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Hi, I’m having difficulty making speakers post type higher – what more should I do (so whole element will be higher that 280px x numer of rows).

test page : http://www.wiosnafilmow.pl/filmy/


If I understand question properly you should find class .speakers-one it should be on line 2033 and set it’s height to what ever you want. If it’s not what you asked send me a mail to milos[at]tickera.com

Kind Regards, Milos

Well got around this problem, but got another one, only 10 partner logos show for each category. I’ve already mailed you. Thanks

Hi, I believe I saw some comments regarding issues with the homepage slider which stopped working on my site a few months ago.

I vaguely recall a full theme update that may have fixed the problem which I have downloaded. I’m hesitant to reinstall the full theme though based on the many customizations I’ve made for my site. Is there a specific file that I can ftp to my server that will fix the slider issue?

Many thanks! Sadek

Hello Sadek,

I think it would be best if you could send me your ftp info to milos@tickera.com and we will gladly do it for you.

Kind Regards, Milos

Hi, I have a question about the Partner-horizontal-slider. I don’t want it to autostart, actually, I only want the slider to move when the buttons on the left are clicked. I’m guessing it’s something in the javascript, but I can’t figure out which line i should edit… Please help, thank you!


Open script/common.js and find this part of code jQuery(’#mycarousel’).jcarousel({ animation: 300, wrap: ‘circular’, scroll: 1, auto: 2 });

Replace auto: 2 with auto: 0

It should do the work.

Kind Regards, Milos

Great, that did it! Thanks!

Will this theme play nicely with buddypress? Or will we need to use the BuddyPress Template Pack plugin?


Hello, Sorry for late reply. I think you would need to use Buddypress Template Pack plugin.

Kind Regards, Milos

Hello again!

I have a question about the slugs in the theme. Where can I change them? Example: I want to change the slug of the speakers, now it’s www.domain.com/speaker-lineup/speaker-name… I want it to be www.domain.com/sprekers/speaker-name…

Thanks already!

Hello, Sorry for late reply. Open /inc/post-types.php and you can find all custom post types there. For every post type you have this property: ‘rewrite’ => array(‘slug’ => ‘slides’),

Just change ‘slides’ to what ever slug you wish.

Kind Regards, Milos

Hey Milos and friends, I want to first state that Milos has been very helpful in answering my questions – even ones I could have found on here had I just looked! Great support!

Now onto business… I hope these are the last questions I’ll have:

I have imported a blog from another site – everything imported fine, however I cannot get the photos in the blog posts to show on the main blog page, in each summary. Is this possible? I tried using the featured image, but it’s too large, would be great if it just included the photo from the post.

I would love to add headers to template pages that don’t allow any additional content, such as Speakers, Partners and so on. To clarify, when I add content to pages with certain templates the content doesn’t show, just the filled in applicable posts, such as the speakers.

Can we specify that the build in link boxes create new windows after a click? Creating Open in new window Target Links for things such as the Sponsor Logos, Ticket Button on Home Page and so on.

Thanks Milos! -Travis

Any plans to make this theme responsive?


Currently there are no plans in near future to make it responsive.

Kind Regards, Milos

Hello, I have downloaded and installed the theme. My website is now fully built but I have a requirement to make more room for the logo. I also need to change the orange text on the twitter feed and also under the date text and time on the program detail. I went to theme editor and clicked on stylesheet to edit but it does not give me full CSS stylesheet options, instead it gives the below, can you advise please:

/* Theme Name: Themetick Support URI: http://www.tickera.com Description: Themetick WordPress theme allows easily adding event program schedule, speakers lineup and profiles, sponsors, event gallery and many more! It is built specifically to present your event in a best way. Author: Tickera Author URI: http://www.tickera.com Version: 1.5.2 License: GNU General Public License v2.0 License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html Theme URI: http://www.tickera.com Tags: two-columns, fixed-width, custom-header, custom-background, threaded-comments, sticky-post, translation-ready, microformats, rtl-language-support, editor-style */

@import url(“style/reset.css”); @import url(“style/style.css”);

Hello, The style with all the properties is in style folder (/style/style.css). We understand it was mistake to put style in other file since wordpress can’t see it and we will fix it in the future.

Kind Regards, Milos

It’s more than likely a case of missing something obvious, but I can’t get two columns to sit side-by-side. I’m guessing it’s a case of not understanding how the position attribute is used.

Can someone give me a quick how-to in a reply?



Can you please send me your website to milos@tickera.com to see what might be the problem.

Kind Regards, Milos

Hey Milos,

Is there any way I can change the color of “Stay Tuned” and the color of the social media symbols?

Also, the menu bar, I’d like to contrast that from the rest of the background color with a lighter shade. How can I do that?

Link: http://www.tech808.co/#&panel1-1

Thanks! J


You can change Stay Tuned with css in /style/style.css file on line 53.

Icons you need to change with some image editor, they are located in /style/img/ folder.

You can change menu background color also from css on line 107, just add background-color property to it.

If you run into any issues mail me to milos@tickera.com

Kind Regards, Milos

Two quick items. 1. Can you send me the demo xml? 2. Everything seems to be working except “speakers”. When I add speakers, and select the proper category, they do not show up on the home page. I double checked the themetick options to make sure the proper category was selected, but still nothing.


Can you please send me your mail and wordpress credentials to milos@tickera.com so we can investigate the problem and so I can send you XML.

Kind Regards, Milos

Is it possible to display multiple events using this theme? e.g. 4 events on 4 different dates of the same month appearing on the home page? how would it look?

Hello, This theme was not intended to work for multiple events. Kind Regards, Milos

theme looks really interesting, does this support any kind of e-store?

Hello, There is no e-store included into a theme and third-party plugins have been tested. Kind Regards, Milos

Hi, Is it possible to have two separate speakers pages? I’d like to keep the “2012 speakers” link with the grid view of speakers and to also add the same type of page layout for a separate list of “2013 speakers”. I thought it might be possible with the speaker categories but I can’t seem to figure out how to do this. Thanks! http://www.heartandmindnyc.com


Yes it is possible with a little bit of editing the theme. You can send me your ftp info to milos@tickera.com and I will take a look for you.

Kind Regards, Milos

Hi, is there a way to reduce the header height?


Thanks. Do I edit on the file on desktop? And where do I upload it later?

How do I customize the CSS? Please let me know. Thank you!

You should download /style/style.css use some code editor to edit the file and then upload it.

Kind Regards, Milos

Is there a way to remove the side bar for contact page?

Hello, You can send me your ftp to milos@tickera.com and I will do it for you.

Kind Regards, Milos

Hi Milos,

Is there a way that I can customize my header logo to fit in the space? Currently it seems way too big.

Thanks, Sharon

I’m sure it’s just a little bit of css editing, but I would need to see a website. You can send me your wordpress credential to milos@tickera.com and I will do it for you.

Kind Regards, Milos

Is there a way to change the colors of the fonts for the schedule and speakers? The default is orange, but I’d like to change them to blue.

Go to administration page Themetick > Colors and find ‘Hover (Mouse over) Color’ and change the color.

Kind Regards, Milos

I did, but the colors on the speakers page did not change.

Is there a way to make the photos slide from left to right? The client believes it’s bad fengshui to have it slide from right to left…

Hello, No, Flexslider has no option to change the direction. You can set it to fade effect if you wish. Kind Regards, Milos

How do you create a “half slide” like the one in your demo site? With a button.


You can achieve it with aligning images and divs. I will send you XML file where you can see how it was made.

Kind Regards, Milos