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Nice Template :) GLWS

Thank you :)

Really a beautiful work, GLWS :)

I want to know if this template includes a plugin to display the images with zoom, Fancybox style?

No, it doesn’t have such a plugin


I’ve just purchased this layout, however when the style 3 is open on Chrome and IE, the images are squashed (almost 75% of their original size)

Is there a fix? Works perfectly on FF.


Please remove .content-center from both DIVs.

Great template, I would buy if you have an attractive pricing table included in the design?

Thanks for interest. It doesn’t have right now. But I’ll put it in todo list to include in the next version.


Very nice landing page, however there is a problem as if the template is opened on a mobile device the menu is not shown until the user starts scrolling.

How can I change this?

Many thanks,



If you mean navbar in top of the page, menu toggler is always visible. I can’t see the problem in the online demo. Can you provide more description?


hello, sorry by i new in this world of programation, how can edit this page? what sofware use?


As you can see, it’s html template, so you need a basic knowledge of html to edit this template. You can use any text editor to edit the code, i.e. Sublime Text.

Hi ShaMSofT,

I would like to know how to: 1. Change the theme color to match my logo color (B#10000) 2. Remove the Tab (gear wheel) on the left of the page that changes the theme color.

Thanks. TxB

Put skin-yellow.css after thesplash.css

Super! Thanks a lot for being so helpful.

You’re welcome


I understand the theme is meant to be a landing page, however I want to make multiple landing pages and link them. For the other landing pages, I want a smaller background image at the top. How do reduce the expected size of image from 1900×1200 to 1900×500. I assume this will be done in CSS? Not an expert but I’ll appreciate any guidance you can provide.



The size of header depends on the content inside + padding, if you didn’t make it full screen with .size-full class. For the smallest padding, add .size-sm to .site-header.


Is it possible to track clicks on each button using Google analytics?

Where would be the best place to paste the google code for tracking the website visits.



The template doesn’t support it and I don’t know how you can add it using google analytics.

The best place would be at the end of html file, before close tag.


Style 3 – Video preview: I added a Youtube video, data-pe-videoid=”xxxxxxxxx”, but it did not display the video or play when I clicked the play button. What am I doing wrong?

Style 2 – Link buttons: a) I added an image to the buttons which appear when you mouse-over, but the button still does nothing. Where am I going wrong? b) How can I reduce the size of the video that appears on the page?



Style 3 – You need to open the page in a server (website or your localhost).

Style 2 – a) I have no idea, I should see a demo to inspect the problem. b) The video is inside a Bootstrap grid system. You need to make change classes based on your need and device size.


Contact Form: Will Mailchimp subscribe html code work in the template?


You can use Bootstrap documentation to create your contact form, but you need to write some JS and server-side code to send the email.

Yeah, contact me through my profile page to discuss about it.

I resolved this, I’ll just use a button link to open up a Mailchimp form in another page.

Great. Good luck

Prompt please, in this template, you can customize the block “our prices” with two or three case studies?

Where’s “our prices” block in the demo? If you mean a pricing table, it doesn’t have any.

Hello ShaMSofT,

I’ll try to get to the point here. I’m a dota2 fan&player and webmaster wannabe, what i would like to ask you is: if you can sponsor me with a 1 copy of your html design (i’m making it to help others and i dont have money right now) for a future website for dota2 players, the project will be free for players.

If you want to help me and you want more info or talk about your credit back contact me at th3crazy3st@gmail.com

Thank you for your time! Good luck, nice items, keep it up.

As usually, simplicity makes it perfect

Lovely Design!

Thank you :)