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Great template, GLWS! :)


Good luck mate! Nice job


Great work, i like your design


Nice design. GLWS! :)


Congratulations!Keep it up :)


Nice template, GLWS! ;)


Great looking theme! Nice job!


Mobile point of view there is a bug

Could you please provide a screenshot to my email address klementinedigital at gmail.com, thanks

There is no any response on the phone screen. So I don`t think you can find out the problem through a screenshot. My advice is that you can test it with a Windows phone by yourself.

This has been tested on a mobile, that is why i am asking you for a screenshot, which i know it can be done. I am also unsure if you are a genuine buyer?

Great Template! I’m having an issue in the portfolio area… once I quick on the more link nothing happens. Is there something I’m missing… Help Please?! Thanks!

hello!, thanks very much for buying this template!

first of all make sure the text MORE is linking to the html you want to open, and also is the other link working the one with the title of the project?, if this doesnt work, I can have a look for you please send me the link of your website to my email klementinedigital at gmail.com

this portfolio is not workig IE9,IE10,IE11 !!! :(

Hello… i am sorry you are having this problems… Can you please detail what is exactly the issue, I will help you… on solve in it

Click this site http://thething.klementine.net/yellow/ ,but open the IE9,IE10,IE11 and click portfolio page . Mouse go to on Images, back to not link and write not work Image back

Hello!.... thanks for buying this template, and I am sorry for the problem it cause you. The issue has been fixed…

YEAP portfolio doesn work on IE!!

This has been fixed thanks!

Great template, looks fantastic. However…

I’m having trouble with the email. I’m receiving my test emails, but the test Name, Email Address and Message is missing. Also, the received email displays my GoDaddy secure.server.net address as the sender. I suspect this is a GoDaddy server issue?

To clarify, the good news is that I’m receiving the emails, but there’s no information within them.

Big Thanks

Hello, First of all Thanks very much for buying this template!. Did you download the latest version?, also if you still have this problem could you please contact me at klementinedigital at gmail.com, and you can probably send me the link of your website, so I can assist you better. best regards!


Great theme, look amazing! Quick question for you. I really like the nicescroll plugin and it works very well. One proble though, the colour of the background I’m using makes it very hard to see where it is on screen. I’ve tried everything to change the colour or make it wider but just can’t figure it out. Could you help please?

Got it, no worries. Another question below though!

Could you give me some pointers on getting the blog up and running properly? I have installed wordpress in a directory called blog, I then changed any reference in the post.html file of http://localhost/wordpress-3.5.1 to http://www.mydomain.com/blog.

When I try to post a comment I get brought this url: http://www.mydomain.com/blog/wp-comments-post.php but then just left with a blank screen. I’ve never used Wordpress (or php) before but I’m assuming the wp-comments-post.php file should be doing something with my new comment? Also in the post.html file that came with the theme (which is amazing by the way) I see links to http://localhost/wordpress-3.5.1/our-portfolio/#comment-10 for example. What should I replace these with? Do I need to set up on Wordpress an entire blog that mirrors all the different urls in the theme (our-portfolio, gallery, author etc)?

Any help or pointers are much appreciated. Thanks in advance


On the contact form, when I click on the melbourne office, the tab changes but the address stay the same, I thought this would change as well, looking at the code I see that there is a second address just below the email, which seems hidden and which also makes me think that this should replace the 1st address, could you please let me know how to fix this?

Thanks in advance

MAJOR BUG – Main Menu On small screens, click the Main Menu Icon and the menu Itens drop down just fine … but after clicking in some Menu Item, the DROP DOWN MENU WILL NOT DISAPPEAR …. the only way it will disappear is clicking again in the Main Menu Icon…. CAN IT BE FIXED???? IF SO, I WILL BUY IT NOW! tHANKS A LOT


Unable to scroll on some phones now. Any updates? Just tried the theme here on Themeforest on a HTC and no scroll. Thanks