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hi i want you take my project as soon as possible by using this template and some extra requirement…. and i want you take my project 1st of all i am waiting until you are able to take my project. i am waiting good response. thank you

Hi Rupert123,

We don’t take any custom work at this moment but feel free to send us your specs and we will contact you as soon as we can.


Very nice template- Added to Favourites for an upcoming project. When are you planning on releasing the next update so I can get an idea of scheduling my project?

Hi ajaffarali,

Indeed the timeline 1 doesn’t have a share message/post/status.

Added to our todo list.

This is an edited message. Please ignore my previous comment was thinking of something else.


Great- let me know when you have the update ready so I can purchase and get started on a personal project.

Will keep you posted ;)

Hi, I recently purchased your template, don’t know how to get started with the theme. Didn’t had a proper documentation in it to customize to my project. Lots of css and js files.. can you please help me out in customizing the theme.

Hi nivasan89,

Send us an email with your details and will get in touch with you.


hi my friend purchase this but there are some problem with skin and suery page is absent

Hi roomajack,

For skins read this:

Regarding the survey page we indeed missed it in the package and will add it in the next update.


having problem display with IE11

Hi zaedah,

Can you send us a print screen on


already sent the print screen

can you please help on how to install the theme?

Hi misterking,

This is a HTML/CSS theme that you need to implement onto your own system (PHP/ASP/RUBY etc).

This theme is not installable as a Wordpress Theme, you need HTML/CSS knowledge to start working with this template.


Hi, It’s been a long time. how are u? This template is becoming more and more popular.

~~ You need to check ~~ 1. Already I told you, modal wizard example 1, when we use image link of bootstrap-wysihtml5 it did not work just go out of modal. so how to fix or set the any value. And also if want to make some function of bootstrap-wysihtml5 disable and display none(editor’s menu bar) how can i do this?

2. We need examples of JS plugins. How to init and use. - Especially plugins using JSON data -> which init value influence so we have to change? - Weather Forecast feed(You make new ), twitter feed(is it using latest version of TW?), File upload plugins, Google maps, infinite load … etc

3. Your examples, some does not work and empty. Check this please.

~ Suggestions ~~ 1. In social system, need to users upload or update their status comments in timeline (agree with @ajaffarali) - almost social, there are status comment writable text area, below icons to link, insert image, location, tagging friends etc… we need this design (like widget it will good)

2. Many persons purchased always say about Docs. so i think your docs is great and it shows example how to use it. but it is not sufficient for us. It is better to point out key value for customizing modules and plugins. which value we need to change. if we can find out in your examples, It will be more helpful for people and you also. Actually I did find init js files and change some variables to test.

3. Some pages need to update for more good looking. - Friend.html page is so boring. how about to change like this, display friends list briefly, request friendships display, and suggestion people to be friend. - E-commerce page, I make my system e-commerce site and using this template for social function. your e-commerce page is just optional page I know. but if you make specific product view page(product image and can change other images, price, quantity …etc) it will be perfect for me.

4. timeline page, comment line control plugin we need. I already told you and wrote this situations here before. word just added infinitely.

~~ Any ideas? ~~ 1. Chat programs - I know your theme is not including functionality. I just ask you know is any recommend solution? not using Ajax way but using socket like good solution if you know inform me please!

another Question : do you have plan to make responsible mobile version? this is responsible but you know it is not good looking every part of page element just displayed in one column vertical style. need to clean up.

Mmmmm… Suggestions 1. Posting and sharing comment or something (in Social network) Solution :Use social-1 component. It’s Good!!

Hi wangjacsi,

Thank you for your awesome feedback.

We have most of it on the table and working thought it to get as many done in a timely manner.

Regarding responsive mobile version we will check it further to find the mentioned display issues.

Thans again,

Can you add rtl version .. thanks other ways the theme is the best

Hi mohamme5d,

We are working on a RTL version. Once we are finished with it we will release it within an update standalone.


I need to change the primary color of the site. this link is saying page not found. All i want to change is the primary color

Hi shawnsonnier04,

I checked the link and it works fine.

Let me know if you still have a not found issue.


Hi, mayby you can upload PSD files??? Thank you Martin

Hi marcinsipowicz,

Thank you for your interest in PSD files. We will provide them as soon as we finish them.


Hi ! I’ve this problem, i’m working with MVC and i need All Js files under: /Scripts/.. All Css Files under: /Css/.. All images under: /Components/.. There is a way to manage all Components and move them around ? I’ve tried to move all js varius pages are calling under the right directory, the same with all css module.admin.stylesheet-complete.min.css is importing but i messed up everithing…. If you can help me it’s really appreciated. Reagrds

Hi sweepy420,

Send me your contact details on and we will find the solution.


Hi, thanks for this awesome template!!

I have a little interface bug. I’m using ajax-fluid template. The problem is if the content of the page (inside div id content) is to small, like one line for example, when the page is loaded, the left menu appears strange. You can see the black background in the bottom but the content in the top. I attach an image for better comprehension. What can I do?

I have tried tu put the class ‘scripts-async’ in the body, then works better, but the page in hidden until is completed loaded. This behavior is not the best for user experience for my website.

Any solutions?? Thanks !!!

Hi easyeasy,

Can you please provide a demo link to .


All the libraries are loaded, but I cannot use jQuery. I keep getting $ is not defined. What is the proper way to use jQuery using this template?

Hi plumwd,

Can you provide a demo link



I love the design and everything. But, I would have to say your documentation is messed up. Or wait, where is the documentation? Is the Doc folder the documentation? Because it just has a bunch of html files that I think are trying to help me but do not explain even a little bit on how to get started.

Your folder tree is confusing.

As well as, the documentation makes reference to some demo files which do not exist, as well as some documentation pages do not have content in them.

I feel like asking for a refund and giving it a low rating but I cant do that, because I love the design, and I am going to use it in my website :)

Now, can you clearly explain how I get started with this? Like what should I include in the <head> tag and what is the “admin” folder about?

Thank you for your reply.
I tried to do as much as I could, Can you tell me where I may find the code for “Compose Mail”? I tried looking for it in the demo but was unable to find it there.

Hi uziiuzair,

You can find the compose page demo in admin_fluid/email_compose.html or if you would like or in modal check admin_fluid/modals.html


Hi, i love this theme but i don’t buy it yet, before i know this theme will support my needs.

is this theme support meteorjs? as i know this theme built for asp,php, ruby. support meteorjs its mean every page must use unique js and css.

if this support meteorjs i will buy without think twice.

sorry for my bad english :D

Hi yozawiratama,

At this moment we only provide 1 complete per project stylesheet and scripts. We have what you are requiring files/scripts per page basis and was provided previously throughout our admins but the demand was to include everything in one go.

However we will consider adding a per page files/scripts version.


Hi i am not able to see any icons in the entire package. I guess there is a missing css.

Thanks Rohan

In the js file found in /assets/components/modules/admin/menus/

var notification = $('<div id="chat-notification" />').hide().attr('data-menu', 'menu-right').attr('data-toggle', 'sidr-open').appendTo($('.navbar.main .btn-navbar.btn-open-right').parent());




How can i reduce the delay in loading.



Hi rohanthuse,

An option is to remove the JS files that you are not using.


hi when i try to (redirect) FROM any page in the theme TO page not included in this theme like i still in the theme layout but with the conents of this page i mean this external page, and the CSS if this page was corrupted

i try to put (class=”apply-nolazy”) to the page but no hope.

please i need a help

Hi saintromeo,

Not sure I fully understand. Can you provide a demo link


Like this theme a lot.

The PSDs would be very helpful. Can you upload them?

Hi buddha1256,

We have that in plan just haven’t got there yet. Once the PSD are done we will let you know.


Some pre-sale questions pls?

Are there portlets with Controls like Edit, Minimise, Delete etc ? I could not find Activity submission form in there… could you pls guide? Email UI not complete…are you bringing further updates for the same? What about Groups and Pages UI? No x-Editable? No editable Tables with sorting, filter, pagination and migration features?

Sorry if they are there and I hv not notices, else could you pls update on the same?

Hi, Your design is really nice. Suggestions:- There is no option for status update. Add group module. When are you going to update the next version?

Hi meaame,

Thank you for your suggestions … we will take it in consideration for future updates, however right now we’ve updated Social with a lot of goodies that will help better understand it.

In this update we included a ready to go PHP version with Menu Builder.

You can get your update now as it’s live.

Thanks. mosaicpro

Hi mosaicpro I have some issue. Actully i am not a designer or developer, at the time of purchase i was not aware that site templates doesn’t work with jomsocial/joomla. When i asked my developer to integrate with jomsocial he refused as it is not compatible with joomla. After then, when i wanted to convey my issue, your template was unlisted and i also sent an email to evanto support for the same issue but did not get any support. My request to you is to make it joomla 3.3 compatible as my developer said that you(mosaic pro) must be knowing in depth about your template and it would be easy for you to do it.

Hi meaame,

I’m sorry for your misinterpretation, but at the moment we’re not looking into converting Social to a joomla template.

We did however improve our documentation and package structure since you last purchased Social so you might ask your developer to check the updated version along with the guides and documentation. .