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Can you send me the XML file? I can’t get the site to look like you’re demo as other people in the comment thread have noted. I want to slider to look the same way with text on left with header & image on the right, plus the other templates for slide that you show for video et al. Thanks!

And one important thing. We have added new options in Themetick, since google maps require now API keys. In Themetick settings in Contact tab there is an option ‘Google Maps API Key’ where you enter google map api key which you can get here https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key

Kind Regards, Tickera Team

Hi! I was able to generate an api key, but there’s no place to put this in the contact tab in my version of the theme.

I have sent you an e-mail with Rocketick theme, you can ignore that one. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.


I am trying to resolve 2 problems:

1) map won’t load; “This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.” [comes up for a split second then says “Oops something went wrong.”

2) I can’t change the contact (send) button from default orange, and more importantly, i can’t change the sub-heading font (which seem to be associated with categories) for schedule or speakers & arrows that advance partners from orange.



Can I have a reply to this, please? Thank you! Symposium starts in 10 days. ;)

I am really sorry for waiting on the answer so much. 1. Theme has not yet been updated on theme forest. We will send you updated version soon to your e-mail.

2.Use this CSS
.one-page .title-line .start-time, .submit-button, .tickera_table #submit, .tickera .tickera-button {
to change the color. To change font use this css
.program-date {

Sorry again for waiting so long.

Ahhh sorry, I have sent you CSS for Rocketick theme.

To change the button in contact use this code

.form input.search-submit-button { background: #000; //use any color you need } Can you point exact what do you mean by this ” i can’t change the sub-heading font (which seem to be associated with categories)” ?

As for the map api key, it is located in Themetick>Contact. You can find option Google Maps API Key.

If you can’t see that option download latest Themetick version from Theme Forest.

Sorry again for confusion.

hello! how do you add twitter feed or link to socials? i added urls & handle in settings, and set up widget, but it doesn’t show.


Sorry for late response. They are shown on the Contact Us template page. So when you set up that page the links will show up as you can see it’s like that in the demo http://tickera.com/demos/themeforest/rocketick/concert/

Kind Regards, Milos

I have also written you for the Rocketick theme… For Themetick theme you just need to put in the links and they will show on the right in the header.

I read on a third party site that this theme comes bundled with Tickera, but see no mention of that here. Does it?


Sorry for waiting so long on the reply. It comes with the free version of Tickera.

Kind Regards, Milos