchase!

I think a good way is to do that: open file js/custom.js, find the function fillform_success and after the line $('#mainform_success').fadeIn(200); insert line var $conversion=$('<img src="YOUR-CONVERSION-PIXEl-ADDRESS" />'); so, your should get:
function fillform_success(obj)
    if(obj.error == 0)
            var $conversion=$('<img src="YOUR-CONVERSION-PIXEl-ADDRESS" />');

Hi, Could you customize the computer-image.png for me? I’d like to change the “50%” by something else.

Hi, WeNamelt, please write your task to us via contact form

I am having an issue with the form hanging on submit. The only post setting enabled true is gdocs.

Landing page:

Here is the index html:

Here is the form.php (user/pass edited out):

Here is the google doc, you can see the name/fields:

Thanks in advance for any help.

One addition to my last question . If I set gdocs to be false in the form.php, then it makes it to the success page. Setting it to true causes it to hang.


on form submit form.php gives an error (it can be catched with network monitor in google chrome in the form.php response)

Fatal error: ‘Authentication with Google failed. Reason: BadAuthentication’

It seems, that there are some problems with username/password.

Hi there,

I am having issues with ie8. When I hit submit nothing happens – is ok on mac firefox, safari. All options are selected.

Any advice gratefully received.

Thanks, Sean


I’ve just tested on IE8 and I the form submitted successfully. What exactly is going on? You are pressing the “Send button” and the submit even doesn’t start? By the way, I’ve noticed some trouble now, when the field is required and not filled, it’s highlited by the red shadow and the text notice at the side, but if the “checkbox” or “radio button” is “required”, field is only highlighted with shadow without text notice and such a shadow doesn’t work on IE8 . May be when submitting in IE8 , you doesn’t check required checkbox and can’t notice it? I can send you a fix, to repair highlight for checkboxes in IE’s. Please, contact me via contact form.

Too bad it doesn’t look good on mobile devices otherwise i would have bought it.

hi, I got the form online at and removed all the form fields except email, but when I press the button I get a bad request. I’ve configured the php form file to send to my email. Do I need to alter the custom.js file to remove the validation for checkboxes and radios etc now that only the email field is being used? thanks, Adam

Hi, Adam, I’ve answered via email.

Easily the best bang for bucks item available on envato marketplace. Absolutly love it.

Thank you, vellatechie! We are really glad you like our work.

I realize someone already asked early on about ReCaptcha… I am attempting to implement this myself… have you gotten any headway on an update utilizing recaptcha? Is there anything I should look out for? I haven’t been able to get it working after a few hours at work… any advise would be great. Expect up to a million visitors to this form over next 2-3 months. Thanks


unfortunately there is no plans to add ReCaptcha. It fact, the form uses a small trick (invisible to regular user) that can protect from spam. Just try it “as is” and may be that will be enough.

Oh wow, looks like you just updated this. I downloaded the updated version from August 8 but file structure looks different. Anything I need to know if I use the new updated version? Thanks!

I didn’t notice the “Libraries” directory in previous version… is the php directory any different than previous version? Thanks so much!


all releases contain “Libraries” directory. But you don’t need to copy it on your web-server – it’s only contain full pack of libraries, used in the form. You should copy on web-server only “landing_page” directory. As for the php directory: since 1.3 version mailchimp intergration added and the php directory changed with that version.

Hi!, I have been trying to add on some database functionalities to this form using php & Mysql. I am trying to modify the form.php file so that it will send the information to the database and then to the email. I am running into a really weird issue. If I make any modification to this file (i.e. basic instruction: echo “test”;) the form stops working and when I hit submit it looks like its loading but nothing ever happens.

I cant make any includes or requires as well because I get the same result. Obviously if I cant get a simple instruction like echo to work here I can’t get any of the other complicated code to work. Any guidance you can provide? Is there a better place where I should be adding this code?

I appreciate your help!

You can’t do echo in the form.php file. This file should return JSON object (echo command, that outputs JSON respone is on the last line). When you “echo ‘test’; ” you breaks the output and theForm hangs up. You can run any complicated code, but don’t output any text.

Hello, great work!! Can I also send confirmation emails to people who sign up using the form? thanks!

Hello, yes, it’s possible, open file php/form.php and after line 8
$_SETTINGS['email']['address']=''; // Email to receive data
insert code

Thanks for your reply, but how can I send a message to the email that receive the data and another different message to the email entered in the form? thanks in advance.

Please, write me via contact form ( ) and I’ll reply you via email (in order not to write a lot of code here).

Dear it’s great work : ) , but there are bug can you please help to fix?

when i try to change the language in button the button come blank i try to change font in css and convert every thing to utf-8 but the error still the problem is here


Currently I see the text on the button and it’s ok. It seems that you have already removed Cufon font include and it helped you. That’s right, the second way was to recompile Cufon font with necessary charset.