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ery nice template! Welcome to ThemeForest!! :)

You should include a live preview :)

Yes, a live preview would be nice.

I also agree a live preview would be nice… beautiful theme, just want to see it in action before purchasing.

As requested, a live preview has been uploaded. Thanks for the feedback, enjoy!

Omg, just what I’ve been looking for. I hope the price doesn’t go up anytime soon because I’m purchasing by the end of the week. :p

Great first upload. :)

q: is there a way to manipulate the individual pages? I’d like to remove the “contact us” that appears on the right side of the solo pages.

Yes you can manipulate the individual pages. You would just remove the right column and adjust the left column to 100%. If you purchase and need help with this, feel free to send us a message and we can help out. Thanks for the feedback!

Is the shopping cart functional, or must we program it ourselves?

Unfortunately this theme does not include commerce functionality only the elements to assist in building / incorporating into a commerce solution. We are thinking about converting this into a BigCartel theme. Thanks!

The colors….......................................... are amazing! :D

Sweet, thanks!

awesome theme. welcome and I wish you many many sales! :)

Thank you very much. We plan on creating more!

Very nice. I like the colors, the imagery. Good job!

Thanks, we appreciate the positive comments!

more please. This category really needs more uploads . Developers need more front ends like this. But perhaps one step further to include buttons (blank and predef), table options and pretty login. Check out gooeytemplates.com. I wish there were a merge of admin and ecommerce templates.

divtype… i am thinking of buying this one while I wait. Any chance you’d addon to this one?

We are going to make the contact form functional and there is a possibility that we may add another page or so. What are you referring to specifically about the additions? We would love to hear ideas! Thanks!

i need sexy tables and buttons. I am coding my own retail solution but am also including administrative features like inventory management.

Thank you!

I want to purchase this…but Im going to use a simple solution like ejunkie for paypal..can I easily change the viewcart and purchase buttons with the code from ejunkie?

and does the search and contact us form work?

as soon as I get the answers to these questions I will purchase

Thanks for your interest in our theme. You should be able to implement the code that ejunkie provides on any button within the theme.

As for the search and contact form, neither of those are functioning. We are working on implementing a functioning form as it seems to be a regular request and then updating the web files.

Let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks!

Okay, Im going to purchase it anyway, but I will need a working contact form..hopefully you can update it soon

also the slider button doesnt work for the extra pictures on the product page

nor the 1|2|3 buttons

We have updated all of the items you mentioned. Enjoy!

I really would love to purchase this template, however I’m going to definitely need to have a working contact form, how is it going on the update of this item?

Thanks, Mictek

We have updated this template with a working contact form and instructions on how to update it. Let us know if you have any further questions!

D. Great work. I’m looking for some ecommerce functionalities for the template. Did you decide if you’re using bigCartel or any other solution that would work? Please let me know. Thank you!

We can definitely help you incorporate the Theme Cart template into BigCartel. Shoot me your contact info and we can chat. Thanks!

Thanks, its beachbreeze @ Live.com

Message sent! Thanks!

hey i bought this template, its nice, But i wanted to know if you can help me get it on my website? 0_o and Also, does the Checkout Button work?

Hello Alimmo – Thanks for purchasing the ThemeCart template. Im not sure I follow what you are asking? Do you need more support than just dragging the HTML files to your FTP ? As for the checkout button, since this is just an HTML template it’s the responsibility of the buyer to create the shopping cart functionality. This is just basically a shell for a shopping cart type site. We built it specifically for BigCartel even though it could be adapted to many other carts. We can chat offline if you want to hire us to implement it into BigCartel. Let me know, thanks!

Thanks Alot for replying, Nevermind, I’ve found a solution :) sorry for the inconvenience

No worries, glad you found a solution! Take care!

Hi div,

This theme is sick but I wanted to know are you still going to support it seeing that it’s one year old?


Hey Thanks for checking us out! Im not sure I follow what you mean by support. I usually have no problems helping people with the template, it just depends on the extent of their question. We can’t do hours of work for someone but we are more than happy to answer questions and give direction to accomplish certain tasks. I hope this answers your question. Let me know if you have any further questions or concerns. Thanks!