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Great theme! Good luck :)

Thanks mate!

Awesome design! GLWS mate :D:D:D

Thank you dude!

Very interested in your template. However as a photographer I would still need some type of a slider on the home page to show off images….is that possible with your template? I did not see that option.

I’d also like to be able to place some brief text or content on the menu bar in the home page. Like a brief “about us” description under the menu where you currently have the “Flickr” thumbnails.

Any change that the home page could be divided in half? the upper half has a good sized slider to show images the bottom half has the blog as you have it now?

First of all (and you probably already know that), theme’s demo site is there to show people what the theme itself is all about. There’s not much point in hiding images/content slider if available tho :)
The same goes for dividing a screen to half. That’s even not practical because document/window height depends on the amount of content.

As for getting some intro text to sidebar – that’s possible. Sidebar is widget-ready and you can use Text widget for that purpose.

Thanks dude!

Is it possible for the homepage to have the same layout as the portfolio grid layout where it is more organized and able to depict more clearly which post is which?

Yes, but it’s kinda obvious that you’ll always have to pre-crop featured images to the same dimension (or at least keep aspect ratio) and always use the same amount of text for Post summary.

Hello, great portfolio theme! Can the portfolio used as a filtered portfolio? Or can I show the portfolio categories in the sidebar within a tag coud?


One more question: Can I show the internal liking inside the sidebar? For example, the posts/portfolio items with the highest amount of likes.

1. Yes, you can use WP’s “standard” Tag Cloud widget for showing up all portfolio tags.

2. That’s something that should be coded out. The number of Likes is stored as a Custom Field name-value pair and can be accessed by using regular WP functions. It’s kinda tricky but when speaking “mySQL” it should be something like: Show all Portfolio items whose “likes” are greater than zero and sort by “likes” in ascending order.

Great, you got me, will purchase!

I love the theme, but right now I’m having an issue with duplicate posts showing up. I tracked down another issue with plugin shortcodes and apply_filters, but I can’t seem to figure out why I’m getting the duplicate posts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


It is pretty weird. I checked the database and there are no duplicate posts. I also sent the two post that kept showing up twice on the main page to the trash which led to the next two post being duplicated. It’s always the two posts prior to the main page “loading more content.”

I tweaked the single.php file to get the Crayon Syntax plugin to work, but it shouldn’t have anything to do with the loop.

More information: it seems that the number of duplicated ‘tiles’ is directly related to the number of posts/articles are in draft status. I have two articles that I’m working on which are both set as draft and I get two duplicated tiles. I set my latest published article from Published to Draft and the result was 3 duplicated posts.

I have checked once again the main loop in “index.php” (see lines #28 thru #53). Each and every conditioned query args explicitly triggers only Posts whose status is ‘publish’ (‘post_status’ => ‘publish’) so there’s literally no way to include draft posts into the loop.
So I went one step further and changed status of a couple of post to Draft and guess what – no duplicates! Draft posts are not even shown on index page (archive, search or tag pages too).
Did you try to disable all plugins? If not, go ahead and disable all then get back to home page and refresh. For a case you use WP Cache or SuperCache or similar be sure to empty before refreshing.

Hi! Love this teme. Its stylistic, clean and practically intuitive :-)

A few questions before I buy: Is it possible to choose that I want to use the PORTFOLIO part as the front page? Is it possible to make categories in the PORTFOLIO section?

Thanks! Front page should be showing up latest posts and YES, you can add as many categories (Catalogs) to your Portfolio section as you like :)

The preview is very slow to load as is the “loading more content”. where is this being served from? could that be the issue?

It’s hosted on Dreamhost server and as far as I know servers are located in California.

Hi! Great theme!

A few questions before I buy: Is it possible to make categories in the NEWS section and display them in a single post and use them as a filter? There is a template for the archive?


Yes of course you can make child categories of News (which is a top level category)! There are two possible ways to display them all in sidebar:
a) use Tag Cloud widget
b) create new Menu and then use Custom Menu widget
And then you wrote ”...display them in a single post…” which is something that I don’t understand. Are you trying to have all of News child categories displayed on each Post single page, say below post content? If true, I guess an extra coding will be needed, otherwise that’s not possible by default.
And yes, this theme does have an Archive template, of course it does :)


I just purchassed the theme and I would like to know how to incorporate the lightbox picture viewer. When I click on a picture i am redirected on a page with only my picture in the background.

Thanks by advance for the feedback

There are a couple of great lightbox-like image viewers in form of a WordPress plugin and my favorite is Colorbox.
So …
From Dashboard select:
Plugins > Add New
...and then enter Colorbox into the search input field. WordPress will put it to the top of search results, click Install and that should be it. Don’t forget to activate plugin and check out settings page.

Thank you for the reply ! Problem solved


Will this theme have the capability to have ads?

or what if there was a plugin to input ad spots, it will run smoothly with this theme?

Ads can be placed in sidebar by using Text widget or you can find a plugin that is capable to insert ads to a single post or page. To be honest with you, I’m not sure how ads might affect performance – unless, of course, you decide to stuff the sidebar up with a bunch of video or flash ads and all of them are running simultaneously.

Some plugins may not be compatible with certain themes. Stuff like that happens.

Can I also make multiple categories with it’s own wall. I want to use this template as a site that features inspirational memes, quotes etc.

Also the Live Preview feature is not working. The site won’t show up.

Yes you can create as many categories as you like and each category will show the wall of its own posts.
As for the demo site not working – I’ve got it. Twitter has moved to a new API and the connection policy has changed. If well understood from now on authentication will be needed.
I just have noticed that many, many websites are faced with the same problem – even plugins. So until I figure things out and update my theme officially a little bit of patience will be needed.

I just purchased the theme, uploaded and installed twice and it doesn’t work. It’s like the styles aren’t being loaded but the stylesheet is there and there’s no stylesheet missing error. Both the live preview and the site with the theme activated are mostly unstyled, it looks terrible. Please help!

You’ll have to unzip the theme package to a local drive first. Inside of the unzipped archive you gonna find another ZIP which represents theme install file. Lemme know if it doesn’t work.

The wall

Hi, First of all – great theme. But i struggle with a few things. Hope u can help me out.

1. Can’t use the menu on a mobile device ( iphone and android phone) 2. Is it possible to change the post format settings. They are quite unpractical for me at the moment. For example no comments are allowed on a standart post. 3. The theme is sometimes messing up the video content between different posts. 4. Is it possible to add the name of the author of each post?

Appreciate your help

1. I just have tested Main Menu on iPhone and android tablet and can’t find anything being wrong with it. Do you have javascript enabled on your devices?

2. How do you mean that “change the post format settings”, not sure I understand… no matter what, the usage of post formats is optional, you can ignore it if not needed.
As for disallowed comments … that sounds silly because comments can be switched off only from Admin, per post. As you can see at theme’s demo site comments are there and everything is just fine.

3. Mate, that’s even technically impossible, how do you mean that the theme “is sometimes messing up the video content between different posts”?!? Posts do not share the content – including videos, that’s just silly.

4. Yes it is possible. Are you friendly with PHP and WordPress API? Where exactly would you like to have post author name displayed?

Great Theme! I Purchased it and i think it’s one of the best I have ever used! I’d like to ask you how to put the grid lines between articles in the Home (like in your demo). I can’t find the option in the menu.

Done it… I didn’t see that I had to simply change the content color of the grid elements…

OK, feel free to to write if ever in trouble.

Hi there.

A pre-sale question, I will like to find out if posts can be presented in the same way in which the portfolio categories are presented as in the demo section?

We have over 500 posts on an existing web site so we will like to do a much simpler migration than moving them all to portfolio format.

Thank you and we look forward to your response so we can decide if we can implement this theme.

Great work!

Best Regards

Not sure I understood well … You ask me whether it’s possible to have a regular Post preview that is identical to portfolio entry preview?
Basically, portfolio and regular post categories share functionality and layout with one little exception: portfolio items can be previewed.

Hi there.

What we meant is that for posts belonging to different categories, we will like the post to be presented in the format as below.


Is this something possible by default? Or some tweaking is required? And if some tweaking is required, will you be able to support us?

Thank you.

Yes, of course it is. Posts can be and ARE listed per category template and category template is the same for as many different categories as you have in your blog. Maybe you are getting confused with Portfolio layout because all of items are of the same height. But of course, if you add more text here and there it won’t be the same any more, it’ll rather start to look like blog section.

is it ad friendly ?

Not sure how do you mean that … there’s a sidebar which can be “filled up” with ads (it’s widget-ready) and you can find a plugin capable to insert ads into Post, Page or custom post type content. Does it make sense?

Are there any plugins you recommend to make sharing posts to Facebook better? A shared URL is very ugly because the image doesn’t display and there’s often no title or even content. Is there a way around this or a plugin that you recommend? Thanks!

There’s plenty of plugins out there, I’m not sure which one fits best to your site. I guess you’ll have to test some of them and then decide.

Hi there. Please help, I can not do something similar to your demo, I use colorbox Lightbox Plus (v2.6). please check this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xgxeesg0rxze0z5/test.jpg

Thank you!

There’s nothing found on the URL provided so I’m not sure what is going on. Will you be able to try again?

I’ve done it, Thanks you!