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Hey…wonderful theme.

Was wondering if you could add a collapsed side navigation bar instead of it just disappearing, like this:

Sorry to be a pain…this on your other theme would be perfect:

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Hi jamesaps,

At the moment we don’t have any immediate plan for it but will consider it for future updates.


does this theme contain html css alone without php code.., becuase I need only html design for one of my real time application

Hi akramwahid,

I confirm that Social includes separate HTML package for both AJAX and NON-AJAX version that being the main focus of the package.


Recently I did migration from V1.0 to V2.0. And I check your frame making by PHP, first time when I found you made PHP version I feel so great. But I think your PHP version is just for your design page view, not for good structure or function and also this is not a frame. Every PHP users use their own frame and structure. It means that you just make components that’s it. You don’t need to make like this. We(PHP user) have to deconstruct your package and sort components and their control code we understand and after we insert this to our system. It’s not efficient if you make this just document… script file we need when we render the page, what does the skins do? menu is just menu sidebar and …. so on… It’s really nice for us and we just use components.

So in my opinion, it’s better to use HTML template and customize to PHP system.

Hi wangjacsi,

Thank you for sharing your views on the Social PHP version.

Although it would be nice to have the PHP version fully hooked up with a database and fully functional in terms of users/posts… etc.. our aim is to provide the boilerplate of the template … switch skin feature… easy menu customization through the config.

Of course if you or others use PHP frameworks you will use the PHP included as informative.


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The navigation bar at the right appears at the bottom of each page on my phones: Sony Xperia z1 and Samsung galaxy s5. Any way to fix this?

Hi jamesaps,

Will check it ourselves and come back with a fix…


Hello Mosaicpro,

Yesterday, I bought the template but I don’t understand how can I install it? Kindly tell me process for installing the theme over my FTP server or how can I make changes in it? If I want to do

Hello good day

I ended up making a purchase! To translate to Portuguese (Brazil) as I do? Any plugin?

Hi. First, thanks for the script. Nice work!

I want to buy your script. But before this, which was written in the framework this script? Do you have documentation for codes?

Thanks for answer. Celil YILMAZ

Hi, the fixed layout does not have chat?

Hi matheusvetor,

Fixed Layout doesn’t have right sidebar chat but it’s on our todo list to cater a chat for the fixed layout.


Your events page doesn’t load locally or on your demo site just FYI

Hi skworden,

Indeed the events page doesn’t load. Will fix that ASAP.

Thanks for reporting. mosaicpro.

And about this item for Wordpress?

Hi briceemry,

We have a plan for that but it will be a few months when will actually have it ready as at the moment we have other priorities.


how an i use this template i purchased it but no admin panel

Hi ester_essy,

I’m not sure I understand your question.

This template is HTML/CSS only and is not installable as a Wordpress theme. You need to take the HTML and implement it onto an existing or new app of your own.


On my mac using the latest version of Google Chrome the chat icon at the top right opens the chat bar.

However, on my pc on windows clicking the chat icon doesn’t open the chat bar. Is this a known issue? I am also using the latest version of Google Chrome on windows.

You missed this one

Hi, I have posted this message several times. 1. Problem : Some Icons are not appear. You can find Go to

you can see the some icons are not opened. You can fix it to transfer again from web page supporting these icons.

2. Video gallery examples are about vimeo link not youtube. Problem: If we wrote code like this <a href="" data-toggle="prettyPhoto" class="thumb"></a> it works, but in console log, some errors occur. I think you can check this problem. (maybe some code need in prettyphoto.init.js file)

When do you think you’ll update for Album / Song / playlist page ?

How much will you charge for ==> PHP version fully hooked up with a database and fully functional in terms of users/posts…everything. etc. mail me on


I don’t see the profile edit page on the template. and Events tab is also not working

The dynamic colouring does not work properly on the downloaded version of the theme, whereas it works on your demo.

The scroll bar isn’t pink…


Great theme. But there are not closed divs on your login. html for ajax / fixed version. I think you have to take care with them. And documentation is poor for such a detailed theme.

Hi kemalakcali,

Thanks for reporting the ajax missing div from the login page.

Regarding the documentation here is what we provided:

1. HTML Getting Started Guide with: Overview Folder Structure Layout & Menus CSS & LESS Assets Structure Components

2. PHP Getting Started Guide with: Overview Structure Layout & Menus Scripts Skins

On top of the above we provided 120 Components with Preview / Source Code / Styles Required / Scripts Required and Necessary Resources.

The last update of Social consists in that specifically (improvement on the documentation).

Thanks for your feedback but we really appreciate your constructive feedback like the login missing div.


Even your indentation sucks…

Hi kemalakcali,

As you acknowledged from your previous comment Social is “such a detailed theme.”, thus this comment is contradictory for highlighting just indentation issues on top of what the entire Social theme offers.

We will fix the indentation issues as much as we can.

Thanks for understanding,