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Thanks. Let me know when it’s up and how to upload the update.

It has been uploaded and approved.

If you have not changed any code in a theme you can you can just overwrite the theme files via ftp, you will not lose any settings or content.

Kind Regards, Milos

All your shortcodes are broken.

[list style=”list-img1”] Text goes here /list Text goes here /list Text goes here /list Text goes here /list Text goes here [/list]
produces a list that looks a lot like:
  • Text goes here /list Text goes here /list Text goes here /list Text goes here /list Text goes here
The source looks like this:
<ul><li class="”list-img1”"> Text goes here /list Text goes here /list Text goes here /list Text goes here /list Text goes here </li></ul>

Nothing I can do to make the list look like it is meant to.

Can you please fix all the short codes and the GALLERYas requested above ASAP as this theme is becoming a PITA to manage :(

We have just double checked the shortcodes and all of them are working ok. Can you please send your wordpress login to milos@tickera.com so we can check what might be causing your problem.

Kind Regards, Milos


I’m currently having a problem across Chrome/Firefox where I cannot use buttons in the visual editor with Themetick activated. The pop-up box for, say, adding a hyperlink does not load properly. If I de-activate the theme, however, it works again.

Please advise.


We have just updated the theme and fixed the problem.

Thank you for noticing it.

Kind Regards, Milos

The latest update for Wordpress has either broken or disabled the homepage slider. www.teamreeb.com


We have updated the theme. You can download it from ThemeForest.

Kind Regards, Milos

Thank you Mios. Last question and then I’m 100% good. Love your theme by the way.

Will you ever update the Social section to include Flickr and Instagram? Or do you have icons for both similar to what you currently have? I can perhaps find someone to build that in.


Sorry for the wait it is currently on review and it should be online soon.

Kind Regards, Milos

Thanks. Let me know when it’s up!




It is online now. Let us know if you like it.

Kind Regards, Milos

Excellent support! I had some issues in the beginning, but Milos picked it up very quickly, gave great support and the theme is running on Wordpress 3.5. now.

Don’t hesitate, just buy it if you need a beautiful event ticket theme.

Thanks Milos.


Great theme, but I have a couple of questions:

1. I’d like to use a bigger header than the recommended size, but it ends up overlapping with the menu bar and looking a mess. Is there a way the menu bar can be adjusted to allow for a bigger header?

2. I can’t seem to remove the default background wallpaper. The theme still looks grey, even though I’m choosing a plain white background in the settings. Any suggestions?



1. Go to line 51 (.logo) and remove width and height also do the same for .logo img, .logo a at line 54.

2. In Themetick > Colors find Body ‘Background Image’ remove the default link and just hit space one time in that field. That’s a small bug we will fix next update.

Kind Regards, Milos

Hello. I want to buy your template but I would like to know something before.

It is obliged to use the site tickera (which is a paid service) or can we just use with paypal?

Thanks a lot

Hello, Sorry for late response. You don’t need to use anything from tickera, theme will work as you see it in demo. You can also paste paypal link Buy tickets button. Kind Regards, Milos

I just switched from an old theme to Themetick. The settings in “Home Page” don’t work, including the countdown and partners slider, which is the only reason I downloaded this. Any ideas?

Hello, Sorry for late response. Can you check in Settings > Reading if ‘Front page displays’ is set to ‘Your latest posts’

Kind Regards, Milos

Hi Milos, thanks for your response. Figured it out but new problem now: How to add sponsors? As well as update any content on the home page – there are widgets/tabs for speakers and program and sponsors, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to edit any of that in the theme.

Sorry, this mean how to add speakers and sponsors into the homepage. I select “add speakers to home page” and it’s not doing anything

Dear Sir, my slider looks different from your live preview. Can you send me the xml demo file? info[at]fortunecat.it

Best Regards

Hello, XML sent.

Kind Regards, Milos

In WP 3.5 the widgets aren’t allowing me to drag to sidebars. They get stuck and won’t move. I’ve tried several browsers too. Help please! I’d like to be able to use the latest WP version.


Can you please check that you have latest version of Themetick.

Kind Regards, Milos

Thanks for your quick response! It looks like I have 1.4.2. I downloaded your latest version and how do I update? Or do I have to delete my current and install the new, which will lose all of my work so far?

Nevermind, figured it out. If anyone needs the answer you can simply download the latest version which appears to be 1.4.4. Then go to your FTP and drag the new “themetick” folder to automatically overwrite the old folder. It did keep my edits made from the previous version, yay!

Ah, Hello??!

Why was my comment previously ignored?


We can not find your previous comment. Feel free to ask again.

Kind Regards, Milos

Hi Milos,

I sent you an email back on January 2nd (to milos@tickera.com) as I am a new Tickera customer and had a question about theme customization services… can you please reply to my email?


Hi Milos,

I have three questions:

1) I’m trying to add a “Speakers/Program” section that you have on the Live Demo (which is on the Homepage but can’t find where you put that in)

2) Possible to add Speakers’ pictures on the home page? I ticked the box in the Theme Settings.

3) With the partners slide, How do you add the title “Partners” such as you got in your Live Demo?

Thanks in advance for your help.



1. To set up the Speakers / Program section you need to make some Program/Speaker posts – you can see there are two custom type posts on your left in WP admin. Make sure posts have categories. In Themetick options > Home Page you can find options for speakers and program on home page. Also make sure you make pages with templates for speakers and program since tab names will be taken from those pages.

2. Do you want to add speaker images to Speakers tab on home page?

3. Partners title is taken from page that has selected Partners template.

Kind Regards, Milos


Two questions regarding the theme. I have downloaded the newest version and have the most up-to-date version of wordpress.

1) How can I edit the style.css file within the backoffice of wordpress? 2) Is this theme internationalized and if not, can you please do so or instruct me how to do this? I need to make my site available in multiple languages and I am using a plugin that requires the theme to first be internationalized.

Thank you!


1. Our css style is in different file which is imported into main style so it is not possible to edit style. I can edit the css for you (and mail it) so you can change with wordpress. 2. The theme is internationalized and it should be no problem with changing languages.

Kind Regards, Milos

Hello Milos. Thank you for responding so quickly. Please do mail me the style sheet so I can edit from wordpress.

I installed the Polylang plugin to change languages and now my pages are giving me 404 errors (except the home page).

Hello, I will send you theme tomorrow but first I will need your e-mail. Also it would be good to include wp-admin in e-mail so we can investigate the problem with lanugages.

Please send them to milos [at] tickera.com

Kind Regards, Milos

Absolute Great support!

thanks :)

Hi. We are working with Themetick on InhabitConference.com and are using a child theme. Some of the basic features of the theme are not working, including the disappearance and reappearance on the presenters page. Any help with this would be….well, helpful :)


Sorry for the late response. I see you have done a lot change so it would be great to send me ftp and wp admin info to milos [at] tickera.com and we will investigate the issue.

Kind Regards, Milos


ADH Purchased


I love your theme – however I have a small issue with a 3rd party voting plugin I desperately need to use.

It is just a small styling issue that seems to be affecting a shortcode generated from the voting plugin.

The problem is on the home page – under the 2 pics – the white text in the red and blue boxes that is forced to the left, should be centred.

Could you take a look for me please ASAP as it is really detrimental to the whole site…

The plugin author says “I’ve looked at this now and it’s caused by your theme applying styles to shortcodes.”


Ps – I will PM you the login and password for the site…

Hello, We have replied to your e-mail.

Kind Regards, Milos


ADH Purchased

Hi – did not receive! – will pm you again – would appreciate a quick response, thanks :)

I have sent mail again. Let me know if you received it. Kind Regards, Milos

Hello! This is the perfect theme for what I’m looking to do, could you answer me a few questions about it’s functionality before I purchase it?

1. I am wanting to sell several types of tickets (just a ticket, or ticket + lunch) can I create multiple ticket types? 2. can I limit the number of tickets sold for the different ticket types? 3. Can I use this with paypal Standard or would I need paypal pro? 4. Is there early bird registration discount functionality with this, where after a set time it will change the price to full price?

Hello, This theme is created for one event. The countdown you see is something like call to action that will take you somewhere where you can buy tickets. The theme does not come with functionality of selling tickets but you can check out for more information at our web site.

Kind Regards, Milos

I wanted to share a review of the theme:

1. The code is BLOATED with too many stylesheets and javascripts – cripples performance. 15 stylesheets?! 17 separate javascripts? Very of few of these scripts and stylesheets are loaded conditionally – this is a big fail in my book.

2. The documentation is poor.

3. More features could be configurable. I can’t turn on/turn off the various sliders on the homepage – I have to either remove the code from the homepage for the “gallery” slider or leave the div empty and hide it with CSS.

I can’t enable or disable the titles on the main slider, enable or disable the “more” link, etc.

4. IMHO, the social media icons are too small and too faint.

While I appreciate the difficulty in developing a theme, and I recognize the fine job you’ve done making a good looking theme (it really is a good looking design), the coding is more than a bit lacking.

If you loaded the JS and CSS on a conditional basis, and gave buyers the option to disable the gallery slider on the homepage, that would be great.

2 out of 5 stars.


Thank you for your review we will fix all these issues in our next update.

Kind Regards, Milos