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Hi there,

When i view this form under IE7 there is a space below the Submit button on the base, even on your demo it does this? Is there an easy fix for this?

Regards Matt

Hi Matt,

unfortunately we’ve spent much time to fix it but ineffectually. We don’t think this line is a big trouble as it’s only 2% of IE7 users worldwide, but if you want we can make moneyback on your paypal account (to do it, please write us via contact form ).

No that’s fine I’m more than happy to pay for the Form! It saved me a lot of time and works great, I agree that its not a biggie, Thank you – Matt

Thank you so much! Your Form works amazingly, I’m super happy! Gave a 5-stars. -Grace

Grace, thank you!

I can get everything to work except the Google Docs. Please help.

Please, write us via contact form ( ) and provide us your website URL and the settings section of form.php file (you can erase google password)

Does it make a difference if I am using Google Drive vs Google Docs?

Hi, answered you via email.

Can one customize this form to have additional fields to be more like a registration form? Like password type..

yes, you can add any number of fields to the TheForm. Please check this long example:

Can one customize this form to be like registration form? Like password type…

I’m shopping around for a very simple Wordpress or HTML layout for a single-page, landing-page type registration form for a job fair. I love the simplicity and style of this layout, but I have a few questions:

1) Can I add small, square sponsor logo images to the right of the form? 2) Can I add a square logo the left? 2) Can I add an extra button that goes to a form for job fair attendees (not employers)? 3) Can I change the background image to another pattern?

I know my way around DreamWeaver, and know HTML basics, so if this layout is as customizable as I hope it is, I’ll be able to do it.



Hi Sean,

this item is a single HTML /CSS page, so it can be customized as you desire, it depends of your skills. You can before purchase look at the code, may be save the page and play with it and if it will fit your needs – buy it.

Love this form, it’s brill.

Just one problem I can’t overcome. When I click ‘Submit’ in Chrome or Safari, the ‘Success Message’ doesn’t appear?

This problem doesn’t occur in IE.

Any ideas?


is seems there are many errors in the markup. Check the page with You have the code like <link rel=”image_src” href=”” / > where the the quotes are wrong chars. must be " and so on.

hello great form, but can u show me on how to change the radio button color? i want to make the radio button black in color instead of yellow is it possible? thanks :)


you can modify the image which contains radio button layout: img/uniform/sprite.png

Important notice! Our team is currently out of the office at this time. We will return on Wed, January 9, 2013. We will promptly respond to all support requests upon our return. Thanks for your consideration with this brief pause in service. All the best in the New Year!

Hi, very happy with the form. We changed and added a few of the form fields, and now when submitted, the form doesn’t go to the Thank You page, it just hangs. We receive the form information OK by email, however the user thinks it hasn’t been submitted. I understand this is probably due to the fact we’ve upset the code a little. Can we get you to look at and fix – I’m happy to pay for you to do this.

No, please resend, thanks.


I’ve resend message to “j***n@f***”. Let us know, if you haven’t receiced it.

Message received, many thanks for your prompt help (the original message was in my junk mail).

Hi, great form/template! love it, all working fine except one thing: when form is submitted, it IS sent, but page keeps showing the loading-squares and doesnt go to the thank-you bit. (all browsers) thanks m8!


please, write us via contact form ( ) adn provide us your website URL, we will take a look and figure out the problem.

by the way, the url is: i receive the emails perfectly, its just not going further.

Oh, nevermind my previous answer, see the URL. Please, open file php/form.php, and insert after the first line
new line

and it should solve the problem.

and it did! great service! thanks a lot.

Can I install this into a Wordpress theme?

No, this item is not a WordPress theme.

Can not get Google Docs to work.. please help


if following the documentation doesn’t help, please, write us via contact form ( ) provide us the details (what you have done) and we will try to figure out the problem.

I have all my files offline, does this effect the process when I click ‘Send!’ ?

I ask because like a couple others here the screen dims out and the loading squares to stay there.

Is there a list I can go down the knock out the possibilities ?


the form (button ‘Send!’) could work only on web-server with PHP support. Offline you can see only the page, but the results of the form won’t be worked up.

Hi, pls let me know how to change the default H1 font (Bitter) – this one doesn’t support diacractic signs (Polish language). I have changed the coding for html file for utf-8 and it doesn’t work. Thank Ypu ina advance.



you can disable cufon plugin, which apply Bitter font this way: open file js/custom.js and comment out or remove lines
Cufon.replace('h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6', { textShadow : '0 1px #fff' });
Cufon.replace('.button', { textShadow : '0 -1px #424242' });
Cufon.replace('.divider', { textShadow : '0 1px #f7e9b2' });
then you will be able to apply any font for title via CSS.

Does this work with Aweber ? Can the visitors email address be subscribed to an Aweber list ?

Mailchimp is not good because their TOS don’t support many industries.


unfortunately there is no integration with Aweber in this item.

Hello.. I’m setting up the form for my landing page and I wanted to add a browse button so a user can submit a file. We’re using this as a RFQ form (request for quote) and need the customer to add a file so it gets emailed with their details. Can you message me and let me know how to get this done?

Thanks! Great form!


unfortunately theForm doesn’t support “file” inputs and sending the file over the email.

Hi there, I sent you email from and asking for help but havent heard from you. I managed to ad more text input fields in the .html file but somehow the additional text input data such as “position”, “extension number” and “company” are not being sent to my email when I tested the form out. Please help. I’m willing to pay extra if you need me too just to let me know how to do that. Form link: