Discussion on TheRoof - Construction Architecture Renovate Template

Discussion on TheRoof - Construction Architecture Renovate Template

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The slide of the projects page does not appear when opening the page, but when refreshing the page it appears, and once in a while it appears check like PLEAS I NEED FIXED https://www.centro-re.com/en/residential/new-cairo/current-projects/beit-el-watn-fifth-settlement/golden-pearl
Hello. In file scripts.js find code:
     if ($(".fw-carousel").length > 0) {
         var totalSlides2 = $(".fw-carousel .swiper-slide").length;
         var mouseContr = $(".fw-carousel").data("mousecontrol");
         var j2 = new Swiper(".fw-carousel .swiper-container", {
             preloadImages: false,
             loop: true,
             freeMode: false,
             slidesPerView: 'auto',
             spaceBetween: 10,
             grabCursor: true,
             mousewheel: mouseContr,
             speed: 1400,
             centeredSlides: true,
             effect: "slide",
             pagination: {
                 el: '.ss-slider-pagination',
                 clickable: true,
             navigation: {
                 nextEl: '.fw-carousel-button-next',
                 prevEl: '.fw-carousel-button-prev',
and update preloadImages: false, on preloadImages: true,

Unfortunately it doesn’t work

Optimize images for the web. You’re using very high resolution images for the carousel – that’s not right – use them for popups. Clear browser cache

Hello Can I know your template built with Elelemteor

installation du theme est echoue en wordpress,est ce que vous pouvez m´aider?


Thanks for amazing “theroof” template. Would it be possible to make both “Latest Project” and “Customer Review” sliders to autoplay/autoslide? If so how?

Reagrds, İbrahim

Hello. Yes, Give me your mail or write here: support@kwst.net

The instructions you have sent me via e-mail were exactly what I needed. Amazing :) Thanks.

Hi Sir,

Please can you help me with the e-commerce.


My purchase code is 6c000065-fbce-4f62-9996-535554a27c42 I have purchased theroof theme.

I want to make all the portfolio sliders, client sliders automatically rotate. How can I do that ?

Hello. Give me your mail or write here: support@kwst.net

I’ve done it already

The slide of the projects page does not appear when opening the page, but when refreshing the page it appears, and once in a while it appears check like https://friends-tours.com/centro/b139.html

Hello. We tested your demo – everything works fine

Not able to install to wordpress, style.css is missing

Not able to Install to WordPress, Style.css is missing

I require the WordPress version and would want to return this item and repurchase the WordPress version.

You should specify that this is not the WordPress version; when I went to download, it displayed WordPress in a couple more places on the same page

I’m a newbie in site design, and I started new brand with my prior paycheck, which is why I bought from themeforest instead of hiring a designer…but I’m stuck now since I used all of the funds on another bill, and I don’t know how to short this. Can you kindly assist me?

in index page The slideshow of the projects The move button is in the wrong place https://ibb.co/Ch3SS7N

download your product to see error

Hello. Fixed. Download the latest version (1.4) and update the file style.css

can you customize color to my identity my color are







how about RTL

1. Read the documentation. Tab “color”.
2. This template not supported RTL.

I got no answer about the refund I asked

Sorry, but I don’t see reason for refund.

Oh so there is no reason, ok I’ll speak with the envato team about the way you guys think and will see.

Hello I asked for a refund When I’ll get my money back?

Many problems in the responsiveness side of the template And my customer found a better for him That’s all

I test the templates on many mobile devices and didn’t find any critical errors. If errors come across, then I fix them in updates. If your client just wanted a different template, then this is not a reason for a refund. Sorry.

Yes it is a reason for a refund We do have a minimum of days that I can ask for a refund. And I want my money back.

The reason is that I found some bugs and I have no time to fix them for you and I found a better template for my client, thank you anyway Licence: d2f5f6a3-28d4-4189-a1d5-f4446a3c0ba4 – 10 Jul 2022 REGULAR LICENSE

What exactly bugs?

Again the css/plugins.css file is giving problem. For God’s sake, please fix these bugs!

Hello I want a refund

Thanks in advance

What is the reason ?

Good night. I need the photos that comes in the template.

This is problem on your server. Try to update folder “fonts” from the archive.

How do I do the update you refer to?

Copy files from the folder “fonts” in archive to the folder “fonts” on your server. And don`t forget clear cache.

Hey! What is happening with this template on my iOS? This is not working at all.. I just uploaded the website on my test web hosting and it looks awful! See it yourself>http://djole.atwebpages.com/bmdb/

It looks great on Desktop monitor, but on my phone?! My god it’s awful! Let me know how I can send you screenshots and screen recording!!

Why is no one helping me?? I sent them 3 emails, no one replied!

Hello, I want to know if your theme support multilanguages… and the page builder used


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