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Thanks, we just submitted a revised theme with a Cu3er slider instead of the classic jQuery slider. Hopefully people will enjoy that slider more since it seems to fit the theme a bit better. Stay tuned!

What code editor are you using? Love the clean look. Might buy this purely because of clean code. I LOVE clean code.

We use Coda to code all of our sites. We have a specific theme that makes our code have those colors. It also helps that we are very picky about how clean our code and how organized our photoshop files are, so it only makes sense that we consider the code to be part of the design!

When i load the theme i get the following error,

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. Theme Stylesheet is missing.

Im not sure I follow what you are saying. Are you trying to install our template into a CMS as a theme?

Our theme was built specifically as an HTML theme. It wasnt built as a theme for any specific CMS . We leave it up to the purchaser to know how to incorporate the theme into what ever scenario they want.

With that said, Ill be more than happy to try and help you figure out the issue.


Is this based on flash?


Hey man, sorry for the late response. I didnt notice it until now. When you say “based on flash” what are you referring to specifically? The rotating graphics in the header of the Bokeh theme is generated using javascript. No flash is involved at all. Let me know if this answers your question. Thanks!

I really love this theme, I really want to buy it, however I just need to know one piece of information…

After I click “Proceed to Checkout” there is no checkout page? Is there no checkout page that comes with this website or do you have to create your own?

Glad you like the theme. There is no page after the cart. You would have to style a page or in some cases if paypal is used go through their checkout. Hope this answers your question. Thanks!

How do I make the slide run automatically instead of waiting for a click?

Nice theme by the way!

Never mind… just figured it out!

Thanks again.

Thanks glad you like it!


How would I make this compatible with BigCartel? Great Theme!

We can convert this into a BigCartel theme if you are interested for a small fee. You can send me a message to findme at jakemize.com if you are interested.