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Hello Best, could you include PSD files on this themes?

Thanks a lot for your message Martin

Hi marmarcinsipowicz,

There is no ETA on PSD files. But it’s still on our to do list.


Dear MosaicPro,

Can I use this with the phpdolphin script or does it need to be coded to work with this script?


Hi vipete86,

The Social Network Template is a HTML/CSS/JS template with a PHP version that includes the basic templating, menu builder and automatic resource loader.

Regarding your question specifically phpdolphin is a 3rd party script and requires implementation on your side.


Recently Updated

Hi everyone,

For the recent update we have been working with the envato staff to completely upgrade the Social Network documentation. At the same time we have improved the structure of the package which makes Social a lot easier to understand and use along with a PHP version that has a Menu Builder which you can use as a boilerplate for your APP.

Recent Update: 2.0.0 – 23.05.2014

  1. Updated CORE:
    • Complete refactor of the assets structure into 3 levels of assets: Libraries (or Frameworks), 3rd party Plugins and custom Components (collections of custom assets and markup);
    • Components are responsible for controlling the behaviour and styling throughout the template;
    • Plugins and libraries used by components were removed from the components folders and better organized and contained into more logical paths:
      1. assets/library – libraries and core frameworks like Bootstrap, jQuery, jQuery UI, Modernizr etc;
      2. assets/plugins – jQuery Plugins, Bootstrap Plugins, etc;
      3. assets/components – collections of JavaScript & styling;
  2. Added PHP Version:
    • Exposes a basic templating system with a main bootstrap file, header, footer, pages and various configuration files.
    • The PHP version dynamically handles the loading of:
      • Styling (Skins);
      • JavaScript files;
      • Pages & sub-pages;
    • PHP Menu Builder:
      • Easily create sidebar menus directly from a config file, simple or collapsibles, with unlimited menu levels, custom icons (1600+) and various options – can even include any custom content from other files automatically;
  3. Updated documentation:
    • Added comprehensive guides:
      1. Getting started with the HTML version See HTML Guide
        • Includes an overview of the guide’s sections, the folder structure, layout & menus, CSS & LESS and the assets structure explained;
      2. Getting started with the PHP Version See PHP Guide
        • Includes the folder and file structure, template system, configurations, using the menu builder, dynamic loading of scripts, switching skins;
    • Added meta information for all the plugins, libraries and components used in the template such as Name, Description, Version used and for 3rd party assets links to Official Website & Documentation;
    • Further extended the documentation with dozens of examples;
    • Organized Components in various groups by different filters, type, scope, modules and others;
    • Component details include:
      • 3rd party assets (plugins & libraries) used by the component;
      • Examples:
        • Quick Preview and Source;
        • Resources that contains information about 3rd party assets used within each example;
        • Instructions for loading the Styles & Scripts used for each example;
        • Live Example page that presents a minimal implementation of the component (see the loaded styles & scripts within the page’s HTML source code);

Have a look at the Social Network Documentation.


Hi, mosaicpro

I feel so happy you are still here and support it. I’m worried sick about how I’m going to make it success. Thanks for comeback here.

- Some icons are not supported appropriately.
for example) Glyphicons Regular -> girl, dog… etc
- cause: UTF byte is wrong (right is starting E~ wrong is starting 1F~)
-> I think when you transfer icon file to this problem occurred.

Hi wangjacsi,

We have been quite mainly because of the restructuring but now we feel that it made the product way better, also everyone will easily know how to customize the template as the documentation is beyond expectations.

Regarding your issue check the Glyphicons Regular Tab on:

Can you please tell us the page where this issue occurred? Thanks.

P.S. We’re preparing a few goodies that will be released in 2-3 months of which I’m sure the fans of Social Network Template will enjoy ;).


you need to check your page(your link you wrote), you can find dog and girl and etc … does not appear!!!

This looks good. But what can i use this for? Any suggestions will help in making me purchase.

Hi mbebwo,

You can use it as a starting point for your next social application. The template includes a variety of pages with the Social Network design but hundreds of other elements (check out the extra sidebar menu collapsible).

The main purpose of Social is to style a new or existing application wether that is in PHP,ASP, RUBY … etc

However I don’t think WE should suggest you how to use it only to describe what Social includes in terms of elements/components.


Hi, mosaicpro I want to remove % that appears that appear at the top right when page renders on the screen. How can I do it? Thanks for returning back to forum..



The counter is the page loader counter documented here:

Please refer to the preload.pace.counter tabs:

1.Check the “Component Styles” found in the Styles tab and remove those from your page.
2. Check the Scripts found in the Styles tab and remove those from your page.

Hope it helps. mosaicpro.

I am annoyed by the counter in the upper right corner …

Hi mulledreng,

You can remove it easily or have it load as a progress bar at the very top.


Hi, mosaicpro

I just wanted to know that when to use ajax version and when to use non ajax version and what would be the drawback of the other one?

Thanks Alok

Hi alokgolu,

There is no drawback as one uses AJAX to load pages and Javascript async loading and the non-ajax loads content the normal way (refreshing the page).

The advantage of using AJAX is that the page loads much faster.


is this able to work out the box with basic skills or is it only a skin? I am looking for something like this with easy customization to work from the beginning. Is there easy documentation? Looks nice.

Hi myoffices,

This is an HTML skin that you need to implement onto your existing or new App wether that is PHP, ASP, RUBY, etc…

We have an extensive documentation regarding the customization of Social but it does not include the implementation on other languages.

Go to HTML Documentation


Hi mosaicpro, How can I fix the top navigation panel in the logged in pages. I tries using below code but the appearenace was not correct.

Please help me out.

Thanks Alok

Hi alokgolu,

Can you show me a demo of what you have… also keep in mind for a fixed layout you need apart from the specific navbar a different “Body for LAYOUT FIXED”: .

Let me know if that worked… if not send me an email .


please how do i set a default color?

never mind i saw your tutorial and it helped

Hi Kendysond,

We wanted to prepare a guide for Social specifically but you found the answer yourself ;).

Will create that color switch guide very soon.



I love your work have a project i would like to get started on! are you available for hire?

Please email me at

Regards, Alex

Hi slickgfx101,

We’re quite busy at the moment but feel free to email us at .


Hi Mosaicpro,

I am unable to buy this template for some reason, can you please find out and let me know

Hi pratikp1987,

Please contact Support.


Hello mosaicpro,

On the left side menu, can I change the background color ? My audience normally has more than 50y and black background would be hard to them to accept the new site look.

Thanks in Advance, Jr

Hi dynamus_jr,

Changing the sidebar color isn’t that hard… of course you would need to know how to use LESS files.

Send me your contact details to and will walk your through on how to change your sidebar appearance.


Hi sir, I want to use this template with nodejs, does it includes pure html/css version separately. And also I couldnot see a chat bar in the demo, I need a chat box like in facebook, it popups in the bottom of the page when i click on particluar user

Hi akramwahid,

The Social Network Template is a HTML/CSS/JS template with a PHP version that includes the basic templating, menu builder and automatic resource loader.

The package has HTML and PHP separately in their own folders if that is what you ask.

Regarding the bottom chat at the moment there isn’t any… just the right sidebar chat that you can toggle from the top chat icon.

We will consider a chat box like you mentioned for future updates.


Great looking theme first off. I have a couple questions!

Where is it calling the loader? i want it to stop calling it. I don’t want to wait to show data until it fully loads. I want to show above page fold data as its available not load it all at once. I believe its’ the core_preload/pace.min.js but i don’t know where it’s getting initiated from.

i figured it out. it was the files above and just the “pace” on the <HTML>. It loads 50% faster now by removing it. It also shows data almost instantly.

Yep. That’s it.


Also, @dynamus_jr it’s not best practice to change core files of third party files. you should extend or override it in another place. In your case i’d create a new file that is maybe custom.css and overide the menu styles. That way if this theme gets updated you don’t have to do anything except extract the new files and leave your custom ones.

#menu { background: #FFFFFF !important; } #menu > div ul > li > a:hover { background: #000000 !important; } #menu > div ul > li > a { background: #2B2B2B !important; }

Hi skworden,

Good advice…

Another way (we have been doing for clients) is through LESS:

We add include an extra custom.less file at the very end of the stylesheet-complete.less or whatever .less you have then from there make the necessary adjustments within the custom.less as LESS variables can be changed at the end.

This way you are taking advantage of the LESS files without altering the existing assets.

Thanks again,

Hi, Great stuff, though one problem, the zoom effect when hovering the DIVs on media_1.html page is not very smooth. Is there a way to play with it? Which plugin/code is used for this animation (where can i find it)?


Come Icons does not appear!!!! You need to check this!! I think this is because when you downloaded Icon file it did not transfer right! cause: UTF byte is wrong (right is starting E~ wrong is starting 1F~)

Hi, I am using PHP version. For few days I have changed my system V1.0 to V2.0. It’s not easy. because Many things were changed. anyway, I have a question. in file config.scripts.php why every js files have ‘page’ field? and even if they have same files each. why? I think it’s not efficient and essential.

what’s the relation between page and section??!! what’s meaning of this-> $script‘sections’ work?

all of $sections are false so why is this needed? for what? $sections = !empty($script[‘sections’]) && !empty($script‘sections’);

skin just change the color? or something different?