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Any update as to the release of a WordPress version of this theme?


Sorry, but at this moment is hard to say something about WP version.

Hello, the WP version of THEMIS is available at: http://bit.ly/themis_law_wp_theme

Hello I am having great difficulty in editing the pop up navigation that appears on the left.

Further do you have any advice to link up the latest news feature with some sort of new aggregator/ticker e.g. business new? Many thanks.


Could you describe me the problem? Please send me private message.

Hello, I have purchased this theme, Congratulations, I think its great.

Question: I need to add the address to the top bar. Where can I find an icon for it please?

Thanks, Luciano.


Thanks. Sorry, but which icon do you mean?

hi, i want to ask you , does it have cms this template ? if not , with which program can i modify files.

Thank you


No, it’s only template. It doesn’t include CMS . You can modify this template by using the simplest HTML /PHP/JS/CSS editor.

Hello, the WP version of THEMIS is available at: http://bit.ly/themis_law_wp_theme


When tried installing it I get the following message:

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

I have tried uploading only www folder and the whole folder. Also zip format. Always get the same thing. I browsed and only found base.css. WP seems to be looking for style.css. Please help.

I notice that it is an html template, not a wp theme after testing straight into a new folder. Evanto should do a better work diving them, because I searched under Wordpress. Anyway, I love the template and think you guys have done great. Now I would like to connect a wordpress blog and allow people to leave comments under testimonials (subject to approval). Would that be possible? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks. I understand your point, but unfortunately I can’t offer support for conversion this template to WP theme.

Hello, the WP version of THEMIS is available at: http://bit.ly/themis_law_wp_theme

Hi, im trying to have some pictures on page 2 with an overlay effect. But i can´t get the overlay to appear above the #themis-horizontal-menu-wrapper. Any quick fix ideas?


Please open file /style/base.css, find class #themis-window and remove property overflow from it.

Sweet! Once again, thank you for excellent support!

You’re welcome. Btw. If you would like to give a feedback on item, please take a moment and rate it in your Downloads section.

Hello this site is amazing, but I have seen a source code in my browser and became upset . The text on the pages wouldnt be indexed but search engines imho. Or its possible to index it ? If so I will buy it as well.


I have prepared new update with full support for Google indexing. It should available soon on marketplace.

2QuanticaLabs Nice ! I hope it will be very soon and I hope not a Google only =)

Thanks, Vic


Thanks. New update should be available on next Monday.

easy for customize?! i wanna other color


Did you buy this template?


I have the same issue like tsolomon, what have you change in the update? I have redownload the file again and I can’t find no changes…

I have made the update, but the content of every page will not be indexed in google, only the title of the page, the description or the keywords.


Please use Google Tools to check how your pages are visible by Google.


Please note that Themis are correctly indexed by Google. You can check by typing: themis + site:quanticalabs.com/themis in Google.

Beautiful template! (Thank God it’s in HTML ! I don’t understand WP) Anyways, many compliments! This is by far the most beautiful/functional template I’ve seen. It would be great if you could make it responsive/for smart phones! :)


Many thanks.

Hi again! I recently purchased this template, and was wondering if you could help me out. I have very little experience with php and was wondering if it’s possible to add page anchors to a single page/page-1.html file. I’ve tried to add it as : <a href="#anchor">anchor link here</a> with this line attached: <p id="anchor">land here</p>

is there a simple solution you can offer for this?

Thanks again; it’s a lovely template!


At first, sorry for my delayed response. Unfortunately there is no simple solution. This template is based on jScrollPane jQuery plugin, so in this case you have to use it native functions to do it. You can find more here: http://www.kelvinluck.com/assets/jquery/jScrollPane/scrollTo.html

Thank you! That is exactly what I needed. :3


You’re welcome.

Hi I uploaded this template to my site and it works perfectly, however I’m not getting any results in the google rankings. Does this template use Ajax code? I know google has problems indexing complex code so would like to know if I will need to create HTML snapshots or not? thanks.


Yes, this template is based on AJAX requests, but snapshots are supported. For me this template is indexed fine – you can check it by typing:
themis template + site:quanticalabs.com

in Google. As you see, pages with #! are indexed.

Hi, great theme my client is very happy with it – everything is fine so far – i have extra copy on the services page that i wanted to continue to another page. Example “page/page-2.html” i will have the five main categories and after each category i’m adding a “More…”—I tried add a page “more-tax.html” inside that directory, outside that directory and the css and js doesn’t show up.

The link in theory should go to /!more-tax and i have the “more-tax.html” in the page folder.

Would i have to create a “more-tax.js”

Site URL : http://mod.cr/ym/cpa/#!services

Thanks in advance!


Please check FAQ section in documentation.

hey there

am considering buying this, but wanted to enquire first how easy it is ti add pages? what exactly is the process – so that they can be loaded by the ajax script?



You should check FAQ section in documentation after buying – it includes detailed informations how to add new page. Yes, this template is based on AJAX. Thanks.

i cant use turkish character.


can you send me turkish template. cemiluyanik@gmail.com


I don’t have “Turkish” template.

Please check if font used in this template supports Turkish characters. If not, you should use other font.

Make sure when you save/read files you are using UTF-8 encoding.

i fixed it, not the problem. With notepat++ utf8 without bom :) Thank you for your quick response


Yes, it could be problem :) I forgot about it. You’re welcome.

I would like to command the author on great theme and excellent customer service. The theme is well designed and saved me a lot of time in creating my website. All my questions were answered promptly and professionally. Overall, this was a great experience and I sincerely recommend purchasing QuanticaLabs products.


Many thanks for your kind words. I really appreciate it.

Hello, I was wondering how to anchor a bookmark on the slider. eg; <?php $Themis->_getURL(‘services’); ?> I want it to go to the services page but bring up the anchor below the viewable portion. So that they do not need to scroll.


I’m afraid that there is no direct method to do it. In this template hashtags are used to handle AJAX requests and all animations.

Thanks anyway. Great job on the template! I love it. Leave it to me to find the one thing it cant do. lol If you ever figure a way, please let me know.


No problem. You’re welcome.

Hello, I want to buy this theme, but i need to know if is possible to add more pages with FORMS and if is possible to link from LEGAL TOPICS to the top center display window. Thank you


You can add as many pages as you want. This is a HTML template and type of content isn’t limited. You can also reorder pages.